8 days ago  James NethertonTag 2.9.0 2.9.x main 2.9.0
8 days ago  James NethertonUpgrade to Quarkus Platform 2.9.0.Final
8 days ago  Amos FengRe-enable KafkaIT test (#86)
8 days ago  James NethertonNext is 2.9.0
2022-04-12  James NethertonTag 2.8.0 2.8.x 2.8.0
2022-04-12  James NethertonUpgrade to Quarkus Platform 2.8.0.Final
2022-04-12  James NethertonSet quarkus.platform.version to 2.8.0.Final
2022-04-12  James NethertonRemove duplicate camel-quarkus.platform.version propert...
2022-04-12  James NethertonSwitch from NativeImageTest to QuarkusIntegrationTest
2022-04-12  James NethertonMake aws-lambda README consistent with other examples
2022-04-12  James NethertonReplace usage of deprecated LambdaClient with mock...
2022-04-12  James NethertonSet quarkus.platform.version to 2.7.5.Final
2022-04-12  James NethertonEnable rest-json example to work with Camel 3.16
2022-04-12  Zineb Bendhiba Upgrade to Quarkus 2.7.4.Final
2022-04-12  Aurélien PupierUse https instead of http to reference xsd (#78)
2022-04-12  Zineb BendhibaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.7.3.Final
2022-04-12  James NethertonSet quarkus.platform.version to 2.7.2.Final
2022-04-12  James NethertonSync .gitignore with the main project
2022-04-12  James NethertonRemove health configuration no longer present in Camel...
2022-04-12  James NethertonDynamically generate native test matrix
2022-04-12  James NethertonEnable example project build & testing on Windows
2022-04-12  James NethertonAdjust to health API changes in Camel 3.16
2022-04-12  James NethertonSet quarkus.platform.version to 2.7.1.Final
2022-04-12  James NethertonRemove references to health configuration options that...
2022-04-12  James NethertonFix observability example native profile quarkus-maven...
2022-04-12  James NethertonBuild with Maven 3.8.4
2022-04-12  James NethertonNext is 2.8.0
2022-02-02  James NethertonTag 2.7.0 2.7.x 2.7.0
2022-02-02  James NethertonUpgrade to Quarkus Platform 2.7.0.Final
2022-02-02  James NethertonUse MicroMeter metrics instead of MicroProfile Metrics
2022-02-02  James NethertonSet quarkus.platform.version to 2.7.0.CR1
2022-02-02  James NethertonMake health tests handle newer MP health output format...
2022-02-02  James NethertonUse yq installed on the GitHub actions VM instead of...
2022-02-02  Zineb BendhibaNext is 2.7.0
2021-12-23  Zineb BendhibaTag 2.6.0 2.6.x 2.6.0
2021-12-23  Zineb BendhibaUpgrade to Quarkus Platform 2.6.0.Final
2021-12-23  James NethertonEnsure health example native tests are executed
2021-11-25  Zineb BendhibaUpgrade to Quarkus Platform 2.5.0.Final
2021-11-25  Aurélien PupierFix link notation in Kafka readme
2021-11-25  Zineb BendhibaBump Quarkus version to 2.5.0.Final
2021-11-25  Zineb BendhibaBump Strimzi kafka-oauth-client version from Quarkus bom
2021-11-25  James NethertonAdapt HealthTest to changes in Camel 3.13.0
2021-11-25  James NethertonUpdate Kafka example docker base image to ubi-minimal:8.4
2021-11-25  James NethertonSet quarkus.platform.version to 2.5.0.CR1
2021-11-25  Peter PalagaNext is 2.5.0
2021-11-12  Peter PalagaTag 2.4.0 2.4.x 2.4.0
2021-11-12  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus Platform 2.4.1.Final
2021-11-12  James NethertonEnsure labels stay in sync...
2021-11-12  James NethertonUse temurin JDK distro as per the main project
2021-11-12  Peter PalagaNext is 2.4.0
2021-10-06  Peter PalagaTag 2.3.0 2.3.0
2021-10-05  Peter PalagaUnify package names for the for the test in camel-quark...
2021-10-05  Peter PalagaMake the examples runnable against alternative BOMs...
2021-10-05  Peter PalagaUse four spaces for pom.xml indentation
2021-10-05  Peter PalagaRemove superfuous camel-quarkus-bom-test imports
2021-10-05  María Arias... example(jdbc-datastore): #3056 Adding new simple example
2021-10-05  Peter PalagaNext is 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-08-31  Peter PalagaTag 2.2.0 2.2.0
2021-08-31  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Camel Quarkus 2.2.0
2021-08-16  aldettingeraws-lambda: fix native test
2021-08-16  aldettingerUpgrade quarkus to 2.1.1.Final
2021-08-16  aldettingerFix aws-lambda license check issues and shrink example
2021-08-16  ravishankarhassainAdded the module Deploying a Camel Route in AWS Lambda...
2021-07-29  Zineb BENDHIBANext is 2.2.0 (#51)
2021-07-23  Peter PalagaWorkaround for
2021-07-23  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.1.0.Final
2021-07-22  James NethertonFix kafka and chucknorris versions
2021-07-22  James NethertonDefault to JDK 11 source & target compiler options
2021-07-22  James NethertonUpgrade Maven to 3.8.1
2021-07-22  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.0.1.Final
2021-07-22  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Camel Quarkus 2.1.0
2021-07-22  Peter PalagaNext is 2.1.0
2021-07-20  Zineb BENDHIBAfix oAuth bearer and set openshift container for opensh...
2021-07-01  James NethertonRename examples-other native test group to group-07
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaFix IllegalStateException: quarkus-container-image...
2021-06-30  Amos FengAdd Kamelet example #2731 (#42)
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.0.0.Final
2021-06-30  James NethertonAdapt Observability docs page to Quarkus 2.0.0
2021-06-30  Zineb BendhibaKafka example
2021-06-30  Freeman Fangfix up TimerLogMainTest #2711
2021-06-30  Freeman(Yue... fix [camel-quarkus-examples] HealthTest failure on...
2021-06-30  Freeman FangRevert "fix [camel-quarkus-examples] HealthTest failure...
2021-06-30  Freeman Fangfix [camel-quarkus-examples] HealthTest failure on...
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaUse 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT as project version
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaDocument upgrading examples
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Camel Quarkus 2.0.0
2021-06-08  James NethertonUse generic names for itest categories 1.8.x
2021-06-08  James NethertonUse concurrency key instead of cancel-workflow-runs...
2021-05-18  James NethertonUpdate rest-json README to reflect usage of REST DSL
2021-05-07  James NethertonUse Camel REST DSL in REST JSON example
2021-05-04  Lukas Lowinger[fix] Add bom test for testcontainers
2021-04-19  James NethertonInherit testcontainers dependencies from quarkus-bom
2021-04-08  Peter PalagaRename master branch to main in documentation and GitHu...
2021-04-06  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Camel Quarkus 1.8.1
2021-04-06  Peter PalagaUse MP config instead of System.getProperty() in a...
2021-04-06  Peter PalagaAdapt examples to the merger of main into core https...
2021-03-30  Peter PalagaSpecial handling of target location not needed anymore
2021-03-30  Peter PalagaUse 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT as examples version
2021-03-30  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Camel Quarkus 1.8.0
2021-03-30  James NethertonAdd skipTests arg to package steps in file-bindy-ftp...