Whitespace cleanup
[buildr.git] / ci.bat
2012-10-20  Peter DonaldStop attempting to customize GEM_HOME as I can not...
2012-10-18  Peter DonaldAttempt to use fully qalified name as gem home
2012-10-17  Peter DonaldRemove bundle exec as not really needed
2012-10-17  Peter DonaldUse bundler to exec rake
2012-10-17  Peter DonaldEnsure that the gems path is at the start of the path
2012-10-17  Peter DonaldSimplify to use == rather than EQ
2012-10-17  Peter DonaldUse CALL to invoke other bat scripts
2012-10-17  Peter DonaldPut the selected JVM/RVM first in the path
2012-10-17  Peter DonaldInitial cut at a windows script for building the CI