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2 days ago  Peter PalagaSet explicit nofile ulimit for activemq-artemis-broker...
2 days ago  James NethertonConvert germanbooks-iso-8859-1.json to *nix line endings
2 days ago  aldettingerdoc: switch to === syntax to match doc tooling
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3 days ago  aldettingerkubernetes: add documentation related to cluster servic...
3 days ago  James NethertonAdd CI step to test the catalog
3 days ago  James NethertonAdjust the set of components to search in catalog tests
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4 days ago  Darren ColemanAdd tests for rest-openapi extension (apache#4117)
4 days ago  James NethertonIncrease test coverage of ref extension
4 days ago  Zineb BendhibaUpdate release guide
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4 days ago  James NethertonTemporarily manage
4 days ago  James NethertonManage io.projectreactor:reactor-core
4 days ago  aldettingerregen
4 days ago  aldettingermaster-openshift: migrate itest to use kubernetes clust...
4 days ago  aldettingertest-support-process: add possibility to customize...
4 days ago  aldettingerkubernetes: auto-configure kubernetes cluster service...
5 days ago  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus CXF to 1.5.2
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6 days ago  James NethertonFix malformed id headings for AWS extensions
6 days ago  Zineb BendhibaNext is 2.14.0
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9 days ago  Zineb BendhibaBump Qpid JMS version to 0.38.0
9 days ago  Zineb BendhibaBump Minio version to 2.9.2
9 days ago  Zineb BendhibaBump jsch version to 2.0.1
9 days ago  Zineb BendhibaBump jgit version to 2.2.0
9 days ago  Zineb BendhibaBump Amazon Services version to 1.1.3
10 days ago  JiriOndrusekCamelQuarkusTestSupport: Alow to use AdiceWith with...
10 days ago  Peter PalagaUpgrade to quarkus-cxf 1.5.1
10 days ago  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.13.0.Final
10 days ago  James NethertonUpgrade OptaPlanner to 8.27.0.Final
11 days ago  James NethertonFix generated AsciiDoc id headings
11 days ago  James NethertonRegister LegacyPDFStreamEngine for runtime initialization
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2022-09-16  James NethertonRestore named DataSource autowiring for JDBC and SQL...
2022-09-16  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-16  Zheng FengFix #4096 to sync snakeyaml with quarkus-bom (#4098)
2022-09-15  James NethertonExplicitly define the dataSource on JTA itest SQL endpo...
2022-09-15  James NethertonRestore tests that use map config style configuration
2022-09-15  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.13.0.CR1
2022-09-15  Zheng FengSpringless JPA extension (#4049)
2022-09-15  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-14  Eugene BermanJCache native mode
2022-09-10  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-09  llowingeFix name of artifact id
2022-09-09  James NethertonUpgrade Camel to 3.18.2
2022-09-09  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-08  aldettingerfixup-bom-generation
2022-09-08  aldettingerupdate virtual profiles
2022-09-08  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-07  Alexandre Gallicemaster: add test with openshift #4077 (#4078)
2022-09-07  Peter PalagaCXF test fails in Quarkus Platform because of hard...
2022-09-07  James NethertonUse AsciiDoc attributes to conditionally include content
2022-09-07  James NethertonMinor tidying of UpdateExtensionDocPageMojo
2022-09-06  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-05  Peter PalagaTesting guide confusing about CamelTestSupport #4068
2022-09-05  JiriOndrusekImprove google-bigquery test coverage #3949
2022-09-05  JiriOndrusekDisabling ContinuousDevTest
2022-09-05  aldettingerpg-replication-slot: fix warning
2022-09-03  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-02  JiriOndrusekGoogle-pubsub: Improve google-pubsub test coverage...
2022-09-02  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-09-01  Peter PalagaMigrate to the new config format of the flattener mojo
2022-09-01  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-08-31  Peter PalagaBan camel-directvm #4059
2022-08-31  Peter PalagaNext is 2.13.0
2022-08-31  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-08-30  aldettingerlra: fix usage of deprecated method in test harness
2022-08-30  aldettingerdebezium: fix usage of deprecated method in test harness
2022-08-30  aldettingerpg-replication-slot: fix usage of deprecated method
2022-08-30  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-08-29  aldettingermaster: fix itests harness in native mode
2022-08-29  Tomáš TurekFix #4007 increase JPA extension test coverage (#4053)
2022-08-27  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-08-26  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkiverse CXF 1.5.0, the Santuario related...
2022-08-26  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-08-25  James NethertonAdapt Dropbox tests to new authentication mechanism
2022-08-25  James NethertonLog warning instead of throw exception for Debezium...
2022-08-25  James NethertonFilter out non-service endpoints in Salesforce testGetR...
2022-08-25  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.12.0.Final
2022-08-25  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-08-24  James NethertonFix potential NPE in change feed result checking
2022-08-24  aldettingerFix small typo
2022-08-24  aldettingerfile: experiment disabling filter test #3584
2022-08-24  James NethertonMake nightly branch sync workflows report failures...
2022-08-24  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkiverse CXF 1.5.0.CR1
2022-08-24  github-actions[bot]Updated
2022-08-23  Lukas Lowinger[closes #4028] Fix sqsAutoCreateDelayedQueue test
2022-08-23  aldettingerperf-regresssion: fix number format exception when...
2022-08-23  Lukas LowingerEnlarge timeout for Keycloak startup
2022-08-23  Lukas LowingerFix conflict in property name with OS env variable
2022-08-23  James NethertonMinor tidying of Debezium tests
2022-08-23  James NethertonPass encrypt property to Debezium MS SQL Server JDBC URL
2022-08-23  aldettingerperf-regression: disable itests when -Dquickly is passed
2022-08-23  aldettingerperf-regression: workaround hyperfoil-maven-plugin...
2022-08-23  JiriOndrusekImprove google-pubsub test coverage #3910
2022-08-23  github-actions[bot]Updated