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2021-02-04  Andrea CosentinoRenaming all the *.access-key options to *.accessKey
2021-02-04  Andrea CosentinoRenaming all the *.secret-key options to *.secretKey
2021-02-01  Andrea CosentinoAWS Examples: Moved to 0.7.1
2021-01-04  Andrea CosentinoAWS2 Examples: Moved to 0.7.0 version
2020-12-03  Andrea CosentinoAWS2-Examples: Moved to 0.6.1
2020-10-30  Andrea CosentinoAWS2-S3-Minio-Source: Fixed value converter
2020-10-28  Andrea CosentinoAWS2-S3-Minio Example: moved to 0.6.0
2020-10-23  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeEnsure that the Kafka startup commands work outside...
2020-10-23  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeAdjusted to use the same topic name as the one in the...
2020-10-23  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeAdded a note that the bucket may be auto-created if...
2020-10-23  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeFixed reference to non-existent/non-used properties...
2020-09-14  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #38 from apache/0.5.0
2020-09-14  Andrea CosentinoAWS2-S3-Minio: Moved to 0.5.0
2020-08-03  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #15 from apache/0.4.0
2020-08-03  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade AWS2-S3 Minio Source example to 0.4.0
2020-07-02  Andrea CosentinoRemoved wrong instruction on minio example for aws2-s3
2020-07-01  Andrea CosentinoAWS2-S3-minio: Moved to adoc
2020-06-25  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #12 from apache/example-0.3.0
2020-06-25  Andrea CosentinoUpdate to 0.3.0 the AWS2-S3-* examples
2020-06-11  Andrea CosentinoFixed Docs for AWS2-S3 MinIO
2020-06-11  Andrea CosentinoFixed the topic name in AWS2-S3 Minio example
2020-06-11  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #11 from apache/Minio
2020-06-11  Andrea CosentinoAdded a MinIO Example with AWS2 S3 Source connector 11/head