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2021-02-03  Andrea CosentinoTest PR
2021-02-03  Andrea CosentinoTest PR
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2021-02-01  Andrea CosentinoRemoved newline from README
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2019-12-10  Andrea TarocchiSupport using an external Kafka for the tests (#29)
2019-12-09  Otavio R. PiskeDecouple kafka test service from the local container 29/head
2019-12-05  Andrea TarocchiSpecified requirements to run integration tests.
2019-12-05  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeAdds a small note about how to run the integration...
2019-12-05  Andrea TarocchiAdded support for dataformat, fix #35
2019-12-05  Jakub ScholzFix links, we are asciidoc not markdown
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2019-12-05  Andrea CosentinoAdded AWS Kinesis source connector example
2019-12-05  Andrea CosentinoAdded an AWS SNS Sink connector example
2019-12-05  Andrea CosentinoAdded an example for AWS SQS Source connector
2019-12-05  Andrea CosentinoFixed README for S3 example
2019-12-05  Andrea CosentinoAdded an example for AWS S3 Source Connector
2019-12-05  Andrea CosentinoAdded an AWS SQS Sink connector example
2019-12-05  Andrea TarocchiAdded support for configuring component properties.
2019-12-05  Andrea TarocchiMoved to camel 3 fix #12
2019-12-05  Andrea TarocchiInitial spike to have a working POC.