2022-04-14  Peter PalagaImport quarkus-bom in Catalog
2022-04-14  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-13  Peter Palagafixup 501833 Fix Aws2KinesisTest.kinesis test #3638
2022-04-13  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-12  Zineb BendhibaAzure Storage Queue : increase Producer test coverage
2022-04-12  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-11  Peter PalagaReduce the noise in verbose flattened BOMs #3702
2022-04-11  Amos FengFix #3656 Improve camel-quarkus-paho-mqtt5 test coverag...
2022-04-09  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-08  James NethertonFix Aws2KinesisTest.kinesis test
2022-04-08  James NethertonAvoid creating serialization config for non-serializabl...
2022-04-08  Zineb BendhibaAdd missing build dependency link on Mail Integration...
2022-04-08  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-07  aldettingerRemove the Camel Quarkus BOM section from the documentation
2022-04-07  James NethertonNext is 2.9.0
2022-04-07  JiriOndrusekAuto-generated files
2022-04-07  JiriOndrusekImprove mail test coverage #3674
2022-04-07  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-06  Peter PalagaBan javax.el:el-api in favor of jakarta.el:jakarta...
2022-04-06  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-06  Amos Fengcamel-quarkus-paho: Add reflection config for RandomAcc...
2022-04-05  James NethertonTest Azure Blob with autowiredEnabled=false
2022-04-05  James NethertonUse hasItems instead of containsInAnyOrder to verify...
2022-04-05  github-actions... Updated
2022-04-04  James NethertonUpgarde Quarkiverse MyBatis to 1.0.2
2022-04-04  James NethertonUpgarde Quarkiverse JGit to 1.2.0
2022-04-04  James NethertonUpgrade optaplanner to 8.19.0.Final
2022-04-04  James NethertonUpgrade Spring to 5.3.18
2022-04-04  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus Qpid JMS to 0.33.0
2022-04-04  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.8.0.Final
2022-04-01  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-31  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-30  Peter PalagaStop managing Snappy in Spark BOM, as it is now managed...
2022-03-30  James NethertonFix potential Azure Blob test failures when testing...
2022-03-30  Zineb BendhibaKafka Oauth test bump Keycloak container version to...
2022-03-30  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-29  James NethertonImprove MicroProfile Fault Tolerance extension test...
2022-03-29  aldettingerpaho: Add test coverage for file persistence #3680
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan various logging backends
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan jakarta.json-api in favor of org.glassfish:jakarta...
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.enterprise:cdi-api
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan org.jboss.logging:jboss-logmanager-jdk and org...
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan jakarta.activation:jakarta.activation-api in favor...
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.websocket:javax.websocket-api
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.xml.bind:jaxb-api
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.persistence:javax.persistence-api and javax...
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan org.glassfish:javax.el
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan org.glassfish:javax.json
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.json.bind:javax.json.bind-api
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.json:javax.json-api
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.inject:javax.inject
2022-03-29  James NethertonUpdate antora.yml to point at 3.16.x branches
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.annotation:javax.annotation-api
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.activation:javax.activation-api
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan the same JBoss spec artifacts like Quarkus
2022-03-29  Claus IbsenRevert "Attempt to fix website build. Again"
2022-03-29  Claus IbsenAttempt to fix website build. Again
2022-03-29  Claus IbsenAttempt to fix website build. Again
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaFixup Create Camel Google Secret Manager Extension
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan junit 4 #3354
2022-03-29  Peter PalagaBan javax.validation in favor of jakarta.validation...
2022-03-29  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-28  Peter PalagaBetter control what we manage in our BOM #3302
2022-03-28  Claus IbsenAttempt to fix website build.
2022-03-28  Claus IbsenAttempt to fix website build.
2022-03-28  aldettingerpaho: fix NullPointerException when MqqtException occur...
2022-03-28  Andrea CosentinoCreate Camel Google Secret Manager Extension
2022-03-28  Andrea CosentinoCreate Camel Google Secret Manager Extension
2022-03-28  Andrea CosentinoCreate Camel Google Secret Manager Extension
2022-03-28  Andrea CosentinoCreate Camel Google Secret Manager Extension
2022-03-28  Andrea CosentinoCreate Camel Google Secret Manager Extension
2022-03-28  Andrea CosentinoCreate Camel Google Secret Manager Extension
2022-03-28  Peter PalagaRevert "Add Camel 3.16.0 staging repository"
2022-03-28  James NethertonAdd more details about @QuarkusIntegrationTest to the...
2022-03-26  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-25  James NethertonAlign version...
2022-03-25  Peter PalagaStop importing io.quarkus:quarkus-bom into camel-quarku...
2022-03-25  James NethertonRevert "Exclude jboss-marshalling-osgi from infinispan...
2022-03-25  Zineb BendhibaAzure integration tests - upgrade the setup script
2022-03-25  James NethertonExclude jboss-marshalling-osgi from infinispan-jboss...
2022-03-25  James NethertonFix loading of XML routes with routes-include-pattern...
2022-03-25  James NethertonImprove Infinispan extension test coverage
2022-03-25  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-24  Martin MuzikarFix typo in docs & Added tests for NotNull validator...
2022-03-24  James NethertonKeep antora.yml pointing at 3.15.x until 3.16.0 is...
2022-03-24  James NethertonAdd Camel 3.16.0 staging repository
2022-03-24  James NethertonReformat POMs
2022-03-24  James NethertonTemporarilly disable Aws2KinesisTest.kinesis due to...
2022-03-24  JiriOndrusek3579 Improve quartz test coverage
2022-03-24  Amos FengFix #3592 add some ReflectiveClassBuildItem for camel...
2022-03-24  James NethertonWork around Tika version incompatibilities between...
2022-03-24  JiriOndrusekTest for Debezium mysql - passing additionalProperties...
2022-03-24  James NethertonUpgrade Camel to 3.16.0
2022-03-24  James NethertonUpgrade to Quarkus 2.8.0.CR1
2022-03-23  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-22  Peter PalagaAvoid compiling regular expressions in loops
2022-03-22  James NethertonSwitch from NativeImageTest to QuarkusIntegrationTest
2022-03-22  aldettingerfile: Ensure FileTest.charset is fixed under Windows...