39 hours ago  Aled SageThis closes #1010 master
40 hours ago  Paul CampbellChanges requested on PR
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellRemove duplicated version for assertj
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellAdd missing header
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellRemove previous attempt at failing test
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellAdd unit tests for CatalogUpgradeSCanner
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellMake BundleUtilTest public
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellLimit violation of the law of demeter
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellExtract static methods as a constructor parameters
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellThe presence of an OsgiManager is not the concern of...
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellExtract overloaded typeSupplier() helpers
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellExtract CatalogUpgradeScanner
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellExtract RegisteredTypesSupplier to outer class
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellExtract scanManagedBundles() and scanAllBundles()
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellRemove stopwatches
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellLoad all jars to find upgrades for wrapped bundles
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellAdd missing apache license headers
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellwhenUpgradingAWrappedBundleThenUpdatedName()
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellExtract newMockBundle() utility methods to BundleTestUtil
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellCoverage tests for existing CatalogUpgrades.getBundleUp...
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellAdd assertj as test dependency
43 hours ago  Paul Campbellfix typo
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellExtract nested tests for findMappedName into top level...
43 hours ago  Paul Campbell[common] fix typo in test
43 hours ago  Paul Campbell[common] Add test for mapping classes from one bundle...
43 hours ago  Paul Campbell[common] Add unit tests for Reflections#findMappedName...
43 hours ago  Paul Campbell[common] add assertj as test dependency
43 hours ago  Paul Campbell[core] rename excessively long private constant
43 hours ago  Paul Campbell[core] Refactor rebind test for clarity
43 hours ago  Paul Campbell[core] add assertj as test dependency
43 hours ago  Paul CampbellBump assertj from 2.2.0 to 3.11.1
2 days ago  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1024
2 days ago  Alex HeneveldASM version bump needed
2 days ago  Alex Heneveldbump karaf to 4.2.2, and the plugin builder now
2 days ago  Alex Heneveldfix access to osgi boot bundles
2 days ago  Alex Heneveldfix skipSecurity method for new security provider stack
2 days ago  Alex Henevelda few more cleanups
2 days ago  Juan CabrerizoDoc added
2 days ago  Juan CabrerizoChange redirection method and added log
2 days ago  Juan CabrerizoSolved dependency problems
2 days ago  Juan CabrerizoAdded `BrooklynSecurityProviderFilterJersey` for test
2 days ago  Alex Heneveldadd comments to AnyoneSecProvs
2 days ago  Alex Heneveldremove count in http session maintained by DelegatingSe...
7 days ago  Alex HeneveldMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcabrerizo/testOauth...
7 days ago  Juan CabrerizoSolved dependency problem
7 days ago  Alex HeneveldMerge remote-tracking branch 'jcabrerizo/testOauth...
7 days ago  Alex Heneveldname tidy-up
7 days ago  Alex Heneveldbump jax and cxf versions to align with jetty bump
7 days ago  Juan CabrerizoUpdated dependencies and test corrected
8 days ago  Juan CabrerizoUpdated CXF and JAX-RS version
8 days ago  Alex HeneveldMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache-git/master' into...
8 days ago  Alex Heneveldremove json-simple; our yaml code will do what it did
8 days ago  Alex Heneveldadd'l tidy for removal of jaas, introduction of Securit...
9 days ago  Geoff MacartneyMerge pull request #1023 from duncangrant/docker-build...
9 days ago  Duncan GrantAdd version for docker build plugin 1023/head
9 days ago  frogfatherremove jaas dependency
9 days ago  frogfatherChange SessionHandler to SessionManager due to upgrade...
9 days ago  frogfatherchanged HashLoginService to use UserStore
10 days ago  Alex Heneveldworking filter, sharing sessions
10 days ago  Alex Heneveldbump the jetty version declared to match the one actual...
13 days ago  Alex Heneveldclean up removing jaas stuff to support oauth
13 days ago  Alex Heneveldswitching to security provider filter from login module
2018-12-12  Alex Heneveldlogging and tidy to use gson
2018-12-12  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'oauth-juan' into oauth-merged
2018-12-11  Juan Cabrerizominimal Google Oauth login module
2018-12-11  frogfatherremove unnecessary headers from response
2018-12-10  frogfatheralterations to headers
2018-12-07  frogfathercorrect redirect url
2018-12-07  frogfatherrefactor to use github for auth
2018-11-30  frogfathercors settings
2018-11-30  frogfatheradd cors header to server response
2018-11-29  Juan CabrerizoGoogleOauthLoginModule, doesn't want to redirect
2018-11-28  Juan Cabrerizochanges after Andrew
2018-11-28  Juan Cabrerizoadding new GoogleOauthSecurityProvider
2018-11-28  Juan CabrerizoMerge branch 'oauth-integration' of https://github...
2018-11-27  frogfatheradd oauth filter to service.xml
2018-11-27  frogfatherchange hard coded version of json-simple
2018-11-27  frogfatherchange json-simple entry to remove hard coded version no
2018-11-27  frogfatheradd json-simple dependency to feature.xml
2018-11-27  frogfatheradd filter and dependencies
2018-11-26  Juan CabrerizoMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-26  Juan Cabrerizoadding oauth server
2018-11-20  Aled SageThis closes #1016
2018-11-16  Alex Heneveldwhen editting it is useful to know the source URL 1016/head
2018-11-15  Andrew Donald... Closes #1015
2018-11-15  Alex Heneveldintroduce new distinct "application" itemType on catalo... 1015/head
2018-11-15  Alex Heneveldwhen getting details, get the raw value then resolve...
2018-11-08  Andrew Donald... This closes #1013
2018-11-06  Paul Campbell[core] Remove unused Logger in OsgiTestBase 1013/head
2018-11-06  Paul Campbell[core] Disable BashCommandsIntegrationTest test on...
2018-11-06  Paul Campbell[test-support] Add @DisableOnWindows annotation for...
2018-11-06  Paul Campbell[core] Fix syntax for maven-compiler plugin
2018-11-06  Paul Campbell[utils] Extract FileUtil.deleteDirectory() from duplica...
2018-11-06  Paul Campbell[core] embedded framework test survives teardown
2018-11-06  Paul Campbell[rt-felix] embedded framework test survives teardown
2018-11-02  Thomas BouronThis closes #1012
2018-11-01  Paul CampbellFix for SUREFIRE-1588 1012/head
2018-10-25  Duncan GrantCloses #1011
2018-10-24  Aled SageFix requiredUnless config key constraint, with attribut... 1011/head
2018-10-23  Geoff MacartneyCloses #1008