2021-02-11  Andrew Donald... Adds CatalogApi test using equivalent non deprecated... 85/head
2020-07-22  Alex HeneveldThis closes #84
2020-06-02  Alex Heneveldupdated LICENSE, NOTICE, DEPENDENCIES 84/head
2020-06-02  Alex Heneveldfeature poms include the dependencies the feature uses
2020-03-02  Richard DownerSet version to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-01-08  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #82 from nakomis/notice-update
2020-01-08  Martin HarrisUpdates NOTICE files 82/head
2019-12-20  Alex HeneveldThis closes #81
2019-12-16  Thomas BouronUpdate Jenkinsfile to: 81/head
2019-12-05  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #80 from tbouron/feature/jenkins
2019-12-05  Thomas BouronReuse local maven cache + add PR comment trigger 80/head
2019-12-04  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #79 from tbouron/master
2019-12-03  Thomas BouronAdd jenkinsfile for multibranch job on Jenkins 79/head
2019-09-19  Duncan GrantMerge pull request #78 from geomacy/jsonpath-update
2019-09-11  Geoff Macartneydo a little more test and make sure to run unit tests... 78/head
2019-09-04  Geoff Macartneytry matryer/is instead of testify
2019-09-04  Geoff Macartneytidy error handling and variable naming
2019-09-04  Geoff Macartneyfix a couple of error returns in (currently unused...
2019-09-04  Geoff Macartneyuse path.Join instead of Sprintf
2019-09-03  Geoff MacartneyRemove some duplication in test code
2019-08-14  Geoff Macartneyavoid warnings
2019-08-14  Geoff Macartneyupdate notice files with new package
2019-08-14  Geoff Macartneyecho Go version in
2019-08-14  Geoff Macartneyswitch to using Kubernetes jsonpath package
2019-08-09  Geoff Macartneyadd tests for Display
2019-05-31  Geoff MacartneyMerge pull request #77 from jcabrerizo/feature/multiHeaders
2019-05-31  Juan Cabrerizoremoved second reading of 'authorizationParam' 77/head
2019-05-31  Juan Cabrerizoremove cedentials output
2019-05-31  Juan Cabrerizoformating files with gofmt
2019-05-31  Juan Cabrerizocleared authorization param manage
2019-05-27  Juan Cabrerizounitary test
2019-05-27  Juan Cabrerizochanged open header params for authorization. Networks...
2019-05-24  Juan Cabrerizoadded headers format
2019-05-24  Juan Cabrerizoadded default behaviour if not credentialsRequired...
2019-05-23  Juan Cabrerizotest for headers and noCredential params
2019-05-23  Juan Cabrerizoremoved dev-outputs
2019-05-23  Juan Cabrerizoheaders and noCredentials as global
2019-01-31  Alex Heneveldupdated license files for new deps
2019-01-16  Alex HeneveldThis closes #76
2019-01-16  Alex Heneveldbump resteasy to be compatible with new jersey 76/head
2018-11-20  Thomas BouronThis closes #72
2018-11-18  Geoff MacartneySwitch to dep for dependency management 72/head
2018-10-31  Thomas BouronThis closes #71
2018-10-31  Paul CampbellFix for SUREFIRE-1588 71/head
2018-09-29  Aled SageThis closes #70
2018-09-28  frogfatherfix jenkins docker build 70/head
2018-07-18  Geoff MacartneyCloses #69
2018-06-26  Alex Heneveldupdated LICENSE and NOTICE, using new procedure 69/head
2018-03-23  Geoff MacartneyCloses #68
2018-03-23  Geoff MacartneyAdd vendor file and remove glide from build/readme 68/head
2018-03-23  Geoff MacartneyTemporarily use fork of NodePrime repo
2018-02-02  Geoff MacartneyCloses #67
2018-02-02  Aled SageInvoke effector: support timeout 67/head
2018-01-11  Duncan GodwinThis closes #66
2018-01-11  Richard Downer`br` on Windows generates incorrect ZIP archives 66/head
2018-01-11  Richard Downerbr catalog add: Fix path parsing errors on Windows
2017-11-21  Duncan GodwinThis closes #65
2017-11-20  Thomas BouronAdd dockerfile for CI build 65/head
2017-11-10  Thomas BouronThis closes #64
2017-11-09  Geoff MacartneyDefault login port to 80/443 if not supplied 64/head
2017-11-09  Geoff MacartneyCloses #63
2017-11-09  Duncan GrantFixes index out of range issue 63/head
2017-10-18  Thomas BouronThis closes #61
2017-10-10  Aled SageDelete old deprecated code 61/head
2017-10-06  Duncan GodwinChange version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-10-02  Duncan GodwinThis closes #60
2017-09-21  Aled SageFix tests tearDown (to always stop management context) 60/head
2017-09-18  Duncan GodwinChange version to 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-07-28  Geoff MacartneyCloses #59
2017-07-28  Geoff MacartneyCloses #58
2017-07-28  Geoff MacartneyCloses #57
2017-07-28  Sam CorbettMove Resteasy dependency management to java module pom 59/head
2017-07-28  Sam CorbettAdd flags for verbose output of HTTP request data 57/head
2017-07-27  Geoff MacartneyCloses #56
2017-07-27  Sam CorbettFix handling of global flags in scope definition 58/head
2017-07-19  Sam CorbettSet ContentType when adding .yaml and .bom files to... 56/head
2017-07-17  Sam CorbettThis closes #42
2017-07-17  Geoff MacartneyEnsure logout does not prevent help being displayed 42/head
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyAdd licence header to config_test.go
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyAllow login without user/password if target already...
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyRevert to keeping multiple credentials in the config...
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyIgnore invalid config during login and remove config...
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyImprove error message when not logged in.
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyAdd a br server command.
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneySimply the format even more: encode username and password
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyRename method to private
2017-07-04  Geoff Macartneybase64 encode passwords and simplify .brooklyn_cli...
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyAdd logout command
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyDon't store all old logins in .brooklyn_cli
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyDon't use resp if there was an error
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyHandle newline/spaces in prompt for username
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyDon't panic on failure to connect to host
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyDon't trim password.
2017-07-04  Geoff MacartneyImprove login handling.
2017-06-23  Mark McKennaThis closes #55
2017-06-23  Thomas BouronAllow catalog item (YAML or bundle) to be force-updated... 55/head
2017-06-06  Alex HeneveldThis closes #53
2017-06-05  Alex Heneveldshow bundle info and message when doing `catalog add` 53/head
2017-05-23  Geoff MacartneyCloses #52
2017-05-23  graeme.millerDelete requrest now only fail is an unsuccessful code... 52/head