3 days ago  Alex HeneveldThis closes #117 master
3 days ago  Alex Heneveldremove 'verify' phase
9 days ago  Alex Heneveldadd the security provider filter to ui projects
11 days ago  Alex Henevelddifferent approach, using a filter, set up for home...
2018-12-14  Alex Heneveldrequire login to webconsole for webapps
2018-12-04  Alex Heneveldrecent addition of isMemberSpec needs additional guard
2018-11-30  Alex Heneveldadd comments re adding unlisted parameters
2018-11-30  Alex Heneveldadd comments on setting unlisted parameters
2018-11-30  Alex HeneveldRevert "remove load-parameter-from-definition as it...
2018-11-30  Alex Heneveldremove load-parameter-from-definition as it is not...
2018-11-30  Alex HeneveldThis closes #112
2018-11-25  Thomas BouronThis closes #113
2018-11-23  Alex Heneveldadd a 'defer-to-preexisting-id' attribute to script... 113/head
2018-11-23  Alex Heneveldmake template url lookup consistent as per PR comments
2018-11-22  Alex Henevelddecorate `script` directive to prevent re-overriding...
2018-11-22  Alex Heneveldinstall template to cache earlier
2018-11-21  Thomas BouronThis closes #99
2018-11-21  Aled SageDSL editor: support referencing `brooklyn.parameters` 112/head
2018-11-21  Alex Heneveldtweak so slight shadow when resting 99/head
2018-11-21  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into palette-border
2018-11-20  Aled SageThis closes #111
2018-11-20  Aled SageThis closes #109
2018-11-20  Alex Heneveldfix json editor state 111/head
2018-11-20  Alex Heneveldmore PR comments addressed 109/head
2018-11-20  Alex Heneveldaddress PR comments
2018-11-20  Thomas BouronThis closes #110
2018-11-20  Alex Heneveldadd UI support for {required,forbidden}UnlessAnyOf... 110/head
2018-11-16  Alex Henevelduse new icon url source
2018-11-16  Alex Heneveldcatalog saver to support 'application', 'template'...
2018-11-13  Thomas BouronThis closes #108
2018-11-13  Alex Heneveldaddress PR comments 108/head
2018-11-13  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into catalog-saver-autocomplete
2018-11-13  Alex Heneveldremove blank line added in #107
2018-11-13  Alex HeneveldThis closes #107
2018-11-12  Andrew Donald... Change to radio buttons with help text 107/head
2018-11-12  Alex Heneveldimprove logic and ui for inferring bundle and type...
2018-11-09  Andrew Donald... Use checkboxes for blueprint type in save modal
2018-11-09  Thomas BouronThis closes #106
2018-11-09  Andrew Donald... Update reference to dialog model and blueprint service 106/head
2018-11-09  Andrew Donald... Adds optional advanced section to catalog save modal
2018-11-09  Andrew Donald... Configure various catalog properties based on current...
2018-11-08  Alex HeneveldThis closes #98
2018-11-08  Juan CabrerizoMerge branch 'master' into jcCompactList 98/head
2018-11-08  Alex HeneveldThis closes #97
2018-11-08  Alex Heneveldmake palette icons have a light border not a shadow
2018-11-07  Juan Cabrerizoadd compact list view mode
2018-11-07  Thomas BouronModularise components for blueprint composer + update... 97/head
2018-11-07  Thomas BouronApply naming convention for templates used with $templa...
2018-11-06  Thomas BouronThis closes #96
2018-11-02  Alex Heneveldfix popover title and flicker, minor other code tidies... 96/head
2018-11-02  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into relevance-and-other-composer...
2018-11-02  Alex Heneveldfix for #95
2018-11-02  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into relevance-and-other-composer...
2018-11-02  Alex HeneveldThis closes #95
2018-11-01  Alex Heneveldallow selection text and behaviour to be customized...
2018-11-01  Alex Heneveldallow spec editor sections to be customized
2018-11-01  Alex Heneveldquick info pane is toggle-able, and has buttons to add
2018-11-01  Alex Heneveldmake default view 3x wide rather than 4x wide
2018-11-01  Alex Heneveldsort search results by relevance
2018-10-31  Sylvain FerotAllow to configure the blueprint loading methods 95/head
2018-10-30  Thomas BouronThis closes #94
2018-10-30  Thomas BouronThis closes #93
2018-10-30  Alex HeneveldThis closes #73
2018-10-30  Alex HeneveldThis closes #92
2018-10-30  Alex Heneveldaddress PR comments on #93 94/head
2018-10-30  Alex Heneveldaddress PR comments
2018-10-30  Thomas BouronThis closes #91
2018-10-30  Alex Henevelduse pluralize, tidy messages and formatting for palette...
2018-10-30  Alex Heneveldheight can vary by a few px depending on pads etc so...
2018-10-30  Alex Henevelduse date-fns instead of moment, much smaller footprint
2018-10-29  Thomas BouronThis closes #89
2018-10-26  Alex Heneveldadd missing header
2018-10-26  Alex Heneveldadd a footer to make it easier to navigate palette...
2018-10-26  Alex Heneveld"Recent" filter shows a page-full of most recent items
2018-10-26  frogfathercomponent specific code moved downstream 89/head
2018-10-25  Alex Heneveldimprove sort by, including sort-by recency
2018-10-25  Alex Heneveldpalette allows filters to be specified, with placeholde...
2018-10-25  Alex Heneveldcss so add member spec use of palette can share format 93/head
2018-10-25  Alex Heneveldsupport 'mode' parameter for sections
2018-10-24  Thomas BouronExpand relationship support to memberspecs 92/head
2018-10-24  Alex Heneveldmake member spec selector act like main catalog palette...
2018-10-24  Alex Heneveldtidy dropdown and other composer styling
2018-10-24  Alex Heneveldshare palette view state among all palettes
2018-10-24  Alex Heneveldallow palette to have view mode customised to show...
2018-10-24  Thomas BouronThis closes #90
2018-10-24  Thomas BouronThis closes #88
2018-10-24  Alex Heneveldminor styling changes to make palette nicer
2018-10-24  Andrew Donald... Add callback for customising catalog save configuration 91/head
2018-10-24  Alex Henevelddynamically compute pagination limit for palette based...
2018-10-24  Ludovic PlantinAllow to resolve different virtual type according to... 88/head
2018-10-24  frogfathercorrect missing quotes
2018-10-24  Alex Heneveldrename btn-ouline to btn-outline
2018-10-24  Aled SageDSL editor: allow ref to entity anywhere 90/head
2018-10-24  frogfatherspec editor hook
2018-10-23  Alex Heneveldone minor change as per PR review
2018-10-23  Alex HeneveldThis closes #84
2018-10-23  Alex HeneveldThis closes #83
2018-10-23  Alex HeneveldThis closes #82
2018-10-22  Ludovic PlantinAllow to resolve different virtual type according to... 87/head
2018-10-19  Andrew Donald... This closes #77