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2019-12-05  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #295 from nakomis/clarify-localhost
2019-12-05  Martin HarrisUpdates localhost doc to add a deployable example 295/head
2017-10-25  m4rkmckennaThis closes #222
2017-10-25  Thomas BouronUpdate README for release documentation 222/head
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd javadoc
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd partial-summary plugin which adds back contextual...
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd versions dropdown to the documentation
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronMove to less to handle CSS for both website and PDF
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd callout plugin to replace alert html
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd collapsible-chapter plugin for the left menu
2017-10-16  Richard DownerAdd PDF generation README note and npm script
2017-10-16  Richard DownerQuick-start install and run
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd theme-api plugin for different installation methods
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd include highlight plugin