6 hours ago  github-actions... Updated main
20 hours ago  Tadayoshi Satofix(e2e): stabilise service trait test
20 hours ago  Tadayoshi Satotest(e2e): add test for 'kamel run --dev' in a warmed...
29 hours ago  tal66Never stale a bug issue
29 hours ago  Dusan UradnikFix typo
30 hours ago  github-actions... Updated
44 hours ago  Andrea CosentinoAdd acosentino to Helm Chart maintainers
45 hours ago  Andrea CosentinoHelm Chart 0.10.3
3 days ago  Andrea CosentinoRelease Helm 0.10.2
4 days ago  github-actions... Updated
5 days ago  github-actions... Updated
6 days ago  github-actions... Updated
6 days ago  John PothFix #3257: fix uploading checksum files to the image...
7 days ago  John PothFix: use platform.Status instead of platform.Spec
7 days ago  github-actions... Updated
7 days ago  Antonin Stefanuttichore(trait): Add an option to disable SSA in deployer... 1.10.0-nightly
7 days ago  Antonin Stefanuttifix: Use status change predicate to filter updates...
8 days ago  María Arias... docs: Adding a link instead of explaining how to add...
8 days ago  María Arias... Using a variable for the version.
8 days ago  María Arias... Adding the option of using docker registry
8 days ago  Tadayoshi Satochore(cmd/trait): refactor cmd & trait packages
8 days ago  Andrea CosentinoRegen with 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT
8 days ago  Andrea CosentinoMoving main to 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT
8 days ago  github-actions... Updated
9 days ago  John PothFix #3271: Prepend Organization/Namespace in HTTP path... 1.9.2-nightly
9 days ago  phantomjinxfix: Bump remaining resources to 1.9.2
12 days ago  github-actions... Updated
12 days ago  John PothFix: support absolute paths on Windows
13 days ago  Andrea CosentinoNext is 1.9.2-SNAPSHOT
13 days ago  Andrea CosentinoHelm Chart 1.9.1
13 days ago  SarveshLimayeCamelCase for yaml created sample files
13 days ago  Christoph Deppischchore: Improve extract Camel catalog script
13 days ago  John PothFix #3257: work with relative paths on windows to avoid...
13 days ago  Pasquale Congiustichore(ci): force unit test
13 days ago  github-actions... Updated
13 days ago  Tadayoshi Satotest(e2e): add E2E test for Service trait
13 days ago  Tadayoshi Satochore(e2e): format test java files
13 days ago  Tadayoshi Satofix(trait): disable NodePort by default for Service...
2022-05-10  gre8tcorrected typo error
2022-05-10  gre8tfixed typo error
2022-05-10  gre8trenamed files, removed image, added a log output to...
2022-05-10  gre8tadded logging traits documentation
2022-05-10  github-actions... Updated
2022-05-08  github-actions... Updated
2022-05-07  github-actions... Updated
2022-05-06  Pasquale Congiustifix(e2e): rest yaml definition as Camel 3.15
2022-05-06  Pasquale Congiustifix(kamelet): migrate to Camel 3.15 yaml definition
2022-05-06  github-actions... Updated
2022-05-05  Pasquale Congiustifeat(cli): disconnected run and bind 1.9.1-nightly
2022-05-05  Pasquale Congiustifix(ci): release action tag params
2022-05-04  github-actions... Updated
2022-05-03  Pasquale Congiustifix(ci): typo
2022-05-03  Claudio MirandaProvide example for IBM MQ Server
2022-05-03  Claudio Mirandapackage_maven_artifacts: run unzip in silent mode
2022-05-03  phantomjinxchore: Fixes linter issues
2022-05-03  phantomjinx(#3053): Adds ability to modify the level of the operat...
2022-05-03  phantomjinxchore: Upgrade controller-gen to 0.6.1
2022-05-03  phantomjinxPreparing for next release: e2e preflight test improvement
2022-05-03  phantomjinxPreparing for next release
2022-05-03  John PothMerge pull request #3193 from johnpoth/run-verbose
2022-05-02  John PothAdd verbose flag for the run command 3193/head
2022-04-29  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-28  haanhvuAdd Mount trait example
2022-04-28  Kuthumi Peppleremove unused portions of template
2022-04-28  Kuthumi Peppledefine usage template and improve readability
2022-04-28  Kuthumi Peppleedit long and short descriptions of bind cmd
2022-04-28  Kuthumi Pepplefix(cli): format long subcommand descriptions
2022-04-28  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-27  Andrea CosentinoOperators: make prepare-operators should use the same...
2022-04-27  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-26  Andrea CosentinoUpgraded docs to reflect the last release 1.9.0
2022-04-26  Andrea CosentinoRemoving stagin repository
2022-04-26  Andrea CosentinoAdded Helm Chart for 1.9.0
2022-04-26  Andrea CosentinoPost-release steps
2022-04-26  Andrea CosentinoRelease 1.9.0
2022-04-26  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-22  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-21  dependabot... chore(deps): bump from...
2022-04-21  Andrea Cosentinopreparing for next release - Fixing Json Tests
2022-04-21  Andrea Cosentinopreparing for next release - Fixing Json Tests
2022-04-21  Andrea Cosentinopreparing for next release
2022-04-21  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-20  Kuthumi Peppleuse fmt package
2022-04-20  Kuthumi Pepplefix(cli): kamel run -o incompatible with --dev
2022-04-20  Kuthumi Peppleadd TestRunDevModeOutputFlag
2022-04-20  Christoph Deppischchore: Log build duration metrics
2022-04-20  Luca Burgazzoliregen resources
2022-04-20  Luca Burgazzolioperator: allow to configure the lock name #3162
2022-04-20  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-19  Pasquale Congiustichore(ci): updating release action
2022-04-19  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-18  gre8tformatted code using gofmt
2022-04-18  gre8tfixed logic for flags: properties, cm and secrets
2022-04-18  parul5sahooDocs: fixed some grammatical errors
2022-04-18  phantomjinxAvoids rebuilding e2e tests during test execution
2022-04-18  phantomjinxAdds petstore tests as problematic and needing to be...
2022-04-18  phantomjinxFix #3149: Adds logging to execution of maven commands
2022-04-18  phantomjinxIncreases timeout on kit building in upgrade test
2022-04-18  phantomjinxRefactors proxy reset to its own script
2022-04-18  phantomjinxFixes preflight e2e test by adding new build to stable...