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2015-04-08  Alex HeneveldThis closes #524
2015-03-13  Ciprian CiubotariuIgnore netbeans files
2014-02-10  Aled SageAdd brooklyn-persisted-state to .gitignore
2012-07-04  Aled SageMerge pull request #180 from jdtoy/master
2012-07-03  Peter VeentjerFixed 'install' methods of driver when calling scripthe...
2012-07-03  Peter VeentjerUpdated .gitignore
2012-05-29  Cosmin DumitracheRemove bin/ from .gitignore so that it does not clash...
2012-04-12  Cosmin Dumitracheimproved sed recommendation for eclipse (my version...
2012-03-30  Alex Henevelddelete and gitignore brooklyn*.log.* files
2012-03-23  Alex Heneveldtided up logging - messages, categories, and properties...
2012-03-15  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into docs-markdown-1
2012-03-15  Alex Heneveldsimplified gitignores and corrected cleaned files list
2012-03-14  Alex Heneveldmajor project reorg; packages and classes are mostly...
2011-11-09  Alex Heneveldnew sensor API, moved old sensor API, everything use...
2011-11-09  aledsageMerge pull request #26 from cloudsoft/ENGR-2103-Gemfire...
2011-10-28  danikovMerge branch 'refs/heads/ENGR-1668-GemfireEntities...
2011-10-25  danikovignore log directory
2011-10-25  sjcorbettAppend gemfire .gitignore to brooklyn-wide .gitignore...
2011-10-25  sjcorbettAdd swap files to gitignore
2011-10-21  sjcorbettAppend gemfire .gitignore to brooklyn-wide .gitignore...
2011-10-20  sjcorbettAdd swap files to gitignore
2011-10-11  Alex Heneveldignore things called ignored
2011-08-31  Aled SageAdded .metadata/ to .gitignore
2011-08-09  danikovignore .bk of the instances
2011-08-05  danikovadd log output directory to ignore
2011-08-05  danikovignore generated instances.txt
2011-07-08  Don Trangitignore prodDd files that get created in selenium...
2011-06-23  Alistair MacLeodAdded stacktrace.log to gitignore.
2011-06-17  Richard DownerRemove IntelliJ metadata files from source control...
2011-06-16  danikovIgnored .idea and added .iml file to support IntelliJ
2011-06-15  Andrew Donald KennedyAdded .gitignore for Brooklyn
2011-06-14  Alistair MacLeodAdded .gitignore.