2021-10-22  David Jencksgenerated change in qute.json release/2.0.0
2021-10-22  David Jencksupdate to new indexer, jsonpath syntax
2021-09-03  David Jencksfix attribute usage
2021-06-29  Zoran RegvartSet version in index table to 2.0.0
2021-06-28  Zoran RegvartSet documentation version 2.0.0 for the 2.0.0
2021-06-25  Peter Palaga[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-06-25  Peter Palaga[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0 2.0.0
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaRemove Camel 3.11.0 staging repository
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaAdd a section about testing to the Contributor guide...
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Minio 2.0.0
2021-06-25  Amos FengFix #2285 upgrade to use the lasest narayana lra-coordi...
2021-06-25  Freeman FangFix InfinispanTest failed on Mac #2840
2021-06-25  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-24  James NethertonRemove reference to obsolete ContainerResourceLifecycle...
2021-06-24  James NethertonAdd a section about mocking remote endpoints to Testing...
2021-06-24  James NethertonAdd a TypeConverter for platform-http to convert Buffer...
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaDisable xref checks as long as there is no 3.11.x branc...
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaFixup fee98005 Upgrade to Quarkus 2.0.0.Final
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Debezium 1.6.0.CR1
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus Freemarker 0.3.0
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaReformat via mvn process-resources -Pformat
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus Google Cloud Services 0.8.0
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaRemove APNS after it was removed from Camel
2021-06-24  Peter PalagaAdd Camel 3.11.0 staging repository
2021-06-24  James NethertonAlign bcpg-jdk15on with Quarkus bouncycastle version
2021-06-24  James NethertonDisable failing solr cloud tests #2814
2021-06-24  James NethertonRemove vertx-http itest SSL workaround
2021-06-24  James NethertonThreadPoolBulkhead not available in smallrye-fault...
2021-06-24  Zineb BendhibaUpgrade to Camel 3.11.0
2021-06-24  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-23  James NethertonUse a custom NativeImageStartedNotifier for box native...
2021-06-23  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus QPID 0.25.0
2021-06-23  Amos Fengintroduce integration-tests-support-activemq
2021-06-23  Amos FengFix #2727 to use embeddedActiveMQ for messageing and...
2021-06-23  Peter PalagaAdapt to io.quarkus.kafka.client.runtime.KafkaRuntimeCo...
2021-06-23  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.0.0.Final
2021-06-23  James NethertonFix Salesforce native CNFE
2021-06-23  Zineb BendhibaAdd the creation of the document
2021-06-23  James NethertonFix first-steps xref in command-mode.adoc
2021-06-23  Peter PalagaRevisit user guide testing page, fix #2679
2021-06-23  James NethertonSet mock endpoint expected message count for LevelDB...
2021-06-23  James NethertonDeprecate quarkus.camel.sql.script-files configuration...
2021-06-23  Peter PalagaUpdate the Command mode docs page, fix #2782
2021-06-23  aldettingerfix typo
2021-06-22  Peter PalagaMigration guide: mention Quarkus 2.0 migration guide,
2021-06-22  aldettingerTest camel.threadpool.* set of properties #2781
2021-06-22  James NethertonManage Groovy dependencies with groovy-bom import
2021-06-22  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkiverse Google Cloud Services 0.8.0...
2021-06-22  aldettingerTested and documented the specification of custom beans...
2021-06-22  James NethertonIncrease heap size for camel-main sync job
2021-06-22  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-21  Peter PalagaReplace quarkus.camel.native.resources.* with quarkus...
2021-06-21  Peter PalagaUnmanage unnecessary google dependencies fix #2689
2021-06-21  James NethertonUse --fail-at-end for nightly sync jobs integration...
2021-06-20  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-19  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaRemove camel-quarkus-main #2391
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaUpgrade to azure-bom 1.0.3 and fix #2207 Upgrading...
2021-06-18  James NethertonReduce Splunk minimum free disk space requirement
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaReformat via mvn process-resources -Pformat -N
2021-06-18  James NethertonInitialize NTLMEngineImpl at runtime
2021-06-18  James NethertonExpand HTTP extension test coverage
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Cassandra Quarkus 1.1.0-rc2, fix #2801
2021-06-18  James NethertonRemove redundant apt dependency from camel-quarkus-bom
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Optaplanner 8.7.0.Final
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Debezium 1.6.0.Beta2, fix #2724
2021-06-18  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Cassandra Quarkus 1.1.0-rc1
2021-06-18  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-17  aldettingerExpand jsonpath test coverage #2783
2021-06-17  Freeman(Yue... fix hazelcast integration-test failed in native mode...
2021-06-17  Andrea CosentinoWebsite build fixed after commit of kamelet docs
2021-06-17  Andrea Tarocchi fix #2733 : Native support for kamelet.yaml discovery.
2021-06-17  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-16  Freeman(Yue... Fix JSON Jackson jacksonConversionPojo test-squashed...
2021-06-16  James NethertonTest Quarkus and Camel Infinispan client configuration
2021-06-16  Peter PalagaIncrease Maven's heap size in Quarkus daily job
2021-06-16  Peter PalagaFixup #2658 Intermittent failures in MongoDbTest.testTa...
2021-06-16  James NethertonAvoid leaking localstack containers when ryuk is disabled
2021-06-16  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-15  aldettingerDeprecated @BuildTimeAvroDataFormat in favor of quarkus...
2021-06-15  Peter PalagaExclude org.bouncycastle:bcprov-debug-jdk15on from...
2021-06-15  Peter Palaga--fail-at-end in initial mvn install of Quarkus daily...
2021-06-15  mmuzikarFix typo in JIRA relationship name
2021-06-15  James NethertonFix typo in 2.0.0 migration guide follow->following
2021-06-15  James NethertonRemove health configuration workaround
2021-06-15  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-14  James NethertonAdapt Observability docs page to Quarkus 2.0.0
2021-06-14  James NethertonTest setting MLLP default charset from system property...
2021-06-14  James NethertonRetry Solr cloud container 'is started' steps on failure
2021-06-14  Zineb BendhibaKafka - add Kafka Idempotent repository test
2021-06-14  Freeman Fangfix Unable to determine the status of the running proce...
2021-06-12  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-11  aldettingerkamelet: Avoided using a Locale in native test
2021-06-11  aldettingerKamelet extension: added test for kamelet discovery...
2021-06-11  James NethertonAvoid port clashes where it may already be reserved...
2021-06-11  James NethertonUse autoOffsetReset earliest to avoid missing messages...
2021-06-11  James NethertonFix camel.main.dump-routes
2021-06-11  James NethertonAvoid duplicating code in BaseModel & FastCamelContext
2021-06-11  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-10  Peter PalagaFix Qute component metadata in Camel Quarkus catalog...