Updated CHANGELOG.md
[camel-quarkus.git] / Jenkinsfile
2021-04-13  James NethertonUpdate branch references master -> main
2021-03-18  James NethertonFix quarkus-master SNAPSHOT deploy build
2020-10-30  James NethertonEnable quickly profile for SNAPSHOT deploy build
2020-10-19  Andrea CosentinoJenkinsfile build: changed the JDK name following INFRA...
2020-09-18  James NethertonSpeed up SNAPSHOT deploy build
2020-08-24  James NethertonBuild quarkus instead of relying on oss-snapshots
2020-08-21  James NethertonFix MAVEN_PARAMS variable interpolation for project...
2020-08-20  James NethertonPublish SNAPSHOT builds
2020-02-18  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #732 from apache/jenkinsfiles
2020-02-18  Andrea CosentinoRemoved useless Jenkinsfile(s) 732/head
2020-01-23  lburgazzoliDisable sftp native tests on Jenkins
2019-11-12  Peter PalagaFix license headers (#394)
2019-10-24  lburgazzolichore(build): add a profile to activate native build...
2019-09-05  Zoran Regvartfix: trigger `master` build of website pipeline
2019-09-02  Zoran RegvartMerge pull request #169 from apache/issue/168
2019-09-02  Zoran RegvartAdd website build trigger 169/head
2019-08-29  Andrea CosentinoAdded a Jenkinsfile for deploy and build
2019-07-09  Andrea CosentinoRemoved Jenkinsfile not used
2019-07-09  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #50 from ppalaga/190709-migrate...
2019-07-09  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #48 from lburgazzoli/producers
2019-07-09  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #49 from lburgazzoli/jenkins
2019-07-09  lburgazzolichore(build): add Jenkinsfile 49/head