3 days ago  Juan CabrerizoMerge pull request #325 from jcabrerizo/feature/remove... master
3 days ago  Juan CabrerizoAddresing PR comments 325/head
4 days ago  Juan CabrerizoAdd `order` as module property and use it when is prese...
2022-05-06  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #323 from algairim/composer-improvements
2022-05-06  Mykola MandraDo not handle Backspace key event 323/head
2022-05-06  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #322 from algairim/app-inspector...
2022-05-06  Mykola MandraAdjust width of switch view dropdown automatically 322/head
2022-05-06  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #321 from ahgittin/link-to-effector
2022-05-06  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into link-to-effector 321/head
2022-05-06  Alex Heneveldallow link in inspector to specific effector using...
2022-05-04  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #320 from ahgittin/show-custom-icon...
2022-05-04  Alex Heneveldsupport custom URLs in composer 320/head
2022-04-21  Mykola MandraMerge pull request #319 from apache/duncangrant-arm64-fix
2022-04-20  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #316 from algairim/fixes/catalog...
2022-04-20  Juan CabrerizoMerge pull request #318 from ahgittin/fix-disappearing...
2022-04-19  Duncan GrantUpdate duncangrant-arm64-fix 319/head
2022-04-19  Alex Heneveldremove transition style rule which breaks color inherit... 318/head
2022-04-14  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #317 from apache/feature/update...
2022-04-14  Duncan GrantFix (as in with glue) version of expose-loader 317/head
2022-04-14  Juan CabrerizoUpdate node and npm
2022-03-14  Mykola Mandrarevert package-lock.json 316/head
2022-03-14  Mykola MandraFix button name to update blueprint
2022-02-21  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #315 from algairim/build/Jenkinsfile
2022-02-21  Mykola MandraUse double quotes to resove DOCKER_TAG 315/head
2022-02-15  Juan CabrerizoMerge pull request #314 from algairim/composer-improvements
2022-02-11  Mykola MandraFollow arc coordinates after the rotation of member... 314/head
2022-02-11  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #313 from algairim/composer-improvements
2022-02-11  Mykola MandraDo not display versions dropdown if there are no versio... 313/head
2022-01-18  Alex Heneveldfix NPE thrown in ui for locations without display...
2022-01-03  Alex Heneveldadd explicit reference to jetty client
2021-12-03  Alex Heneveldtweak language for REST API page, and provide link...
2021-12-01  Alex Heneveldextra class for quick-launch row so it can be styled...
2021-11-22  Juan CabrerizoMerge pull request #311 from algairim/ha-improvements
2021-11-19  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #312 from algairim/composer-improvements
2021-11-19  Mykola MandraDo not restore search when the icon triggers selection... 312/head
2021-11-18  Mykola MandraDisplay error modal on HA operation failure 311/head
2021-11-17  Alex Heneveldtidy version string for jakarta/javax
2021-11-17  Alex Henevelduse jakarta for
2021-11-16  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'update'
2021-11-12  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #310 from iuliana/new-bundle-type
2021-11-12  iulianaAdded bundle types too 310/head
2021-11-12  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #309 from iuliana/fix/bundle-support...
2021-11-12  iulianaAdded forgotten supported bundle type 309/head
2021-10-29  Alex HeneveldThis closes #300
2021-10-28  John AthanasiouMerge pull request #5 from jathanasiou/fix/adding-entit...
2021-10-28  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #308 from tbouron/fix/ui-metadata...
2021-10-28  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #307 from zan-mateusz/feature/reconf...
2021-10-28  Thomas BouronChange this maven module back to a bundle, otherwise... 308/head
2021-10-27  zan-mateuszsupport for configuring entity parameters via table... 307/head
2021-10-27  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #306 from zan-mateusz/fix/no-error...
2021-10-27  John AthanasiouProper state change for all delete cases
2021-10-27  zan-mateuszadding reconfigurable as an acceptable boolean parameter 306/head
2021-10-27  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #305 from jathanasiou/enhancement...
2021-10-27  John Athanasiouhiding importer via config instead of controller logic 305/head
2021-10-26  John Athanasiouadd Logbook widget to console page + refine code/style
2021-10-25  John Athanasiouhiding Blueprint Importer from homepage tiles
2021-10-25  Alex HeneveldThis closes #302
2021-10-25  Juan CabrerizoMerge pull request #304 from jathanasiou/enhancement...
2021-10-25  John Athanasiourenaming further UI module name references and tests 304/head
2021-10-25  John AthanasiouUI modules minor renaming
2021-10-25  John Athanasioularger home page tiles
2021-10-22  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #298 from jathanasiou/enhancement...
2021-10-22  John Athanasioureverted to plain sessionStorage access 298/head
2021-10-22  Alex Heneveldkilt diagram filters based on dropdown/text editing 302/head
2021-10-22  Alex Heneveldcorrect error-checking for specs
2021-10-22  Alex Heneveldin config and sensor, use grid not table, and show...
2021-10-22  Alex Heneveldnew task filter for 'top-level' to show feeds etc
2021-10-22  Alex Henevelduse clock icon for scheduled activities
2021-10-21  John Athanasiouundefined query fix
2021-10-21  Mykola MandraRemove restriction on multiple locations in YAML editor... 300/head
2021-10-20  John Athanasiouadded Apache license
2021-10-20  John Athanasiousession store persistence for Composer view mode, query...
2021-10-20  John Athanasioucentralized browser local/session storage management
2021-10-19  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #297 from algairim/draw-policy-icon
2021-10-19  Mykola MandraMerge pull request #4 from jathanasiou/fix/ha-change...
2021-10-19  Mykola MandraDraw policy icon on the canvas if present 297/head
2021-10-18  John AthanasiouError dialog for unauthorised HA node change
2021-10-15  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #296 from algairim/draw-relationship...
2021-10-15  Mykola MandraInvert label text when arc goes in the opposite direction 296/head
2021-10-14  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #3 from jathanasiou/fix/blueprint...
2021-10-14  John AthanasiouDisplay AddToCatalog error properly
2021-10-13  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #2 from jathanasiou/fix/deleted...
2021-10-13  John Athanasioucomposer deleted entity behaviour correction
2021-10-07  Duncan GrantMerge pull request #294 from duncangrant/update-licenses
2021-10-07  Duncan GrantUpdate to include new licenses 294/head
2021-10-04  Alex HeneveldThis closes #293
2021-10-04  Alex HeneveldMerge pull request #1 from cloudsoft/popover-for-deleting
2021-10-01  Alex Henevelduse new deleteable flag on bundles to give better info... 293/head
2021-10-01  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #292 from algairim/enhancement/compo...
2021-09-30  Mykola MandraImport catalogApiProvider at application level; and... 292/head
2021-09-27  Mykola MandraClear entity config before switching versions; always...
2021-09-24  John Athanasioustyling corrections
2021-09-23  John Athanasiouproperly parsing entity version from parent model
2021-09-23  John Athanasiousmaller width for version selection widget
2021-09-22  Alex Heneveldsupport `brooklyn.tags` from blueprint in catalog saver...
2021-09-21  John AthanasiouMerge branch 'master' into enhancement/composer-entity...
2021-09-20  Alex Heneveldtidy versions display
2021-09-20  John Athanasiouinput element, styling, and state control
2021-09-19  Alex Heneveldremove unnecessary feature dependencies of war ui modules
2021-09-17  Alex HeneveldThis closes #291