2019-12-10  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #147 from tbouron/tbouron-patch-1
2019-12-06  Alex HeneveldThis closes #149
2019-12-05  Alex Heneveldmark these scripts as bash, they don't work under zsh 149/head
2019-12-05  Thomas BouronAdd issue comment build trigger 147/head
2019-12-04  Thomas BouronUse the .m2 folder created within the workspace between...
2019-12-04  Thomas BouronMake sure the directory use for the RPM build is writab...
2019-12-04  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #143 from tbouron/master
2019-12-04  Thomas BouronAdd jenkinsfile for multibranch job on Jenkins 143/head
2019-04-24  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #142 from ahgittin/licensing
2019-04-23  Alex Heneveldenhance license generation scripts 142/head
2019-03-20  Duncan GrantMerge pull request #141 from tbouron/feature/optional...
2019-03-07  Thomas BouronMake the build of rpm, deb, docker and go cli optional... 141/head
2019-01-31  Alex Heneveldupdated LICENSE and NOTICE files
2019-01-31  Alex Heneveldupdate license overrides for new versions, add CC0
2019-01-31  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #139 from ahgittin/fix-sessions
2019-01-31  Alex HeneveldThis closes #140
2019-01-31  Juan CabrerizoSet up min and max memory for Windows env 140/head
2019-01-29  Alex Heneveldupdate for security provider API change 139/head
2019-01-16  Alex HeneveldThis closes #126
2019-01-16  Alex HeneveldThis closes #138
2019-01-16  Alex Heneveldfix integration test refs to jaas login 138/head
2019-01-15  Alex Heneveldnew version of cxf seems to require this setting
2019-01-08  Geoff MacartneyMerge pull request #137 from duncangrant/docker-build...
2019-01-08  Duncan GrantMove version to brooklyn-server 137/head
2018-12-31  Geoff MacartneyAvoid build depending on Docker by default 136/head
2018-11-20  Thomas BouronThis closes #130
2018-11-18  Geoff MacartneyUpdate dockerfile-maven-plugin to 1.4.3 to fix build... 130/head
2018-11-12  Duncan GrantCloses #129
2018-11-04  Thomas BouronUpdate docker instructions to mount the docker socket 129/head
2018-11-04  Thomas BouronThis closes #118
2018-11-04  Thomas BouronThis closes #128
2018-11-02  Paul CampbellFix additional surefire configurations 128/head
2018-11-02  Thomas BouronThis closes #127
2018-11-02  Paul CampbellFix for SUREFIRE-1588 127/head
2018-09-25  Alex Heneveldfix typo 126/head
2018-09-21  Alex Heneveldupdate order in pom so we get the preferred versions
2018-09-15  Alex Heneveldmake change-version script run in selected dot files...
2018-07-30  Geoff MacartneyCloses #125
2018-07-28  Alex Heneveldscripts to help automate license generation for new... 125/head
2018-07-27  Alex HeneveldThis closes #124
2018-07-26  Thomas BouronUpdate Brooklyn codebase to build the newly donated UI 124/head
2018-07-18  Geoff MacartneyCloses #123
2018-06-26  Alex Heneveldupdated LICENSE and NOTICE, using new procedure, and... 123/head
2018-06-26  Alex Heneveldrefactored routines for creating LICENSE and NOTICE...
2018-06-21  Aled SageThis closes #122
2018-06-21  Aled SageAdd 122/head
2018-05-31  Geoff MacartneyCloses #121
2018-05-30  Thomas BouronAdd comment about the use of syste... 121/head
2018-05-24  Thomas BouronAdd DNS TTL configuration via envvar
2018-04-16  Thomas BouronRevert "This closes #119"
2018-04-16  Thomas BouronRevert "Fix build issue due the the addition of k8s...
2018-04-13  Thomas BouronFix build issue due the the addition of k8s helm
2018-04-11  Thomas BouronThis closes #119
2018-03-26  andreaturli[DO NOT COMMIT] fix dependencies for brooklyn-all 119/head
2018-03-20  andreaturliadd asf disclaimer to Dockerfile 118/head
2018-03-17  andreaturliadd docker image generation
2018-02-19  Thomas BouronThis closes #117
2018-02-05  Geoff MacartneyMake cosmetic tweak to logging output 117/head
2018-02-02  Geoff MacartneyAdd Task ID to MDC
2018-01-23  Geoff MacartneyAdd MDC to pax logging config
2017-12-21  Thomas BouronThis closes #116
2017-12-12  Sam Corbettbrooklyn-all has a dependency on brooklyn-catalog-aliases 116/head
2017-11-22  Duncan GodwinThis closes #114
2017-11-21  Duncan GodwinThis closes #105
2017-11-21  Thomas BouronUpdate vagrant configuration (centos 7.x) and use the... 105/head
2017-11-21  Duncan GodwinThis closes #115
2017-11-16  Thomas BouronAdd dockerfile for CI build 115/head
2017-11-10  Aled SageFix brooklyn-dist (classic) build 114/head
2017-11-09  Thomas BouronThis closes #113
2017-11-08  Alex Heneveldadd license info for icons added to brooklyn-server... 113/head
2017-11-07  Thomas BouronThis closes #112
2017-11-06  Thomas BouronReuse bundle's from server-cli module 112/head
2017-10-06  Duncan GodwinChange version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-10-02  Geoff MacartneyCloses #111
2017-10-02  Thomas BouronFix vagrant installation folder when downloading dist... 111/head
2017-09-29  Duncan GodwinThis closes #110
2017-09-29  Duncan GodwinThis closes #108
2017-09-29  Mark McKennaThis closes #107
2017-09-25  Thomas BouronUse `mvn:` syntax with `brooklyn.libraries` to load... 107/head
2017-09-25  Thomas BouronImprove verify brooklyn RC script 110/head
2017-09-21  Duncan GodwinThis closes #109
2017-09-21  Thomas BouronAdd LICENSE and NOTICE file back to the RPM and DEB... 109/head
2017-09-20  Duncan GodwinFix release scripts 108/head
2017-09-20  Thomas BouronUpdate RPM and DEB packages to match new
2017-09-20  Thomas BouronReuse each bundle's file to build global...
2017-09-18  Duncan GodwinChange version to 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-09-18  Duncan GodwinThis closes #106
2017-09-18  Duncan GodwinMake vagrant work for Karaf 106/head
2017-09-13  Duncan GodwinThis closes #104
2017-09-13  Thomas BouronIncrease -Xmx to 2G 104/head
2017-09-13  Thomas BouronDisable auth by default
2017-09-13  Mark McKennaThis closes #103
2017-09-11  Thomas BouronImprove DEB package
2017-09-08  Thomas BouronImprove RPM package
2017-09-08  Duncan GodwinMake karaf release the main one 103/head
2017-09-06  Thomas BouronExtracting catalog item into their own file
2017-08-18  Duncan GodwinThis closes #101
2017-08-18  Mark McKennaRedo log4j2 mapping from old config 101/head
2017-08-18  Mark McKennaFixes PAX exam tests
2017-08-18  Mark McKennaUpdate logging config for log4j2