2020-07-25  chunwei.lcwPublish website for Apache Calcite 1.24.0 release 1.24 1/head
2020-07-16  Francis ChuangPublish website for Avatica Go 5.0.0 release
2020-07-03  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Remove '(for Calcite committers)' suffix from...
2020-06-30  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Add instructions for managing Calcite repos throu...
2020-06-23  Francis ChuangPublish website for Apache Calcite Avatica 1.17.0 release
2020-05-24  Haisheng YuanPublish website for Apache Calcite 1.23.0 release
2020-05-01  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Change affiliation of Stamatis Zampetakis
2020-05-01  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Add Forward Xu, Jin Xing, Vineet Garg, Wang Yanli...
2020-04-08  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Add Feng Zhu as committer
2020-03-05  yuzhao.cyzFix links to javadoc
2020-03-05  yuzhao.cyzSync master for release 1.22.0
2020-02-11  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Update IntelliJ instructions with suggested and...
2020-02-06  Stamatis ZampetakisUpdate Gradle documentation and talks section
2019-12-18  Francis ChuangUpdate website for Avatica 1.16.0 release
2019-12-18  Francis ChuangSwitch PMC Chair to Stamatis Zampetakis and regenerate...
2019-11-19  Vladimir Sitnikov[CALCITE-2905] Update site to represent Calcite migrati...
2019-11-11  Francis ChuangSite: Add Haisheng Yuan as PMC
2019-11-10  Vladimir SitnikovSite: update instructions as Avatica is migrated to...
2019-10-30  Francis ChuangSite: Add Danny Chan as PMC
2019-10-27  Julian HydeOops, calcite not beam
2019-10-27  Julian Hyde[CALCITE-3445] In web site, automatically redirect...
2019-10-08  zabetakUpdate upcoming talks for ApacheCon Europe and replace...
2019-10-08  Michael MiorSite: Change GitHub avatar links to https
2019-09-24  zabetakImprove release howto instructions
2019-09-17  Francis ChuangSite: Add new committers
2019-09-12  Francis ChuangAdd JavaScript Avatica client to client list
2019-09-11  zabetakSite: Add upcoming talks at ApacheCon NA 2019
2019-09-11  zabetakPublish website for Apache Calcite 1.21.0 release
2019-08-07  Michael MiorUpdate favicon for new logo
2019-07-30  Julian HydeSite: Add upcoming talks at ApacheCon NA 2019
2019-07-17  zabetak[CALCITE-3184] Add the new logo to the website
2019-06-25  Michael MiorAdd committer names to 1.20.0 release notes and news...
2019-06-24  Michael MiorAdd 1.20.0 release date
2019-06-24  Michael MiorPublish for Calcite 1.20.0 release
2019-05-16  Francis ChuangPublish website for Avatica Go 4.0.0 release asf-site
2019-05-13  Francis ChuangAdd Danny Chan as committer
2019-05-13  Francis ChuangPublish website for Avatica 1.15.0 release
2019-05-11  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Improve contribution guidelines for JIRA
2019-04-29  Francis ChuangPublish website for Avatica 1.14.0 release
2019-04-29  Francis ChuangSite: Add new committers and PMC
2019-03-29  Julian HydeSite: Improve documentation for MySQL-specific JSON...
2019-03-27  Julian HydeAdd Alibaba to powered-by, remove LAST_DAY, tweak 1...
2019-03-26  Francis ChuangRegenerate site and add new committers
2019-03-26  Kevin Risden[CALCITE-2952] Add JDK 12 as tested to 1.19.0 history
2019-03-26  Kevin RisdenPublish website for Calcite 1.19.0
2019-02-17  Francis ChuangMigration of Calcite site from svn to git