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2012-11-01  Peter DonaldUpdate the website documentation 1.4.8
2012-10-27  Peter DonaldRemove links to the specs and coverage reports as they...
2012-10-20  Peter DonaldAdd some documentation around the CI nodes
2012-10-07  Peter DonaldBUILDR-622 - Fix the documentation regarding the per...
2012-09-30  Peter DonaldBUILDR-656 - Add documentation for generating eclipse...
2012-09-23  Peter DonaldUpdate the bnd extension documentation (Niklaus Giger)
2012-08-17  Alex BoisvertIntegrate with Zinc (incremental compilation wrapper...
2012-07-19  Alex Boisvert* Changed: Default to Scala 2.9.2, ScalaTest 1.8, Scala...
2012-05-30  Alex BoisvertComestic
2012-05-30  Alex BoisvertUpdate What's New section for Buildr 1.4.7
2012-05-30  Alex BoisvertUpdate download.textile
2012-05-23  Peter DonaldAdd some minimal documentation for the sonar plugin
2011-11-10  Peter DonaldAdd a FindBugs extension to buildr
2011-11-01  Alex BoisvertFix typos
2011-10-30  Peter DonaldUpdate the jdepend extension to make it parameterizable...
2011-10-30  Peter DonaldUpdated the PMD extension so that it is consistent...
2011-10-29  Peter DonaldAdd a PMD extension and some minimalistic documentation
2011-10-29  Peter DonaldRemove redundant language in Checkstyle documentation
2011-10-29  Peter DonaldUpdate JavaNCSS documentation to refer to JavaNCSS...
2011-10-29  Peter DonaldAdd in a javancss extension and some basic documentation
2011-10-29  Peter DonaldAdd in a checkstyle extension and some basic documentation
2011-10-28  Peter DonaldUpdate the documentation regarding the task for generat...
2011-08-24  Alex BoisvertFix ToC entry for IRC
2011-08-17  Peter DonaldEnhance the Intellij IDEA extension to support the...
2011-07-31  Peter DonaldFix formatting of contribution section
2011-07-26  Peter DonaldMore spelling fixes
2011-07-23  Peter DonaldFix spelling mistake
2011-07-23  Peter DonaldAdd some basic documentation on how to work with the...
2011-07-22  Peter DonaldAdd link to menu for the CI Jobs
2011-07-19  Peter DonaldBUILDR-548 Remove support for JTestR as it is no longer...
2011-07-12  Antoine ToulmeBUILDR-595 Add option to specifiy location of ca cert
2011-07-08  Antoine Toulmefix for BUILDR-596 Update installation notes to talk...
2011-07-07  Alex BoisvertAdd -v/--verbose option documentation
2011-07-07  Antoine Toulmefix the -v parameter to actually read -V
2011-07-07  Antoine Toulmeremoving the offending line from the windows instructions
2011-07-06  Alex Boisvertbuildr 1.4.5 moved to archive.apache.org
2011-06-25  Alex BoisvertUpdate What's New section
2011-06-22  Alex BoisvertUpdate doc for buildr 1.4.6
2011-06-21  Alex BoisvertUpdate doc for buildr 1.4.6
2011-05-27  Alex BoisvertUpgrade to JRuby 1.6.2
2011-05-27  Alex Boisvert* Support for Scala 2.9.0+
2011-05-20  Peter DonaldBUILDR-583 Update jruby install to use jruby version...
2011-03-14  Alex BoisvertHousekeeping: Older releases downloaded from archive...
2011-03-08  Peter DonaldFix mis-spelling of change
2011-02-28  Alex BoisvertUpdate 'What's New' section for 1.4.5
2011-02-28  Alex BoisvertPost-release 1.4.5 edits
2010-12-12  Peter DonaldBUILDR-556 - Merge buildr-iidea extension back into...
2010-12-11  Alex BoisvertAdd 'Developed with RubyMine' to credits
2010-12-04  Peter DonaldBUILDR-555 - Add support for the jaxb binding compiler
2010-12-04  Peter DonaldAdd a blurb about myself
2010-12-04  Peter DonaldBUILDR-554 - Add support for OSGi bundle packages by...
2010-12-01  Alex BoisvertBUILDR-125 Add support for <security-role> in applicati...
2010-11-23  Alex BoisvertAdd note about using OSX + RVM.
2010-11-23  Alex BoisvertUpdate "What's New" for 1.4.4 release
2010-11-22  Alex BoisvertMerge 43e3ade5dbec9a000c018b59a3106792a00c9d20:
2010-11-22  Alex BoisvertAdd HTTP authentication example
2010-11-11  Peter Donald BUILDR-545 - Add the ability to specify the descriptio...
2010-11-11  Peter DonaldUse :context_root rather than :context-root in example
2010-11-04  Alex BoisvertAdd Mac OS X note about Java Update 3 and need to insta...
2010-11-04  Peter DonaldBUILDR-536 - Add the CI mailing list to the website
2010-10-25  Alex BoisvertMore documentation about buildr version selection
2010-10-24  Alex BoisvertBUILDR-521 System tray notifications for Linux systems...
2010-10-16  Alex Boisvert1.4.3 released; update What's New and set next version...
2010-10-16  Alex BoisvertUpdate install instructions
2010-10-16  Alex BoisvertUpdate actual release date 1.4.3
2010-10-10  Alex BoisvertBUILDR-525 Documentation refers to repositories.upload_...
2010-10-01  Alex BoisvertBUILDR-514 New 'run' local task.
2010-09-28  Alex BoisvertFix documentation: Buildr.environment
2010-09-23  Alex BoisvertMore cosmetic updates to releasing.textile
2010-09-23  Alex BoisvertCosmetic updates to releasing.textile
2010-09-21  Antoine Toulmefix for highlight of doc
2010-09-21  Antoine Toulmeupdate doc for 1.4.2
2010-09-18  Alex BoisvertBUILDR-510 Add support for trace categories: --trace...
2010-08-24  Antoine ToulmeBUILDR-495 Document twitter on Buildr's homepage
2010-07-30  Alex BoisvertUpdate linux install script to use RubyGems 1.3.7
2010-07-28  Alex BoisvertAdd irclogger archive
2010-07-21  Antoine Toulmeadding a blurb on our IRC presence
2010-07-21  Alex BoisvertMore Scala 2.8.0 updates
2010-07-21  Antoine Toulmefix for BUILDR-438, thanks to Alexis Midon
2010-07-20  Alex BoisvertStraggler documentation for test exclusion
2010-07-13  Alex BoisvertAnother update for BUILDR-466: Rendering issue with...
2010-07-08  Antoine Toulmefix for BUILDR-466
2010-07-08  Alex BoisvertBUILDR-302 Move out-of-date Nailgun documentation to...
2010-07-08  Antoine Toulmeupdated copyright
2010-06-19  Antoine Toulmeadded blurb about latest release
2010-06-19  Antoine Toulmeadding the 1.4 release to the list of releases
2010-04-18  Antoine Toulmechange of tagline
2010-04-05  Alex BoisvertUpdate documentation regarding SCALA_HOME and Buildr...