2017-05-09  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into brooklyn-api-convenience...
2017-05-08  Duncan GodwinThis closes #50
2017-05-03  Aled SageDelete catalog.xml support (including /v1/catalog/reset) 50/head
2017-04-27  Geoff MacartneyCloses #49
2017-04-27  Geoff MacartneyAdd check that path is not empty. 49/head
2017-04-27  Geoff MacartneyCloses #48
2017-04-25  Geoff MacartneyCloses #47
2017-04-24  Alex Henevelddisplay nice error if argument is omitted 48/head
2017-04-24  Alex Heneveldset content type to unknown to use auto-detect when...
2017-04-24  Alex Heneveldbetter error message when server returns an error
2017-04-24  Alex Heneveldcorrectly handle file:// urls
2017-04-24  Alex Heneveldupdate description
2017-04-24  Alex HeneveldThis closes #44
2017-04-24  Alex Heneveldcode review 47/head
2017-04-24  Alex Heneveldimprove README instructions
2017-04-24  Alex Heneveldset sensible defaults (`.` is not a valid GOPATH)
2017-04-19  Geoff MacartneyCloses #46
2017-04-19  Thomas BouronRemove test that was using removed deprecated code 46/head
2017-04-19  Thomas BouronRemoved unused class
2017-04-18  Geoff MacartneyCloses #45
2017-04-14  Thomas BouronFix unit tests and launcher config 45/head
2017-04-11  Richard DownerBump version to 0.12.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-04-07  graeme.millerAdded the ability to upload a zip via the CLI 44/head
2017-03-27  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #41
2017-03-24  Thomas BouronUse the non-deprecated API method to upload catalog... 41/head
2017-02-27  Alex Heneveldlets BrooklynApi.getEntity understand some errors,...
2017-02-27  Alex Heneveldremove redundant pom metadata
2017-02-15  Duncan GodwinThis closes #39
2017-02-14  Robert Mossadds flag for connecting to servers using self-sign... 39/head
2017-02-06  Sam CorbettThis closes #37
2017-02-03  Svetoslav NeykovAdd missing @Override annotation to method signatures... 37/head
2017-01-23  Aled SageThis closes #38
2017-01-23  Aled SageExclude cli/.glide/* (cache) from rat + git 38/head
2017-01-05  Geoff MacartneyCloses #36
2016-12-15  Svetoslav NeykovAdd NOTICE file to generated client archive 36/head
2016-12-04  Svetoslav NeykovChange version to 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-12-02  Sam CorbettThis closes #33
2016-12-02  Sam CorbettThis closes #35
2016-11-25  Svetoslav NeykovUpdate LICENSE with changes in project dependencies 35/head
2016-11-24  Geoff MacartneyThis closes #34
2016-11-24  Svetoslav NeykovRemove unused profile 34/head
2016-11-24  Svetoslav NeykovSet default JVM memory settings for the build 33/head
2016-11-03  Alex HeneveldThis closes #31
2016-11-03  Alex Heneveldremove redundant gitignore instructions
2016-11-03  Alex HeneveldThis closes #32
2016-11-03  Alex HeneveldThis closes #27
2016-11-03  Geoff MacartneyAdd .gitignore (got left behind in move f63006ba) to... 32/head
2016-11-01  Geoff MacartneyExperimental addition of 'catalog show'. 31/head
2016-11-01  Svetoslav NeykovRe-use pom config from brooklyn-server 27/head
2016-10-25  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #30
2016-10-25  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #29
2016-10-25  Geoff MacartneyFix delete usage 29/head
2016-10-25  Svetoslav NeykovClose #26
2016-10-25  Geoff Macartneytest update
2016-10-25  Geoff MacartneyFix br tree for apps with members
2016-10-25  Geoff MacartneyAvoid passing through the content even for 404 URLs
2016-10-24  Sam CorbettOnly output location details when the app has a location 30/head
2016-10-24  Geoff MacartneyRemove newlines from output tables and add delimiter...
2016-10-24  Geoff MacartneyRestore 'add-catalog' for backward compatibility.
2016-10-24  Geoff MacartneyFix subcommand usage.
2016-10-24  Geoff MacartneyMake args singular for nicer syntax of delete command.
2016-10-24  Geoff MacartneyDo arguments to `delete` as such, rather than as flags.
2016-10-24  Geoff MacartneyDo arguments to `list` as such, rather than as flags.
2016-10-14  Geoff Macartney?allVersions=true
2016-10-14  Geoff Macartneyadd br catalog delete for entities, locations, policies
2016-10-13  Geoff MacartneySimplify output of catalog add
2016-10-13  Geoff MacartneyDo add-catalog as catalog add
2016-10-13  Geoff Macartneyadd catalog list for entities, locations, policies
2016-10-12  Geoff MacartneyAdd catalog delete
2016-10-12  Geoff MacartneyAdd catalog list
2016-10-11  Geoff Macartneyfix import paths
2016-09-27  Aled SageThis closes #28
2016-09-26  graeme.millerupdated resteasy to 3.0.19.Final 28/head
2016-09-19  graeme.millerUpdated resteasy version
2016-09-13  Svetoslav NeykovUpdate pom SCM & Jenkins URLs 26/head
2016-09-10  Andrea TurliThis closes brookyln-client #25
2016-09-10  Andrea Turlimove rest-client to brooklyn-client 25/head
2016-07-14  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #24
2016-07-14  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #23
2016-06-21  JitendraFixed Compilation Issue 24/head
2016-06-15  Geoff MacartneyUpdate link to README. 23/head
2016-06-03  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #22
2016-06-03  John McCabeadd vendor to gitignore 22/head
2016-06-02  John McCabeadd glide to rat exclusions
2016-06-02  John McCabeupdate README for glide deps management
2016-06-02  John McCabeadd glide support to mvn install
2016-06-02  John McCabeadd and lock glide deps
2016-06-02  John McCaberemove empty src - breaks glide
2016-06-02  John McCaberemove unversioned vendor deps
2016-05-30  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #21
2016-05-30  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #20
2016-05-30  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #19
2016-05-25  John McCabeadd BROOKLYN_VERSION inline 21/head
2016-05-24  John McCabefix BROOKLYN-280, add --skipSslChecks flag
2016-05-24  John McCabemove codegangsta to new urfave org 20/head
2016-05-07  Geoff MacartneySupport getting arguments from URL or file. 19/head
2016-04-20  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #17
2016-04-13  Geoff MacartneyUpdate recommended version of Go to 1.6.1 due to securi... 17/head
2016-04-11  Geoff MacartneyMinor README update to remove remark redundant since...
2016-04-06  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #16