2016-12-15  Geoff MacartneyThis closes #9 Update LICENSE dependencies to current...
2016-12-04  Svetoslav NeykovChange version to 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-12-04  Svetoslav NeykovUpdate submodules to 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-11-25  Svetoslav NeykovUpdate LICENSE dependencies to current project state 9/head
2016-05-09  Alex Heneveldsimplify quick-start build instructions
2016-04-25  Svetoslav NeykovCloses #7
2016-04-05  drigodwinCorrected results location 7/head
2016-03-30  Alex HeneveldChange version to 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-03-30  Alex HeneveldUpdate submodules to 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-03-18  Alex Heneveldbump to tips of branches
2016-03-18  Alex Heneveldupdate license
2016-03-10  Alex Heneveldregenerate license
2016-03-10  Alex HeneveldThis closes #6
2016-03-10  Alex Heneveldexclude the client (go) project based on whether a... 6/head
2016-03-10  Alex HeneveldThis closes #5
2016-03-09  Geoff MacartneyAdd brooklyn-client (the client CLI) to the build. 5/head
2016-02-24  Richard DownerMerge and close PR #4
2016-02-24  John McCabeadd additional maintainers, update desc 4/head
2016-02-23  John McCabeadd ASF DOAP file (Description of a Project)
2016-02-10  Alex Heneveldminor tweaks to README
2016-02-10  Alex HeneveldThis closes #3
2016-02-10  Richard DownerFix README links after website changes 3/head
2016-02-09  Richard DownerMerge and close #2
2016-02-09  Aled SageUpdate copyright to 2016 2/head
2016-02-08  Alex Heneveldupdate license file
2016-02-01  Alex Heneveldchange README to point at this version docs for code
2016-02-01  Alex Heneveldupdate pom to build submodules in subdirs not sibling...
2016-02-01  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1
2016-02-01  Alex Heneveldadd docs for using submodules 1/head
2016-02-01  Alex Heneveldadd submodules for brooklyn projects
2016-01-30  Alex Heneveldmove subdir from incubator up a level as it is promoted...
2016-01-30  Alex HeneveldApache Brooklyn has moved to
2016-01-30  Alex Heneveldupdate LICENSE files throughout
2016-01-30  Alex HeneveldThis closes #1144
2016-01-25  Duncan GodwinUpdated license for Glossarizer MIT statement
2016-01-15  Alex Heneveldupdate licenses with latest metadata and dependencies
2015-12-22  Alex Heneveld[ALL] comment about relativePath in pom
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[SPLITPREP] revert version to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[ALL] update README file in each repo to be appropriat...
2015-12-21  Alex Heneveld[UBER] add pom in brooklyn uber project subdir to...
2015-12-16  John McCabe[SPLITPREP] rearranged to have structure of new reposit...
2015-11-23  Richard updates:
2015-11-23  Richard updates:
2015-11-18  Mark McKennaAdded static Swagger UI due to js dependency issue
2015-10-28  Alex Heneveldupdated LICENSE files w latest versions
2015-09-29  Alex Heneveldreport versions used in LICENSE files
2015-09-28  Alex Heneveldupdate our LICENSE files with better info
2015-09-06  Geoff MacartneyFix broken link in top level README
2015-09-03  Alex Heneveldremove the sandbox/ and release/ dirs from the build
2015-09-02  Alex Heneveldlicense files updated for r.js inclusion
2015-09-02  Alex Heneveldremove old brooklyncentral github project references...
2015-09-02  Graeme-MillerREADME.MD quick start description update
2015-08-17  Alex Heneveldnew LICENSE files
2015-08-17  Alex Heneveldscripts for auto-generating the various LICENSE files...
2015-08-17  Alex Heneveldnew and improved LICENSE doc, autogenerated as per...
2015-08-17  Alex HeneveldRevert "new and improved LICENSE doc, autogenerated...
2015-08-13  Alex Heneveldnew and improved LICENSE doc, autogenerated as per...
2015-05-28  Martin HarrisAdds MSSQL (YAML-based) blueprint 0.7.0-incubating 26/head
2015-04-16  Richard DownerDifferent LICENSE/NOTICE for usage/jsgui
2015-04-06  Alex Heneveldaddress code review comments
2015-03-13  Ciprian CiubotariuIgnore netbeans files
2015-02-20  jadelusChanged the 'how-to-contrib' URL to point to
2015-02-20  jadelusChanged the open new issue URL from Brooklyn Central...
2015-02-20  jadelusfixed the getting started URL
2015-02-10  Valentin AitkenUpdate the build instructions to include the launch...
2015-01-06  Sam CorbettThis closes #433
2015-01-06  Duncan GrantAdd cd to path to build instructions
2015-01-06  Duncan GrantMinor Documentation fixes
2015-01-05  Richard DownerUpdate copyright date for 2015 in NOTICE
2014-12-23  Sam CorbettFix Brooklyn logo link in README
2014-12-19  Richard DownerFormatting tweak to LICENSE
2014-12-12  Richard DownerRevise LICENSE and NOTICE following mentor feedback
2014-11-13  Aled SageRemove unnecessary config files from NOTICE
2014-11-11  Aled SageRemove from NOTICE MariaDB/JBoss config files
2014-11-11  Alex Heneveldfix mis-attribution in notice, and other tidies there...
2014-11-11  Alex Heneveldfix mis-attribution in notice, and other tidies there...
2014-10-15  Svetoslav NeykovPreserve CRLF line endings for Windows batch files
2014-10-15  Aled SageThis closes #222
2014-10-06  Svetoslav NeykovInstruct git to do eol normalization on text files...
2014-10-03  Aled SageFor “install config files”, add to NOTICE
2014-09-24  Sam CorbettFilter by blueprint type in catalogue list documentatio...
2014-09-19  Alex Heneveldexpand NOTICE for all included software and include...
2014-09-17  Alex Heneveldinclude NOTICE file as per BROOKLYN-19 and DISCLAIMER...
2014-08-28  Svetoslav NeykovForce UNIX style line endings for shell scripts.
2014-07-09  Andrew KennedyRevert "Revert "Merge and close PR #43""
2014-07-09  Richard DownerRevert "Merge and close PR #43"
2014-07-04  Martin HarrisUpdated various files following PR comments
2014-02-10  Aled SageAdd brooklyn-persisted-state to .gitignore
2013-12-09  David ToyTweaks to Licence, Copyright and Readme for clarity.
2013-04-18  David ToyTypo: "logic groupings" -> "logical groupings" 0.6.0
2013-04-18  David ToyUpdates to wording of Deployment section.
2013-04-18  David ToyAdded What:Brooklyn, removed Versioning, simplified...
2013-04-12  David ToyWill add better 'What' section later.
2013-04-12  David ToyRemoved Brooklyn version, as is rendered on github...
2013-04-12  David ToySignificant upgrade to Brooklyn's Readme.
2012-07-03  Peter VeentjerFixed 'install' methods of driver when calling scripthe... 0.4.0
2012-07-03  Peter VeentjerUpdated .gitignore
2012-05-29  Cosmin DumitracheRemove bin/ from .gitignore so that it does not clash...
2012-04-12  Cosmin Dumitracheimproved sed recommendation for eclipse (my version...
2012-03-30  Alex Henevelddelete and gitignore brooklyn*.log.* files