fix quick launch behaviour for editor / template
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2021-05-03  Alex HeneveldThis closes #199
2021-04-27  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'quick-fixes'
2021-04-27  Alex Heneveldadd quick fix for proposing from a template
2021-04-27  Alex Heneveldquick fix supports regexes to match params, and more
2021-04-27  Alex HeneveldThis closes #200
2021-04-26  Alex Heneveldset from key or parameter working, with root or anywher...
2021-04-23  Alex Heneveldadd quick fix tooltip and sketch set_from_ quick fixes
2021-04-22  Alex Heneveldadd quick fix support
2021-04-21  Alex Heneveldadd example for constraint
2021-04-21  Alex HeneveldThis closes #197
2021-04-16  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #196 from algairim/smart-141
2021-04-15  Alex Heneveldfix markdown
2020-03-02  Richard DownerSet version to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-10-30  Thomas BouronThis closes #94
2018-10-26  Alex Heneveld"Recent" filter shows a page-full of most recent items
2018-08-20  Alex HeneveldThis closes #57
2018-08-20  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into composer-customizable 61/head
2018-08-20  Alex HeneveldThis closes #60
2018-08-20  Alex HeneveldThis closes #59
2018-08-08  Alex Heneveldadd license info so files just added don't break RAT 59/head
2018-08-07  Alex Heneveldtidy of dropdown, and also cleanup the "add config...
2018-08-06  Alex Heneveldinitial JS poc of custom config widget
2018-08-03  Alex Heneveldadd basic docs for the customizations
2018-07-30  Geoff MacartneyCloses #56
2018-07-28  Alex Heneveldremove license-checker temp script; now this lives...
2018-07-27  Alex HeneveldThis closes #54
2018-07-26  Thomas BouronUpdate Brooklyn codebase to build the newly donated UI
2015-12-16  John McCabe[SPLITPREP] rearranged to have structure of new reposit...
2013-12-05  ahgittinMerge pull request #1003 from sjcorbett/sorted-app...
2013-11-18  Martin HarrisMerge branch '0.6.x' of
2013-11-15  Aled SageMerge pull request #1025 from Nakomis/map-circles
2013-11-15  Martin HarrisAdded brooklyn favicon
2012-06-13  Alex Henevelddocs facelift -- applied new style and template (this...