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last changeWed, 18 May 2022 09:21:09 +0000 (10:21 +0100)
12 hours ago  rubenada[CALCITE-5061] Improve recursive application of the... main
20 hours ago  chunwei.lcw[CALCITE-5149] Refine RelMdColumnUniqueness for Aggrega...
44 hours ago  dssysolyatin[CALCITE-5137] EnumerableUncollect throws NPE if input...
44 hours ago  Benchao Li[CALCITE-5142] Upgrade Calcite to Avatica 1.21.0
2 days ago  Benchao Li[CALCITE-5081] Group keys of Aggregate are wrongly...
5 days ago  NobiGo[CALCITE-5138] Join on condition generates wrong plan...
6 days ago  Benchao Li[CALCITE-5140] Spark, Piglet tests fail in GitHub CI...
6 days ago  dssysolyatin[CALCITE-5125] Extend "||" operator to work with arrays
7 days ago  chunwei.lcw[CALCITE-5131] Remove redundant type cast
9 days ago  NobiGo[CALCITE-5139] Improve Join print plan to add the Corre...
11 days ago  Benchao Li[CALCITE-5095] Support Java 18 and Guava 31.1-jre
12 days ago  Benchao Li[CALCITE-5111] jekyll-cache directory should be ignored...
12 days ago  chunwei.lcwRemove useless explicit type cast when using SqlValidator
13 days ago  rubenada[CALCITE-5003] MergeUnion on types with different colla...
2022-04-28  nobigo[CALCITE-5117] Optimize the EXISTS sub-query by Metada...
2022-04-27  Benchao Li[CALCITE-4861] Optimization of chained CAST calls can...
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