2019-05-16  Francis ChuangPublish website for Avatica Go 4.0.0 release asf-site
2019-05-13  Francis ChuangAdd Danny Chan as committer
2019-05-13  Francis ChuangPublish website for Avatica 1.15.0 release
2019-05-11  Stamatis ZampetakisSite: Improve contribution guidelines for JIRA
2019-04-29  Francis ChuangPublish website for Avatica 1.14.0 release
2019-04-29  Francis ChuangSite: Add new committers and PMC
2019-03-29  Julian HydeSite: Improve documentation for MySQL-specific JSON...
2019-03-27  Julian HydeAdd Alibaba to powered-by, remove LAST_DAY, tweak 1...
2019-03-26  Francis ChuangRegenerate site and add new committers
2019-03-26  Kevin Risden[CALCITE-2952] Add JDK 12 as tested to 1.19.0 history
2019-03-26  Kevin RisdenPublish website for Calcite 1.19.0
2019-02-17  Francis ChuangMigration of Calcite site from svn to git