2022-01-24  David JencksRI-table compatibility table 2.4.x
2022-01-03  David JencksRI info
2021-12-30  David Jencksupdate to docs local build v2
2021-12-20  David Jenckstry to prevent license check plugin from objecting...
2021-12-20  David Jencksadd generated yml
2021-12-20  David Jencksgenerated change in qute.json
2021-12-20  David Jencksremove outdated generated partials
2021-12-20  David Jencksbase component tables on yml rather than attributes
2021-12-20  David Jenckslocal build setup
2021-10-26  David Jenckscherry-pick syntax upgrades from main
2021-10-26  David Jenckslocal playbook, pom changes
2021-10-26  David Jencksgenerated yarn install changes
2021-10-26  David Jenckstry updating partial website build
2021-10-26  David Jenckscontent latest to next
2021-10-26  David Jenckslatest to next
2021-10-22  Peter Palaga[maven-release-plugin] Set next development version...
2021-10-22  Peter Palaga[maven-release-plugin] Prepare release 2.4.0 2.4.0
2021-10-22  Peter PalagaImprove the description of camel-quarkus-openapi-java...
2021-10-22  Peter PalagaUpdate extension metadata
2021-10-22  Peter PalagaImprove the description of camel-quarkus-sql #3193
2021-10-22  Peter PalagaImprove the Avro extension page #3194
2021-10-22  Peter PalagaImprove AWS2 S3 docs #3195
2021-10-22  Peter PalagaImprove AWS2 DDB docs #3195
2021-10-22  Amos FengFix #3206 to produce RunTimeConfigurationDefaultBuildIt...
2021-10-22  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-21  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus Qpid JMS to 0.29.0
2021-10-21  James NethertonUse JDK 17 in alternative JVM jobs
2021-10-21  aldettingerdoc: rephrase the section about charsets in native...
2021-10-21  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-20  James NethertonRevert "Temporarily disable messaging JVM mode tests...
2021-10-20  James NethertonRevert "Temporarily disable Tika native build due to...
2021-10-20  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.4.0.Final
2021-10-20  James NethertonAdd missing shiro reflective class configuration for...
2021-10-20  JiriOndrusekddb - start consumer at the time it is needed
2021-10-20  Vratislav Hais[aws-sqs] Fix tests to work with aws credentials
2021-10-20  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-20  Amos FengFix #3157 to make sure the brokers option is configured...
2021-10-19  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkiverse Minio to 2.3.0
2021-10-19  James NethertonUse log await strategy for ipfs container
2021-10-19  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-18  James NethertonRemove quarkiverse-google-cloud-services dependencies
2021-10-16  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-15  aldettingerAws2-lambda: Add event source mapping test #2749
2021-10-15  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-14  David JencksAdd requires attribute to playbook
2021-10-14  Peter PalagaImprove the User guide
2021-10-14  James NethertonFix source code formatting in native mode reflection...
2021-10-14  James NethertonSimplify native mode locale docs section
2021-10-14  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-13  James NethertonTemporarily disable messaging JVM mode tests due to...
2021-10-13  James NethertonTemporarily disable Tika native build due to #3130
2021-10-13  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.4.0.CR1
2021-10-13  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-12  Zineb BENDHIBAUpdate declaring Bean Capability (#3178)
2021-10-12  Amos FengFix #3169 to add S3 KMS encryption test (#3176)
2021-10-12  James NethertonFix path to spring boot docs
2021-10-12  JiriOndrusekAWS Aws2DdbQuarkusClientTest fails with real AWS #3174
2021-10-12  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-08  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-07  Peter PalagaAWS S3 tests should delete all buckets they create...
2021-10-07  Freeman Fangfix Aws2S3Test could fail with real AWS S3 service...
2021-10-07  James NethertonSwitch back to using containers for ActiveMQ messaging...
2021-10-07  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-06  Peter PalagaCI build should test example projects with camel-quarku...
2021-10-06  James NethertonCheck whether service binding is enabled before creatin...
2021-10-06  Peter PalagaDocument how to pass parts of release announcement...
2021-10-06  James NethertonRegister CDI event bridges only when required
2021-10-06  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-05  aldettingerRevert "Enable Aws2TestEnvContext to handle setting...
2021-10-05  aldettingeraws2-lambda: Add lambda function version operations...
2021-10-05  Zoran RegvartFix anchor to components/log-component.adoc
2021-10-05  Peter PalagaNext is 2.4.0
2021-10-05  James NethertonRemove redundant reflective class configuration for...
2021-10-05  James NethertonRemove reflective class registration for subclasses...
2021-10-05  James NethertonEnable sqsAutoCreateDelayedQueue test
2021-10-05  James NethertonRemove workaround for gRPC producers with TLS
2021-10-05  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-04  James NethertonUpgrade Camel to 3.12.0
2021-10-04  Andrea CosentinoOpted in Hacktoberfest 2021
2021-10-02  github-actions... Updated
2021-10-01  Peter PalagaAvoid release:prepare failure "The version could not...
2021-10-01  James NethertonEnable Aws2TestEnvContext to handle setting up Quarkus...
2021-10-01  James NethertonEnable auto replacement of camel-spring-boot docs branc...
2021-10-01  David Jencksfurther partial website simplifications
2021-10-01  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-30  David JencksAdd latest non-prerelease eips
2021-09-30  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus Qpid JMS to 0.28.0
2021-09-30  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.3.0.Final
2021-09-30  James NethertonFixup 49b5376 import correct set of BOMs
2021-09-30  Amos FengTest Quarkus S3 extension with Camel Quarkus AWS 2 S3
2021-09-30  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-29  Peter PalagaMake integration tests runnable against Quarkus Platfor...
2021-09-29  aldettingeraws2-lambda: Add lambda function tag operations test...
2021-09-29  James NethertonAdd missing grouped test modules to formatting steps
2021-09-29  James NethertonFix list continuation in aws2-ddb docs
2021-09-29  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-28  James NethertonTest Quarkus DynamoDB extension with Camel Quarkus...
2021-09-28  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-27  Zineb BendhibaImprove Kafka test coverage
2021-09-25  github-actions... Updated