2022-01-28  James Netherton[maven-release-plugin] Prepare release 2.7.0 2.7.0
2022-01-28  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaUse parametrized groupId for quarkus-maven-plugin so...
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaStop managing artifacts managed in Quarkus BOM
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaRely on guava managed in Quarkus BOM (unfortunately...
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaImport quarkus-bom before camel-quarkus-bom in tests...
2022-01-27  James Nethertoncamel.main.durationMaxSeconds is not honoured
2022-01-27  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus Qpid JMS to 0.32.0
2022-01-27  James NethertonUpgrade Camel to 3.14.1
2022-01-27  aldettingerRemoved the deprecated @BuildTimeAvroDataFormat annotat...
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaCVE-2020-8908 guava: local information disclosure via...
2022-01-27  James NethertonUpdate min-maven-version in antora.yml
2022-01-27  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-26  Peter PalagaRequire Maven 3.8.1+ to build Camel Quarkus
2022-01-26  Peter PalagaManage camel-quarkus-catalog in camel-quarkus-bom to...
2022-01-26  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.7.0.Final
2022-01-26  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-25  Peter Palagajackson-asl can have a different from jackson1 version...
2022-01-25  Peter PalagaManage ca.uhn.hapi:hapi-base for more determinism accro...
2022-01-25  Peter PalagaManage all Camel artifacts we depend on #3302
2022-01-25  James NethertonRemove quarkus.camel.main.enabled configuration property
2022-01-25  Zineb Bendhiba📝 Update Salesforce doc, with more details on setting...
2022-01-25  Zineb BendhibaBump Optaplanner to 8.16.0.Final and enable CI tests
2022-01-25  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-24  David JencksRI-table compatibility table
2022-01-22  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-21  James NethertonAdd NOTE section for smallrye-reactive-messaging usage...
2022-01-21  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-20  James NethertonAvoid creating CamelBeanBuildItem for health checks...
2022-01-20  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-19  Freeman Fangjava.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no awt in java.library...
2022-01-19  Freeman FangUpgrade Quarkus to 2.7.0.CR1
2022-01-19  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-18  Zineb Bendhiba📝 Improve documentation on setting up the Salesforce...
2022-01-18  Zineb BendhibaUpdate Salesforce Integration tests to Salesforce API...
2022-01-18  JiriOndrusekRefactor aws2-quarkus-client-ddb(s3) by copying files...
2022-01-18  Peter PalagaBan netty-all #3464
2022-01-18  JiriOndrusekaws2-quarkus-client Verify that no client except quarku...
2022-01-18  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-15  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-14  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-13  aldettingerMake local maven settings applied to surefire plugin...
2022-01-13  James NethertonAdd 2.7.0 migration guide
2022-01-13  James NethertonRemove vertx-kafka extension
2022-01-13  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-12  Peter PalagaBan log4j 1.x #3451
2022-01-11  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-10  Aurélien PupierFix description of extension core runtime
2022-01-10  James NethertonAvoid usage of deprecated io.quarkus.arc.AlternativePri...
2022-01-08  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-07  James NethertonAdd test coverage for OpenTelemetry WithSpan annotation
2022-01-05  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-04  aldettingerSetup a reproducer showing that camel.main.durationMaxS...
2022-01-04  James NethertonExclude commons-logging from htmlunit-driver
2022-01-04  James NethertonFix timestamp validation in syslog integration tests
2022-01-04  James NethertonAdd test coverage for Quarkus SecurityIdentity & Princi...
2022-01-04  James NethertonRestore maven-compiler-plugin source & target propertie...
2022-01-04  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-03  Zineb BendhibaBump Optaplanner version to 8.14.0.Final
2022-01-03  aldettingerExplicit that the cron extension should be used in...
2022-01-03  David JencksRI info
2021-12-31  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-30  David Jencksupdate to docs local build v2
2021-12-25  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-24  Andrea CosentinoAdded Json-Patch Extension
2021-12-24  Andrea CosentinoAdded Json-Patch Extension
2021-12-24  Andrea CosentinoAdded Json-Patch Extension
2021-12-24  Andrea CosentinoAdded Json-Patch Extension
2021-12-24  Andrea CosentinoAdded Json-Patch Extension
2021-12-24  Andrea CosentinoAdded Json-Patch Extension
2021-12-24  Zineb BendhibaManage Eclipse jgit version and jzlib version
2021-12-24  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-23  Zineb Bendhiba📝Add released branch to official documentation
2021-12-23  Zineb BendhibaForce Bouncycastle dependency bcutil-jdk15on version
2021-12-23  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-22  Zineb Bendhiba📝 Use Quarkus Platform Maven Wrapper
2021-12-22  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-21  Peter Palaga⏪️ Revert dependen...
2021-12-21  Peter PalagaBan commons-logging and commons-logging-api #3405
2021-12-21  Peter PalagaUpgrade to quarkiverse-amazonservices 1.0.2
2021-12-21  Zineb BendhibaNext is 2.7.0
2021-12-21  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-20  David Jenckstry to prevent license check plugin from objecting...
2021-12-20  David Jencksadd generated yml
2021-12-20  David Jencksremove outdated generated partials
2021-12-20  David Jencksbase component tables on yml rather than attributes
2021-12-19  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-18  James Netherton⬆️ Upgrade Camel to 3.14.0
2021-12-18  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-17  Zineb Bendhiba⬆️ Upgrade Tika version
2021-12-17  Zineb BendhibaUpgrade Quarkiverse jgit and Amazon services
2021-12-17  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-16  David Jenckslocal build setup
2021-12-16  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-15  Zineb Bendhiba⬆️ Upgrade kotlin to 1.6.10
2021-12-15  Zineb Bendhiba⬆️ Upgrade Quarkus 2.6.0.Final
2021-12-15  github-actions... Updated
2021-12-14  JiriOndrusekSql doc update because of the failure with external...
2021-12-14  aldettingerprotobuf: Missing method "getName" when using contentTy...
2021-12-14  github-actions... Updated