fix partial build of camel-quarkus. PR tests will not pass until many other related...
[camel-quarkus.git] / extensions-core /
2021-10-01  Zineb Bendhiba[maven-release-plugin] Set next development version...
2021-10-01  Zineb Bendhiba[maven-release-plugin] Prepare release 2.3.0 2.3.0
2021-10-01  Peter PalagaAvoid release:prepare failure "The version could not...
2021-09-29  Peter PalagaMake integration tests runnable against Quarkus Platfor...
2021-09-03  David Jencksfix attribute syntax
2021-08-30  Peter PalagaNext is 2.3.0
2021-08-24  Peter Palagaproperty attribute with @Consume does not work #3021
2021-08-03  aldettingerjolt: remove the DeepCopySubstitution in favor of Quark...
2021-08-03  Peter PalagaSkip querying Jandex for quarkus.camel.native.reflectio...
2021-07-30  James NethertonIntroduce a build time optimized FastComponentNameResolver
2021-07-29  Peter PalagaFix and test serviceCall EIP #2628, fix #2952
2021-07-27  Zineb BendhibaNext is 2.2.0
2021-07-27  aldettingerFix typos in core documentation
2021-07-26  James NethertonAutomate the generation of documentation for the transf...
2021-07-26  James NethertonAdd native support for transferException
2021-07-20  JiriOndrusekUse of serialization feature of Quakus (includes Sql...
2021-07-12  James NethertonRemove redundant jdk-8-classpath profile
2021-07-08  James NethertonLeverage catalog metadata to discover unremovable types
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaFix a typo in the Core extension description
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaNext is 2.1.0
2021-06-23  aldettingerfix typo
2021-06-22  aldettingerTest camel.threadpool.* set of properties #2781
2021-06-22  aldettingerTested and documented the specification of custom beans...
2021-06-21  Peter PalagaReplace quarkus.camel.native.resources.* with quarkus...
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaRemove camel-quarkus-main #2391
2021-06-11  James NethertonAvoid duplicating code in BaseModel & FastCamelContext
2021-06-09  Luca Burgazzoliyaml-dsl: enable flow mode deserialization by default
2021-06-09  Luca Burgazzolicore: sync BaseModel and FastCamelContext with Camel...
2021-06-07  Peter PalagaRemove camel-quarkus-xml-io #2436
2021-05-26  Peter PalagaNext is 2.0.0
2021-05-25  James NethertonUse CamelContextCustomizer from camel-api
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaNext is 2.0.0-M1
2021-05-25  Alexey LoubyanskyAdjust capability configuration for Quarkus 2.x (#2576)
2021-05-25  James NethertonAdapt to latest Camel API changes
2021-05-25  James NethertonAdapt to latest Camel API changes
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.0.0.Alpha1
2021-05-25  James NethertonUpgrade to Camel 3.10.0
2021-05-19  aldettingerFixed the core doc for ${type:***} simple expressions...
2021-05-13  Peter PalagaSupport @Consume #2580
2021-05-12  Peter PalagaSupport @EndpointInject and @Produce #2539
2021-05-11  JiriOndrusekWith fix of #2260 too many @Converters are registered...
2021-05-10  JiriOndrusekCustom TypeConverter is not automatically registered...
2021-04-29  aldettingerAdded tests and docs for the simple language #2533
2021-04-27  aldettingerFixed classpath and no prefix resources that were ignor...
2021-04-19  James NethertonFix invalid xref link to configuration.adoc
2021-04-15  Peter PalagaFixup bb64853 Revisit documentation
2021-04-14  Tom CunninghamUpper case Bootstrap #2164
2021-04-01  Peter PalagaMake camel-quarkus-xml-io work again after we broke...
2021-03-31  Peter Palagadocs: add xref support for adoc file sourced from javad...
2021-03-30  aldettingercore: Removed the href in core javadoc as it does not...
2021-03-29  Peter PalagaNext is 1.9.0
2021-03-26  Luca BurgazzoliUpgrade to cq-maven-plugin 0.32.0
2021-03-26  Peter PalagaMove java-joor to extensions-jvm directory
2021-03-26  Peter PalagaRemove camel-quarkus-main dependencies from tests etc...
2021-03-26  Peter PalagaMerge camel-quarkus-main into camel-quarkus-core #2358
2021-03-26  James NethertonFixup upgrade to Camel 3.9.0
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzoliadapt to the latest camel apis
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: remove support for the old route definition loader
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: fix findings
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: regen
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for java-joor-dsl
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for yaml-dsl
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for xml-io-dsl
2021-03-25  James NethertonUpgrade to Camel 3.9.0
2021-03-25  James NethertonOnly invoke completed method on unknown arguments if...
2021-03-22  James NethertonFix some deprecation warnings
2021-03-16  James NethertonAdd configuration option to ignore unknown arguments
2021-02-19  Peter PalagaNext is 1.8.0
2021-02-17  James NethertonJFR JVM only support
2021-02-11  JiriOndrusekDeprecation changes caused by upgrade to the Camel...
2021-02-10  Claus IbsenAllow to reset build taken for native builds that are...
2021-02-10  James NethertonUpgrade to Camel 3.8.0
2021-02-04  Luca BurgazzoliReplace the deprecated VanillaUuidGenerator with Defaul...
2021-01-26  James NethertonXML Tokenize language native support
2021-01-15  Peter PalagaNext is 1.7.0
2021-01-07  Peter PalagaCSimple NPE even if CSimple language is not used #2103
2020-12-17  Peter PalagaNext is 1.6.0
2020-12-17  Peter PalagaFix java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation...
2020-12-17  Peter PalagaCSimple language support #2036
2020-12-17  James NethertonUpgrade to Camel 3.7.0
2020-11-19  Peter PalagaNext is 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-11-05  Luca Burgazzolicore: allign BaseModel with org.apache.camel.impl.Defau...
2020-10-30  Peter PalagaConfiguration option (not) to start the runtime #1969
2020-10-28  Peter PalagaProvide a quick profile #1607
2020-10-26  Peter PalagaLeverage Quarkus JAXP extension where applicable #1806
2020-10-26  James NethertonLeverage camel-platform-http-vertx in platform-http...
2020-10-21  James NethertonMain extension cannot load rest XML definitions
2020-10-17  Peter PalagaNext is 1.4.0
2020-10-17  Peter PalagaRemove workaround for CAMEL-15518 #1769
2020-10-17  James NethertonUpgrade to Camel 3.6.0
2020-10-15  Peter PalagaThe next is 1.3.0
2020-10-09  Peter PalagaFile specific issues for TODOs where necessary #1285
2020-10-05  Peter PalagaIntroduce RoutesBuilderClassExcludeBuildItem
2020-10-05  James NethertonHeadersmap native support
2020-09-28  James NethertonWork around camel main inability to load REST DSL confi...
2020-09-23  James NethertonConfigure NativeImageResourceBuildItem for camel route...
2020-09-22  Luca BurgazzoliCamel quarkus disable auto route discovery not working...
2020-09-18  James NethertonFix launch of camel main applications from IntelliJ
2020-09-15  Peter PalagaRename firstVersion properties to camel.quarkus.jvmSinc...
2020-09-11  Peter PalagaThe next is 1.2.0