2021-07-23  Zineb Bendhiba[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.1.0 2.1.0
2021-07-23  Zineb BENDHIBAUpgrade Quarkus Debezium to 1.6.1.Final and Quarkus...
2021-07-23  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus Qpid JMS to 0.26.0
2021-07-23  Zineb BendhibaUpdate Salesforce integrations tests Readme to add...
2021-07-23  Zineb BENDHIBAUpdate integration-tests/salesforce/src/main/java/org...
2021-07-23  Zineb BendhibaSalesforce - Mock existing integration tests
2021-07-23  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-22  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.1.0.Final
2021-07-22  Peter PalagaFixup 8522d9f Test removeProperty() and removePropertie...
2021-07-22  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Optaplanner 8.8.0
2021-07-22  James NethertonUse default timer delay for main-unknown-args itest...
2021-07-22  James NethertonUse static issues to report nightly sync workflow failures
2021-07-22  Peter PalagaMake the creation of a GitHub release a part of the...
2021-07-22  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-21  Freeman Fangfix js-dsl integration test failure #2908
2021-07-21  Zineb Bendhibaadd zbendhiba public key
2021-07-21  James NethertonDocument the options for configuring the ElasticSearch...
2021-07-21  James NethertonSupport JMS ObjectMessage
2021-07-21  James NethertonUse quarkus.native.resources.includes in place of Inclu...
2021-07-21  James NethertonExpand Netty test coverage
2021-07-21  James NethertonRemove redundant SQL itest serialization configuration
2021-07-21  James NethertonRemove quarkus.camel.sql.script-files configuration...
2021-07-21  James NethertonMinor grammatical correction to native mode serializati...
2021-07-21  James NethertonRemove reflective class registration for ScramSaslClien...
2021-07-21  JiriOndrusekLaveraging quarkus-security
2021-07-21  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-20  Zoran Regvartfix: broken links
2021-07-20  James NethertonBuild with JDK 16 as 15 is EOL
2021-07-20  JiriOndrusekUse of serialization feature of Quakus (includes Sql...
2021-07-20  Peter PalagaMove the paragraph about quarkus-bom down to where...
2021-07-20  Martin MuzikarAdd information about BOMs and precedence of them ...
2021-07-20  James NethertonPrevent configuration of QuarkusKafkaClientFactory...
2021-07-20  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-19  JiriOndrusekcamel-quarkus-minio: quarkus.minio.url is mandatory...
2021-07-19  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.1.0.CR1
2021-07-19  Freeman Fangfix can't build camel-fhir extension native image...
2021-07-16  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-15  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-14  James NethertonBuild with Maven 3.8.1
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest removeProperty() and removeProperties() EIP DSL...
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest removeHeader() and removeHeaders() EIP DSL methods...
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest recipientList() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest pollEnrich() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaGeneralize Seda test
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest multicast() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest loop() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest faultToleranceConfiguration() EIP DSL method ...
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest failover() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest enrich() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest dynamicRouter() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest claimCheck() EIP DSL method #2628
2021-07-14  Peter PalagaTest resequence() and batch() EIP DSL methods #2628
2021-07-14  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-13  James NethertonTest OpenTelemetry invocation of Camel routes from...
2021-07-13  James NethertonTest OpenTracing @Traced beans in conjunction with...
2021-07-13  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-12  James NethertonRemove redundant jdk-8-classpath profile
2021-07-12  Peter PalagaWarn users that not all combinations of artifacts manag...
2021-07-12  Zineb Bendhibaadd info about usage of nimbus-jose-jwt
2021-07-12  George GastaldiRemove extra .Final in plugin version
2021-07-10  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-09  James NethertonAdd a summary page for messaging extensions
2021-07-09  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-08  James NethertonLeverage catalog metadata to discover unremovable types
2021-07-08  aldettingerRemove useless docker-java8 profile
2021-07-08  James NethertonFix native tests matrix json evaluation on nightly...
2021-07-08  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-07  aldettingerkudu: remove the useless test harness logic dedicated...
2021-07-07  James NethertonAvoid producing FeatureBuildItem in support extensions
2021-07-07  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.0.1.Final
2021-07-07  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-06  Zineb BENDHIBAkafka : impossible to authenticate with oauth2 (#2879)
2021-07-06  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-05  aldettingerAdd test for camel.faulttolerance.* properties #2780
2021-07-05  aldettingerRegenerate format
2021-07-05  James NethertonDefault to JDK 11 source & target compiler options
2021-07-05  James NethertonUse autowiring for QueueServiceClient
2021-07-05  James NethertonClean up unnecessary use of @Unremovable
2021-07-05  Amos FengFix #2869 to combine build sanity checks into a single...
2021-07-03  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-02  James NethertonFix check-format profile for groovy validate-jvm-native... 2867/head
2021-07-02  Amos FengFix #2763 to ensure jvmSince and nativeSince not newer...
2021-07-02  github-actions... Updated
2021-07-01  James NethertonFix usage of incorrect @Produces annotation
2021-07-01  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaUpgrade to OptaPlanner 8.0.0.Final
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Debezium 1.6.0.Final
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Cassandra Quarkus 1.1.0
2021-06-30  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus Hazelcast Client 2.0.0
2021-06-30  JiriOndrusekClass loader issues in AvroRpcTest with Quarkus 2.0...
2021-06-30  aldettingerFixed typos
2021-06-30  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-29  James NethertonAdd OpenTelemetry extension
2021-06-29  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-28  James NethertonRemove Camel 3.11 staging repository
2021-06-26  github-actions... Updated
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaImprove extension descriptions
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaFix a typo in the Core extension description
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaNext is 2.1.0
2021-06-25  Peter PalagaAdd a section about testing to the Contributor guide...