Remove kerberos session renewal because gokrb5 now performs renewals by default
[calcite-avatica-go.git] / http_client.go
2017-11-14  Francis ChuangRemove kerberos session renewal because gokrb5 now...
2017-10-18  Francis ChuangGet session from realm and pass it to EnableAutoSession... 4/head
2017-10-17  Kenneth ShawA number of fixes, as itemized: 3/head
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd Apache License header to files
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangChange import paths to the repository in the apache...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangReturn an ErrBadConn from the http client if the connec...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd support for Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangImplement Avatica HTTP authentication
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangInitial commit for avatica-go