2021-10-01  Zineb Bendhiba[maven-release-plugin] Prepare release 2.3.0 2.3.0
2021-10-01  Peter PalagaAvoid release:prepare failure "The version could not...
2021-10-01  James NethertonEnable Aws2TestEnvContext to handle setting up Quarkus...
2021-10-01  James NethertonEnable auto replacement of camel-spring-boot docs branc...
2021-10-01  David Jencksfurther partial website simplifications
2021-10-01  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-30  David JencksAdd latest non-prerelease eips
2021-09-30  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus Qpid JMS to 0.28.0
2021-09-30  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.3.0.Final
2021-09-30  James NethertonFixup 49b5376 import correct set of BOMs
2021-09-30  Amos FengTest Quarkus S3 extension with Camel Quarkus AWS 2 S3
2021-09-30  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-29  Peter PalagaMake integration tests runnable against Quarkus Platfor...
2021-09-29  aldettingeraws2-lambda: Add lambda function tag operations test...
2021-09-29  James NethertonAdd missing grouped test modules to formatting steps
2021-09-29  James NethertonFix list continuation in aws2-ddb docs
2021-09-29  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-28  James NethertonTest Quarkus DynamoDB extension with Camel Quarkus...
2021-09-28  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-27  Zineb BendhibaImprove Kafka test coverage
2021-09-25  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-24  James NethertonAdd notes on Quarkus Dev Services to JDBC & SQL extensi...
2021-09-24  aldettingeraws2-lambda: Add alias tests #2749
2021-09-24  James NethertonImprove Kafka integration with Quarkus dev services
2021-09-24  Peter PalagaUse camel-quarkus-build-parent-it as a direct parent...
2021-09-24  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-23  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-22  James NethertonTemporarily add netty-tcnative-boringssl-static to...
2021-09-22  James NethertonWork around cassandraql depending on Quarkus Vert.x...
2021-09-22  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.3.0.CR1
2021-09-22  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-21  David Jencksreplicate more of the main camel website build: use...
2021-09-21  aldettingeraws2-lambda: Added updateFunction and getFunction tests...
2021-09-21  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-20  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.2.3.Final
2021-09-20  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-19  Peter PalagaFixup 0be98ea Use test grouping for MongoDB extensions...
2021-09-19  Zineb BendhibaUpdate Salesforce testCDCAndStreamingEvents test to...
2021-09-19  Zineb BendhibaSalesforce: Enable Platform Event custom fields in...
2021-09-19  James NethertonTest platform-http with SSL enabled
2021-09-18  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-17  Peter PalagaRemove superfluous camel-quarkus-integration-tests...
2021-09-17  Peter PalagaFixup 68be716 Allow extending an existing Catalog
2021-09-17  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-16  David Jencksuse Antora 3.0.0-alpha.9 and fail build on warn to...
2021-09-16  aldettingerUpgrade aws localstack version #2749
2021-09-16  aldettingerFixed format
2021-09-16  aldettingerFix lambda tests on localstack #2595
2021-09-16  James NethertonRevert back to taking the azure-sdk-bom version from...
2021-09-16  James NethertonImprove native support for org.apache.http.impl.client...
2021-09-16  James NethertonReinstate binance in xchange tests
2021-09-16  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-15  James NethertonImprove handling of quarkus.*.enabled configuration...
2021-09-15  Vratislav Hais[#2777] Resolve comments in PR
2021-09-15  Vratislav Hais[#2777] Increase test coverage of aws2sqs component
2021-09-15  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.2.2.Final
2021-09-15  James NethertonUpgrade Camel to 3.11.2
2021-09-15  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-14  Zineb BendhibaSalesforce : add Platform events test fixes #2938
2021-09-14  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-13  James NethertonAdd notes on how to configure the Platform HTTP server
2021-09-13  James NethertonUse test grouping for MongoDB extensions
2021-09-13  Peter PalagaFixup 9788fb65 Remove leftover extensions-jvm/digitalocean
2021-09-11  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-10  Peter PalagaRemove superfluous xml-jaxb dependency from the REST...
2021-09-10  Amos FengFix #2745 Expand AWS S3 test coverage (#3077)
2021-09-09  James NethertonOnly configure OpenTracingTracer if Quarkus Jaeger...
2021-09-09  James NethertonAdd documentation to OpenApi Java extension about apiCo...
2021-09-09  James NethertonRemove redundant dependencies from openapi-java extension
2021-09-09  JiriOndrusekSql - enable test with different databases #3053
2021-09-08  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-07  James NethertonExpand OpenApi Java test coverage
2021-09-07  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-06  Andrea CosentinoFixed reference to camel-kamelets-catalog
2021-09-06  Andrea CosentinoFixed reference to Kamelets catalog
2021-09-04  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-03  Peter PalagaUpgrade to cq-maven-plugin 1.0.0 - Ignore unlinked...
2021-09-03  Peter PalagaAllow extending an existing Catalog
2021-09-03  David Jencksfix attribute syntax
2021-09-03  github-actions... Updated
2021-09-02  James NethertonTest OpenAPI with YAML responses
2021-09-01  James NethertonUse testcontainers gcloud for Google PubSub itest
2021-09-01  James NethertonAdd additional test coverage for REST DSL methods
2021-09-01  Peter PalagaDocument tagging examples in the Release Guide
2021-09-01  github-actions... Updated
2021-08-31  Vratislav Hais[#3028] Increase test coverage of a binding mode of...
2021-08-31  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.2.1.Final
2021-08-31  Peter PalagaUpdate AWS2 test README
2021-08-31  Peter PalagaDocument mvn cq:await-release -Dcq.version=$VERSION
2021-08-31  Peter PalagaFixup 01719a21 Exclude main-unknown-args-ignore test...
2021-08-30  Peter PalagaNext is 2.3.0
2021-08-28  github-actions... Updated
2021-08-27  Peter PalagaRemove <pushChanges>false</pushChanges> in the release...
2021-08-27  Peter PalagaAdd/fix some version scripting to the Release Guide
2021-08-27  Peter PalagaPolish dependency management
2021-08-27  Peter PalagaUpgrade to OptaPlanner Quarkus 8.9.1.Final
2021-08-27  Peter PalagaDocument the usage of partial Quarkus BOMs #3023
2021-08-27  James NethertonFix branch names in CI builds section
2021-08-27  Peter PalagaHave each release on a <major>.<minor>.x branch to...
2021-08-27  James NethertonRemove reference to camel-quarkus-attachments from...