fix partial build of camel-quarkus. PR tests will not pass until many other related...
[camel-quarkus.git] / tooling /
2021-10-22  David Jencksupdate groovy update script to not break antora.yml
2021-10-01  Zineb Bendhiba[maven-release-plugin] Set next development version...
2021-10-01  Zineb Bendhiba[maven-release-plugin] Prepare release 2.3.0 2.3.0
2021-10-01  Peter PalagaAvoid release:prepare failure "The version could not...
2021-09-29  Peter PalagaMake integration tests runnable against Quarkus Platfor...
2021-09-28  James NethertonTest Quarkus DynamoDB extension with Camel Quarkus...
2021-09-24  Peter PalagaUse camel-quarkus-build-parent-it as a direct parent...
2021-09-17  Peter PalagaFixup 68be716 Allow extending an existing Catalog
2021-09-13  James NethertonUse test grouping for MongoDB extensions
2021-09-03  Peter PalagaAllow extending an existing Catalog
2021-08-31  Peter PalagaFixup 01719a21 Exclude main-unknown-args-ignore test...
2021-08-30  Peter PalagaNext is 2.3.0
2021-08-27  Peter PalagaSet the version in docs/antora.yml when tagging a relea...
2021-08-11  James NethertonIntroduce a common set of extendable messaging tests
2021-08-06  Peter PalagaLanguage component native support #817
2021-07-27  Zineb BendhibaNext is 2.2.0
2021-07-26  James NethertonAutomate the generation of documentation for the transf...
2021-07-22  James NethertonUse static issues to report nightly sync workflow failures
2021-07-05  Amos FengFix #2869 to combine build sanity checks into a single...
2021-07-02  Amos FengFix #2763 to ensure jvmSince and nativeSince not newer...
2021-06-29  James NethertonAdd OpenTelemetry extension
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaNext is 2.1.0
2021-06-10  Peter PalagaFix Qute component metadata in Camel Quarkus catalog...
2021-06-09  James Nethertoncamel-jackson-avro data format native support
2021-06-04  James Nethertoncamel-jackson-protobuf data format native support
2021-05-31  Peter PalagaDo not retain CqCatalog in a ThreadLocal to save ~80MB...
2021-05-26  Peter PalagaNext is 2.0.0
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaStore the association between Camel Quarkus Catalog...
2021-05-25  Peter PalagaNext is 2.0.0-M1
2021-05-25  aldettingerFixed nats build issue in native mode #2589
2021-05-25  James NethertonDisable NATS native build on CI #2589
2021-05-17  Peter PalagaSplit the old foundation test module into the new found...
2021-05-17  Peter PalagaAdd Simple and Bean tests to the foundation group ...
2021-05-17  Peter PalagaCheck for duplicates in merged properties
2021-05-17  Peter PalagaCreate foundation group #2362
2021-05-14  aldettingerXQuery component and language native support #1710
2021-05-10  JiriOndrusekGoogle Storage support #2421
2021-05-10  James NethertonMove RestBindingMode XML tests to rest itest module
2021-05-04  aldettingerxpath: Fixed native issue and completed tests/documenta...
2021-05-04  James NethertonXChange native support
2021-04-29  aldettingerAdded tests and docs for the simple language #2533
2021-04-24  Peter PalagaQute component improperly classified as other in Camel...
2021-04-23  James NethertonOrder test categories alphabetically
2021-04-23  James NethertonAdd test coverage for Kafka with SASL_SSL
2021-04-22  James NethertonAdd test coverage for Kafka with SSL
2021-04-16  Peter PalagaUse generic group names in test-categories.yaml
2021-04-16  Peter PalagaReballance CI test categories even more
2021-04-16  Peter PalagaReballance CI test categories
2021-04-16  James NethertonAdd Quarkus service binding support to Kafka extension
2021-04-16  Peter PalagaTest skipped in native mode should be executed on defau...
2021-04-15  Peter PalagaRun Azure tests grouped on the CI thus saving some...
2021-04-13  Peter PalagaUse a plaintext link to for now #2465
2021-04-13  James NethertonUpdate branch references master -> main
2021-04-12  aldettingerAdded native support for camel-openstack * components...
2021-04-08  Peter PalagaAdd badges on extension pages #2433
2021-04-06  Peter PalagaShow deprecation info in Extensions reference #2266
2021-04-01  Zineb BendhibaDigitalOcean native support #1594
2021-04-01  James NethertonSplit misc test category into new networking-dataformat...
2021-04-01  James NethertonMLLP Native support
2021-03-31  Peter Palagadocs: add xref support for adoc file sourced from javad...
2021-03-29  Peter PalagaNext is 1.9.0
2021-03-26  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for js-dsl
2021-03-25  JiriOndrusekSplunk native support #1698
2021-03-25  Luca Burgazzolidsl: support for yaml-dsl
2021-03-25  James NethertonUpgrade to Camel 3.9.0
2021-03-25  James NethertonOnly invoke completed method on unknown arguments if...
2021-03-18  Peter PalagaRemove AWS SDK v1 extensions after they have been remov...
2021-03-18  Peter PalagaLet check-extension-pages sync extensions in nav.adoc
2021-03-18  James NethertonRemove support for Webocket JSR 356
2021-03-10  James NethertonHL7 Native support
2021-03-03  Peter PalagaPaho MQTT 5 support #2145
2021-03-02  James NethertonMove HTTP send-dynamic test to HTTP itest module
2021-02-25  JiriOndrusekNitrite native support #1298
2021-02-24  Peter PalagaTest AWS 2 Lambda
2021-02-24  James NethertonLRA native support
2021-02-23  Peter PalagaFreemarker native support #223
2021-02-19  Peter PalagaNext is 1.8.0
2021-02-16  Peter PalagaTest AWS 2 Firehose
2021-02-16  aldettingerAdded CBOR data format native support #1754
2021-02-12  Zineb BendhibaAtlasMap native support #1989
2021-02-12  Peter PalagaAutogenerate the dependencies in the aws2-grouped test
2021-02-11  James NethertonAdd Kamelet component extension
2021-02-11  JiriOndrusekcamel-spring-rabbitmq - new component #2128
2021-02-10  Peter PalagaAllow running AWS 2 tests both grouped and isolated
2021-02-10  JiriOndrusekCassandraQL native support #1355
2021-02-09  Peter PalagaTest AWS 2 SNS properly
2021-02-09  James NethertonPubNub native support
2021-02-09  Peter PalagaTest AWS 2 SQS properly
2021-02-04  Peter PalagaTest AWS 2 S3 properly
2021-02-04  James NethertonSyslog native support
2021-02-02  aldettingerAdded OAI-PMH support
2021-02-02  James NethertonXML Security native support
2021-01-29  Peter PalagaAzure Event Hubs support #2079
2021-01-29  James NethertonStAX native support
2021-01-22  James NethertonIPFS native support
2021-01-19  Peter PalagaAzure Storage Queue Service native support #1574
2021-01-15  Peter PalagaNext is 1.7.0
2021-01-15  Peter PalagaAzure Storage Blob native support #1573
2021-01-13  JiriOndrusekMinio native support #2040
2021-01-12  James NethertonAdd vertx-kafka component support