2017-11-02  Alex Heneveldadd note on node version and npm 230/head
2017-11-01  Duncan GodwinThis closes #223
2017-11-01  Duncan GodwinThis closes #224
2017-10-30  Thomas BouronUse colour from variables.less for blueprint tour 224/head
2017-10-30  Thomas BouronAdd page title as part of the template rather than... 223/head
2017-10-25  m4rkmckennaThis closes #222
2017-10-25  Thomas BouronUpdate README for release documentation 222/head
2017-10-25  Thomas BouronFix broken links
2017-10-25  Thomas BouronUse relative links from docs root for all internal...
2017-10-23  Thomas BouronAdd padding at the bottom of each page
2017-10-23  Thomas BouronAdd back wrongly deleted page
2017-10-17  Thomas BouronRemove front matter from imported page that it is not...
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronUpdate instruction to build and release new version...
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd javadoc
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronUpdate files
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd partial-summary plugin which adds back contextual...
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronRemove unused frontmatter
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronRemove references to book.path.v as we are able to...
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronReplace references from to book.url...
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronRemove references to as they can be...
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd versions dropdown to the documentation
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronMove to less to handle CSS for both website and PDF
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd file (glossary built-in feature from...
2017-10-16  Richard DownerSome more tweaks, mostly for the PDF
2017-10-16  Richard DownerFix markup funnies causing rendering errors
2017-10-16  Richard DownerAdd minimal PDF styling
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronRemove accordions in the monitoring page
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd callout plugin to replace alert html
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronApply method block for update page
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronApply method block for blueprint page
2017-10-16  Richard DownerWorkaround lack of {{ }} in code blocks
2017-10-16  Richard Downers/brooklyn.version/brooklyn_version/
2017-10-16  Richard DownerRemove “Next” trailer on some pages for PDF build
2017-10-16  Richard DownerFix brooklyn-stable-version variable name
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd Brooklyn styles
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd collapsible-chapter plugin for the left menu
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronFix internal links by using relative path to markdown...
2017-10-16  Richard DownerRemove unused variables in book.json
2017-10-16  Richard DownerAdd a title to every page
2017-10-16  Richard DownerAdd PDF generation README note and npm script
2017-10-16  Richard DownerClarify multi-OS presentation on PDF/HTML
2017-10-16  Richard DownerFix markup to avoid rendering error
2017-10-16  Richard DownerRemove _target:blank annotations from links
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd missing pages to
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronFix issue with brooklyn version display
2017-10-16  Richard DownerQuick-start install and run
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd theme-api plugin for different installation methods
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd include highlight plugin
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdd missing pages to summary
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronAdapt doc to make compile with gitbook
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronInit gitbook
2017-10-16  Thomas BouronStart fresh
2017-10-16  Richard DownerRemove version number from page title
2017-10-16  Richard DownerMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/0.12.0'
2017-10-16  Richard DownerMerge and close PR #221 0.12.0 273/head
2017-10-16  Richard DownerFix Google Analytics metrics collection 221/head
2017-10-16  Richard DownerWebsite updates for 0.12.0 release
2017-10-09  Duncan GodwinThis closes #220
2017-10-09  Aled SageDelete 'migrating to 0.8.0' 220/head
2017-10-06  Duncan GodwinChange version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-10-04  Thomas BouronThis closes #143
2017-10-03  Duncan GodwinThis closes #219
2017-10-02  Thomas BouronUpdate config keys' deprecated names 219/head
2017-10-02  Duncan GodwinThis closes #218
2017-10-02  Thomas BouronAdd link to download the br CLI 218/head
2017-09-26  Mark McKennaThis closes #217
2017-09-26  Duncan GodwinUpdate to brooklyn.cfg 217/head
2017-09-26  Duncan GodwinThis closes #209
2017-09-26  Duncan GodwinUpdate for karaf
2017-09-26  Duncan GodwinUpdate to Karaf as default
2017-09-26  Alex Heneveldaddress PR comments
2017-09-26  Alex Heneveldupdate examples to use external secret provider
2017-09-26  Alex Heneveldexplain the `brooklyn-demo-sample` external provider
2017-09-26  Thomas BouronAddress comments
2017-09-26  Thomas BouronAdd DEB package to the download pages
2017-09-26  Thomas BouronAdd update instructions for RPM/DEB and bin distribution
2017-09-26  Mark McKennaThis closes #210
2017-09-26  Duncan GodwinUpdate for karaf 210/head
2017-09-26  Duncan GodwinThis closes #216
2017-09-26  Alex Heneveldaddress PR comments 209/head
2017-09-26  Alex Heneveldexpand application deployment uid description 216/head
2017-09-26  Duncan GodwinThis closes #212
2017-09-25  Thomas BouronAddress comments 212/head
2017-09-20  Duncan GodwinThis closes #215
2017-09-20  Richard DownerUpdate Azure ARM documentation for Azure CLI 2.0 215/head
2017-09-20  Aled SageThis closes #214
2017-09-20  Aled SageDocument `sshMonitoring.enabled` 214/head
2017-09-18  Duncan GodwinChange version to 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-09-18  Duncan GodwinChange version to 0.12.0 rel/apache-brooklyn-0.12.0 rel/apache-brooklyn-0.12.0-rc1 rel/apache-brooklyn-0.12.0-rc2 rel/apache-brooklyn-0.12.0-rc3
2017-09-16  Duncan GodwinThis closes #213
2017-09-15  Duncan GodwinAddress review comments 213/head
2017-09-14  Duncan GodwinAdd docs for Scheduled and PeriodicEffectorPolicy
2017-09-14  Thomas BouronAdd DEB package to the download pages
2017-09-14  Thomas BouronAdd update instructions for RPM/DEB and bin distribution
2017-09-13  Duncan GodwinThis closes #211
2017-09-13  Duncan GodwinUpdate to Karaf as default
2017-09-11  Richard DownerUpdate 211/head
2017-09-08  Alex Heneveldupdate examples to use external secret provider
2017-09-08  Alex Heneveldexplain the `brooklyn-demo-sample` external provider
2017-09-07  Alex Heneveldupdate release notes for 0.12, adding a few things... 208/head