2015-05-28  Martin HarrisAdds MSSQL (YAML-based) blueprint
2015-05-22  Alex HeneveldThis closes #634
2015-05-08  Alex Heneveldinstall a, and update docs
2015-05-06  Richard DownerVersion conflicts in usage/downstream-parent/pom.xml
2015-04-17  Richard DownerAdd DISCLAIMER file to Maven artifacts
2015-04-17  Richard DownerLICENSE/NOTICE for binary distribution
2015-04-17  Richard DownerRemove brooklyn-all-*-with-dependencies.jar
2015-04-16  Richard DownerDifferent LICENSE/NOTICE for usage/jsgui
2015-04-16  Richard DownerDifferent LICENSE/NOTICE for usage/cli
2015-04-08  Sam CorbettThis closes #576
2015-04-06  Alex Heneveldaddress code review comments
2015-04-01  Andrew KennedyUpdate to jclouds 1.9.0 version in downstream POM
2015-03-26  Aled SageUse url instead of brookl...
2015-03-26  Aled Sagedownstream parent pom: include test-jar
2015-03-26  Aled SageAdd versions to downstream-parent’s pom
2015-03-17  Alex HeneveldThis closes #551
2015-03-13  Ciprian CiubotariuIgnore netbeans files
2015-03-13  Alex Heneveldupdate links in archetype file
2015-03-01  Aled SageImprove CLI customisability for downstream projects
2015-01-27  Alex HeneveldCLI better default, port/https control, and version...
2015-01-23  Svetoslav NeykovMake more resilient.
2015-01-22  Sam CorbettThis closes #459
2015-01-22  Sam CorbettThis closes #462
2015-01-22  Svetoslav NeykovReplace grep --exclude-dir with find
2015-01-21  Aled SageFix CliTest logger
2015-01-21  Svetoslav NeykovImprove script
2015-01-20  Aled Sagedownstream parent pom: minor additions
2015-01-20  Aled Sagearchetype: use downstream-parent as parent pom
2015-01-08  Sam CorbettThis closes #418
2015-01-05  Sam CorbettThis closes #431
2015-01-05  Richard DownerUpdate copyright date for 2015 in NOTICE
2014-12-31  Svetoslav NeykovPublic site fixes
2014-12-22  Alex Henevelduse env to find bash in scripts
2014-12-19  Richard DownerFormatting tweak to LICENSE
2014-12-12  Richard DownerRevise LICENSE and NOTICE following mentor feedback
2014-11-13  Alex HeneveldThis closes #323
2014-11-13  Aled SageRemove unnecessary config files from NOTICE
2014-11-12  Sam CorbettDocumentation improvements
2014-11-12  Andrew KennedyThis closes #319
2014-11-12  Andrew KennedyThis closes #321
2014-11-12  Aled SageUpgrade groovy to 2.3.4 from 1.8.6
2014-11-11  Aled SageUpgrade testng+surefire+mockito
2014-11-11  Aled SageUpgrade jclouds to 1.8.1 from 1.8.0
2014-11-11  Aled SageRemove from NOTICE MariaDB/JBoss config files
2014-11-11  Alex Heneveldfix mis-attribution in notice, and other tidies there...
2014-11-11  Alex Heneveldfix mis-attribution in notice, and other tidies there...
2014-11-06  Richard Downer[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-11-06  Richard Downer[maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 0.7.0-M2-incubating
2014-10-15  Svetoslav NeykovNormalize line endings
2014-10-15  Svetoslav NeykovPreserve CRLF line endings for Windows batch files
2014-10-15  Aled SageThis closes #222
2014-10-14  Aled SageUpdate pom to include ref to
2014-10-14  Aled SageUpdate refs to mvn id org.apache.brooklyn
2014-10-10  Andrew KennedyMerge all CLI commands into single brooklyn script
2014-10-10  Andrew KennedyUpdate distribution archive and add new item lister...
2014-10-09  Svetoslav NeykovWork around for archetype:generate forcing OS line...
2014-10-09  Aled SageChange mvn groupId from io.brooklyn to org.apache.brooklyn
2014-10-08  Aled SageFixing deploying brooklyn-downstream-parent to sonatype
2014-10-07  Alex HeneveldThis closes #214
2014-10-06  Svetoslav NeykovInstruct git to do eol normalization on text files...
2014-10-06  Andrew KennedyCreate a BrooklynNode entity when starting the console
2014-10-03  Aled SageFor “install config files”, add to NOTICE
2014-10-03  Aled SageRemove apache header from archetype files
2014-09-26  Aled SagePrep for upgrading to guava 18
2014-09-24  Andrew KennedyThis closes #176
2014-09-24  Andrew KennedyAdd Eclipse m2e configuration to POMs
2014-09-24  Andrew KennedyFix enforcer plugin version
2014-09-24  Andrew KennedyUpdated versions of various Maven plugins in POMs and...
2014-09-24  Sam CorbettFilter by blueprint type in catalogue list documentatio...
2014-09-23  Alex HeneveldThis closes #179
2014-09-19  Alex HeneveldThis closes #161
2014-09-19  Alex Heneveldexpand NOTICE for all included software and include...
2014-09-17  Alex Heneveldinclude NOTICE file as per BROOKLYN-19 and DISCLAIMER...
2014-09-16  Svetoslav NeykovForce UNIX-style line endings on shell scripts
2014-09-08  Aled SageExtract AbstractMain to remove duplication
2014-08-28  Svetoslav NeykovForce UNIX style line endings for shell scripts.
2014-08-21  Aled SageThis closes #125
2014-08-21  Aled SageAdds brooklyn-downstream-parent
2014-08-20  Svetoslav NeykovOSGi enable the quickstart archetype project.
2014-08-13  Aled SageAdds CloudExplorer utility
2014-08-08  Aled SageBROOKLYN-15: support sha256 passwords for web-console
2014-07-31  Richard DownerRemove apache-rat-plugin version in child modules
2014-07-31  Richard DownerRefer to brooklyn project inter-dependencies consistently
2014-07-31  Richard DownerFix "Used undeclared" from mvn dependency:analyze
2014-07-22  Aled SageDeleted whirr/hadoop
2014-07-15  Martin HarrisMoved rat exclusions into subproject poms
2014-07-15  Martin HarrisAdded apache headers, where missing
2014-07-09  Andrew KennedyFix spacing issues in XML with license header
2014-07-09  Andrew KennedyFix Java and Groovy licensing
2014-07-09  Andrew KennedyRevert "Revert "Merge and close PR #43""
2014-07-09  Richard DownerRevert "Merge and close PR #43"
2014-07-09  Andrea TurliThis closes #50
2014-07-07  Richard DownerSpecify version numbers in root pom.xml only
2014-07-07  Martin HarrisUpdated following further PR comments
2014-07-04  Martin HarrisUpdated various files following PR comments
2014-07-04  Martin HarrisMoved #!/bin/bash to the start of bash scripts (added...
2014-07-04  Martin HarrisAdded updated apache copyright header to all sql files
2014-07-04  Martin HarrisAdded apache copyright header (inc. 4 spaces) to all...
2014-07-04  Martin HarrisManually added apache copyright header to several misc...
2014-07-04  Martin HarrisAdded apache copyright header to README.txt files