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2021-10-22  David Jencksupdate to new indexer, jsonpath syntax
2021-09-03  David Jencksfix attribute usage
2021-06-29  Zoran RegvartSet version in index table to 2.0.0
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaAdd a section about testing to the Contributor guide...
2021-06-24  James NethertonRemove reference to obsolete ContainerResourceLifecycle...
2021-06-24  James NethertonAdd a section about mocking remote endpoints to Testing...
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaRemove APNS after it was removed from Camel
2021-06-24  Zineb BendhibaUpgrade to Camel 3.11.0
2021-06-23  James NethertonFix first-steps xref in command-mode.adoc
2021-06-23  Peter PalagaRevisit user guide testing page, fix #2679
2021-06-23  James NethertonDeprecate quarkus.camel.sql.script-files configuration...
2021-06-23  Peter PalagaUpdate the Command mode docs page, fix #2782
2021-06-22  Peter PalagaMigration guide: mention Quarkus 2.0 migration guide,
2021-06-22  aldettingerTested and documented the specification of custom beans...
2021-06-21  Peter PalagaReplace quarkus.camel.native.resources.* with quarkus...
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaRemove camel-quarkus-main #2391
2021-06-17  Andrea CosentinoWebsite build fixed after commit of kamelet docs
2021-06-17  Andrea Tarocchi fix #2733 : Native support for kamelet.yaml discovery.
2021-06-15  aldettingerDeprecated @BuildTimeAvroDataFormat in favor of quarkus...
2021-06-15  James NethertonFix typo in 2.0.0 migration guide follow->following
2021-06-14  James NethertonAdapt Observability docs page to Quarkus 2.0.0
2021-06-09  Luca Burgazzoliyaml-dsl: enable flow mode deserialization by default
2021-06-09  James Nethertoncamel-jackson-avro data format native support
2021-06-09  JiriOndrusekSql aggregator does not work in native mode, solve...
2021-06-08  James NethertonFix typo directori -> directory
2021-06-07  Andrea Tarocchifixed #2736
2021-06-07  Peter PalagaRemove camel-quarkus-componentdsl and camel-quarkus...
2021-06-07  Peter PalagaRemove camel-quarkus-xml-io #2436
2021-06-04  James Nethertoncamel-jackson-protobuf data format native support
2021-06-01  James NethertonDocument usage of dashed query params with platform...
2021-05-27  Kevin DuboisFix another typo 'EndpointInject'
2021-05-27  Kevin DuboisFix typo in EndpointInject title
2021-05-27  James NethertonAdd tests and documentation for transaction policies
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaEtcd3 JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagajOOR JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaAzure CosmosDB JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaAWS Secrets Manager JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaGoogle Functions JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaKamelet Reify JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaJackson Protobuf JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaJackson Avro JVM support
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaNext is 2.0.0-M1
2021-05-25  Zineb not recognized if set in Test Resourc...
2021-05-25  James NethertonAdapt to latest Camel API changes
2021-05-25  James NethertonUpgrade to Camel 3.10.0
2021-05-19  aldettingerFixed the core doc for ${type:***} simple expressions...
2021-05-19  James NethertonAdd test coverage for additional JMS message types
2021-05-18  aqelUpdate first-steps.adoc
2021-05-18  Peter PalagaDocument locale limitations in native mode #2522
2021-05-14  Zoran RegvartFix absolute URL to
2021-05-14  Peter PalagaREST extension doc link is not processed correctly...
2021-05-14  aldettingerXQuery component and language native support #1710
2021-05-13  Peter PalagaSupport @Consume #2580
2021-05-13  James NethertonFix typo in URI option in SQL extension configuration...
2021-05-13  James NethertonAdd DataSource configuration docs to JDBC & SQL extensions
2021-05-12  Peter PalagaSupport @EndpointInject and @Produce #2539
2021-05-10  JiriOndrusekGoogle Storage support #2421
2021-05-06  aldettingerExplained how to override default build locale in bindy...
2021-05-04  aldettingerxpath: Fixed native issue and completed tests/documenta...
2021-05-04  James NethertonXChange native support
2021-04-29  aldettingerAdded tests and docs for the simple language #2533
2021-04-29  James NethertonFix xref link in bean.adoc
2021-04-28  Peter PalagaDocument the possibility to use CDI beans with camel...
2021-04-27  Tadayoshi SatoFix asciidoctor warnings at camel-website build (#2517)
2021-04-27  Tadayoshi SatoFix admonitions in adocs (#2516)
2021-04-21  Zineb BENDHIBAupdate ci doc (#2498)
2021-04-19  James NethertonFix invalid xref link to configuration.adoc
2021-04-15  Peter PalagaFixup bb64853 Revisit documentation
2021-04-15  Peter PalagaPrepare for more test groups
2021-04-14  aldettingerdocumentation fixes
2021-04-14  Peter PalagaRevisit the documentation #2136 #2470 #2374
2021-04-13  Peter PalagaUse AsciiDoc variable for Quarkus version in the docume...
2021-04-13  Peter PalagaUse a plaintext link to for now #2465
2021-04-13  Peter PalagaUse min-maven-version variable in the docs
2021-04-13  James NethertonImprove MongoDB extension documentation of named clients
2021-04-12  aldettingerAdded native support for camel-openstack * components...
2021-04-12  James NethertonMake Quarkus Micrometer optional for Reactor Netty...
2021-04-08  Peter PalagaAdd badges on extension pages #2433
2021-04-08  Peter PalagaRename master branch to main in documentation and GitHu...
2021-04-06  Peter PalagaShow deprecation info in Extensions reference #2266
2021-04-01  Zineb Bendhibarebase master and delete test conditions
2021-04-01  Zineb BendhibaDigitalOcean native support #1594
2021-04-01  James NethertonMLLP Native support
2021-04-01  James NethertonNative mode guide minor cosmetic tweaks
2021-03-31  Peter Palagadocs: add xref support for adoc file sourced from javad...
2021-03-30  JiriOndrusekFix of Spring RabbitMQ integration test failures after...
2021-03-30  aldettingercore: Removed the href in core javadoc as it does not...
2021-03-30  James NethertonDocument the process for maintaining (quarkus | camel...
2021-03-30  aldettingerbindy: created a test to show the locale issue in nativ...
2021-03-29  Claus IbsenAttempt to fix website build
2021-03-29  Claus IbsenAttempt to fix website build
2021-03-26  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for js-dsl
2021-03-26  Peter Palagadsl: support for groovy-dsl
2021-03-26  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for kotlin dsl
2021-03-26  Peter PalagaMove java-joor to extensions-jvm directory
2021-03-26  Peter PalagaMerge camel-quarkus-main into camel-quarkus-core #2358
2021-03-25  James NethertonRegenerate documentation
2021-03-25  JiriOndrusekSplunk native support #1698
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: fix findings
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for java-joor-dsl