69 min ago  nferrarochore(log): make dev-mode work in Knative master
70 min ago  nferraroFix #221: adding the publicImage field for deployments...
70 min ago  nferraroFix #221: use registry name instead of IP in Knative...
7 hours ago  lburgazzoliDetermine active/passive endpoints from Catalog #264
8 hours ago  lburgazzolitrait: add a trait to inject pod metadata as env var...
31 hours ago  lburgazzolichore(lint): fix cyclomatic complexiti on cmd::run...
31 hours ago  lburgazzoliRefactor traits lifecycle #268
31 hours ago  lburgazzolichore(lint): fix findings
45 hours ago  nferraroBump version to 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT
45 hours ago  nferraroFix Kaniko build dir
46 hours ago  nferraroBump version to 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
4 days ago  lburgazzolibuilder: wake up event loop when the container image...
4 days ago  Luca Burgazzolichore(deps): update kotlin to v1.3.11 (#271)
4 days ago  lburgazzoliAllow using compressed sources in Knative profile #270
4 days ago  lburgazzolichore: rename constant KamelPlatform to IntegrationCont...
4 days ago  lburgazzoliSupport for compressed source blob #265
5 days ago  nferraroDisable debug by default and add doc
5 days ago  nferraroFix after rebase
5 days ago  nferraroFix knative service generation and documentation
5 days ago  nferraroFix #209: add a Istio trait
5 days ago  nferraroFix #219: use deployment in Knative when cannot scale...
5 days ago  nferraro(chore) reorganizing examples
5 days ago  lburgazzolichore(runtime): code cleanup
5 days ago  lburgazzoliadd an option to always generate a docker image #246
6 days ago  Zoran Regvartfix: removed `cmd.ParseFlags`
6 days ago  Zoran Regvartchore: add all sorts of linters and pre-commit ...
6 days ago  lburgazzolichore(deps): update joor to v0.9.10
6 days ago  lburgazzolichore(deps): allign groovy version to the one used...
6 days ago  Zoran Regvartchore: add debug trait
8 days ago  lburgazzoliruntime(springboot): set the exact list of dependencies...
8 days ago  lburgazzolichore(dependencies): update junit-jupiter to v5.3.2
8 days ago  lburgazzolichore(dependencies): update camel to v2.23.0
8 days ago  lburgazzolifix pr review findings
8 days ago  lburgazzolichore: remove spring boot example bits
8 days ago  lburgazzolichore: support for computing knative channel/service...
12 days ago  nferrarofix netty header
12 days ago  nferraroFix #218: allow to push to Knative
12 days ago  nferraro(chore) fixing GKE documentation
12 days ago  ├Ânder sezginsmall adjustments to README (#245)
13 days ago  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #244 from davsclaus/master
13 days ago  Claus Ibsentypo 244/head
13 days ago  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #243 from apache/govet-fix
13 days ago  Andrea CosentinoFixing some govet findings 243/head
13 days ago  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #242 from apache/fix-format
13 days ago  Andrea CosentinoMake go-report happy again with gofmt 242/head
2018-11-26  lburgazzolifix issue with owned resources
2018-11-26  lburgazzolispring-boot: fix issue with best base image selection
2018-11-26  lburgazzoliinitial support for spring boot
2018-11-26  lburgazzoliinitial support for custom maven repositories
2018-11-23  lburgazzoliTrigger context update when build finishes #113
2018-11-22  lburgazzolifix findings
2018-11-22  lburgazzoliSupport for multiple integration definitions #45
2018-11-22  lburgazzoliruntime: add a netty4-http based knative component
2018-11-22  lburgazzolitraits: fix wrong comment
2018-11-22  lburgazzolitraits: add test for builder trait
2018-11-22  lburgazzolitraits: conditional apply
2018-11-22  lburgazzolitraits: add builder trait
2018-11-20  nferraroGKE configuration working
2018-11-20  lburgazzolitemporary build folder not cleaned up #230
2018-11-20  lburgazzolirefactor: make traits more flexible
2018-11-16  nferraroBump version to 0.0.6-SNAPSHOT
2018-11-16  nferraro(chore) rename knative subscriptions in sources and...
2018-11-16  nferraroFix #226: set correct build dir for Kaniko
2018-11-16  lburgazzoliruntime: small improvement to the dependency lister...
2018-11-15  lburgazzolichore(builder): remove unused fields, bettern naming
2018-11-15  nferraro(chore) move knative service to last resource
2018-11-15  lburgazzolinew builder engine
2018-11-15  nferraroRenaming types
2018-11-15  nferraroAdd eventing subscription
2018-11-15  nferraroAuto-detect Jackson
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(runtime): replace test logging configuration...
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(runtime): configure maven surefire plugin
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(dependencies): update to maven 3.6.0
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(dependencies): update to maven 3.6.0
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(dependencies): update camel to v2.22.2
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(dependencies): update camel to v2.22.2
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(dependencies): update kotlin to v1.3.10
2018-11-14  lburgazzolichore(runtime) : add a java rest example with restlet
2018-11-09  nferraroAdd automatic configuration to Knative endpoints
2018-11-09  nferraroAdd profile option to run
2018-11-09  nferraroAdded profiles and Knative serving
2018-11-08  Hiram Chirinofeat: #207 Provide option to get the Json/Yaml of a...
2018-11-07  lburgazzolicloudevents & knative
2018-11-05  nferraroMoved dependencies to a proper trait
2018-11-05  nferraroAdd host property to the route trait
2018-11-05  nferraroDocument the ingress trait
2018-11-05  nferraroFix roles for ingress
2018-11-05  nferraroAdd ingress trait
2018-11-05  nferraroRefactoring traits package
2018-11-05  nferraroDocument operator-sdk version 0.0.7
2018-11-05  nferraroFix compatibility with operator sdk 0.0.7
2018-10-31  lburgazzoliCannot configure traits #199
2018-10-30  nferraro(chore) add an example of xml route
2018-10-30  nferrarouse a working kaniko sha
2018-10-29  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #195 from lburgazzoli/kotlin-1.3...
2018-10-29  lburgazzoliruntime(kotline): update to kotlin 1.3.0 release 195/head
2018-10-26  nferrarouse a shorter refresh period in the CLI
2018-10-26  nferraroupgrade to operator-sdk 0.0.7
2018-10-26  lburgazzolichore(build): remove deprecated methos
2018-10-26  lburgazzolichore(test) : switch to junit 5