2022-03-08  aldettinger[maven-release-plugin] Prepare release 2.8.0-M1 2.8.0-M1
2022-03-08  aldettingerUpgrade third party Quarkus extensions prior to release
2022-03-08  Amos FengFix #3553 make beans of InterceptStrategy unremovable...
2022-03-08  James NethertonMerge platform-http-engine tests with platform-http
2022-03-08  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-07  aldettingerfile: fix a race condition where an exchange is missed...
2022-03-05  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-04  aldettingerFix warnings in json dataformats itests
2022-03-04  James NethertonRemove redundant workarounds for Kotlin compilation...
2022-03-04  Zineb BendhibaBump Hazelcast client to 3.0.0
2022-03-04  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-03  Peter PalagaManage mvel via cq:sync-versions to allow additional...
2022-03-03  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-02  Andrea CosentinoAdd Extension for Camel Azure Servicebus
2022-03-02  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.7.3.Final
2022-03-02  JiriOndrusekxImprove camel-quarkus-bean-validator test coverage...
2022-03-02  github-actions... Updated
2022-03-01  aldettingerjsonpath: fix different number of ObjectMapper modules...
2022-02-25  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-24  James NethertonEnsure correct camel-quarkus-examples branch for mainte...
2022-02-24  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-23  James NethertonExclude optional reactor-netty-http-brave
2022-02-23  aldettingerFix JSON keys are unquoted when using writeAsString...
2022-02-23  James NethertonAdd quarkus.log to .gitignore
2022-02-23  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus to 2.7.2.Final
2022-02-23  James NethertonIncrease azure-storage-blob extension test coverage
2022-02-23  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-22  Peter PalagaDeprecate AHC and AHC-WS extensions #3558
2022-02-18  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-17  James NethertonUpgrade Azurite container image to 3.15.0
2022-02-17  Amos FengFix #3551 ban all non-canonical JTA specs artifacts
2022-02-17  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-16  aldettingergson: complete doc and test coverage #3556
2022-02-16  James NethertonImprove available port discovery in tests
2022-02-16  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-16  Amos FengFix #3548 to exclude geronimo-jta_1.1_spec in camel...
2022-02-15  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-14  James NethertonFix link to Quarkus Freemarker docs
2022-02-14  James NethertonFixup e72113e send optaplanner test messages asynchronously
2022-02-14  aldettingerRemove freemarker inaccurate documentation
2022-02-12  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-11  Peter PalagaDeprecate camel-quarkus-spark #3466
2022-02-11  Peter PalagaHonor extension deprecation in Catalog and in documentation
2022-02-11  James NethertonRemove duplicate dependency...
2022-02-11  James NethertonPoll for optaplanner results to avoid timeouts on slow...
2022-02-11  JiriOndrusekDebeziumMongodbTest skipped tests #3213
2022-02-11  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-10  James NethertonDisable flaky messaging resequence test on GitHub CI...
2022-02-10  James NethertonUpgrade Maven Wrapper to 3.1.0
2022-02-10  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-09  James NethertonRun integration tests on Windows
2022-02-09  James NethertonFix build on windows
2022-02-09  James NethertonAdd capability to skip testcontainers tests
2022-02-09  James NethertonDisable FileTest.charset on Windows due to #3530
2022-02-09  James NethertonDisable CamelMainRoutesIncludePatternWithAbsoluteFilePr...
2022-02-09  Amos FengFix #1384 camel-mybatis native support
2022-02-09  James NethertonSync versions in antora.yml
2022-02-09  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-08  Peter PalagaIncorrect version of quarkus-maven-plugin may be resolv...
2022-02-08  Peter PalagaUpgrade to Quarkus 2.7.1
2022-02-08  Peter PalagaExclude json-simple from camel-slack, workaround for...
2022-02-08  Denis Istomin#3503 Add xslt.features support
2022-02-08  James NethertonWork around components with unexpectedly different...
2022-02-08  James NethertonFix failing RESTOpenAPITest
2022-02-08  Peter PalagaUpdate extension metadata files
2022-02-08  Peter PalagaRemove IPFS and Weka extensions temporarily, workaround...
2022-02-08  James NethertonFix groovy antora update script execution
2022-02-08  James NethertonDisable ConsulIT due to #3509
2022-02-08  JiriOndrusekdeadLetterChannel does not work in BaseRouteBuilder...
2022-02-08  Zineb BendhibaUpgrade to Camel 3.15.0
2022-02-08  Amos Fengupdate usage.adoc
2022-02-08  Amos FengFix #3251 expose REST DSL services to quarkus openapis
2022-02-08  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-07  James NethertonAdd release guide notes for updating k8s version labels...
2022-02-06  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-05  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-04  James NethertonClean up usage of quarkus.test.flat-class-path
2022-02-04  James NethertonBuild with Maven 3.8.4
2022-02-04  James NethertonExpand Cassandra CQL extension test coverage
2022-02-04  James NethertonImprove SQL extension docs for native mode aggregation...
2022-02-04  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-03  Peter PalagaPrevent various plugins from resolving commons-logging...
2022-02-03  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-02  James NethertonFix nitrate collection tests on slow machines
2022-02-02  James NethertonClean up usage of deprecated Quarkus APIs
2022-02-02  James NethertonUpgrade formatter-maven-plugin to 2.17.1
2022-02-02  James NethertonFix deprecation warnings and typos in csimple extension
2022-02-02  github-actions... Updated
2022-02-02  David Jencksfix update script
2022-02-01  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-31  Amos FengFix #3496 Ban javax.servlet:javax.servlet-api in favor...
2022-01-29  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-28  James NethertonNext is 2.8.0
2022-01-28  github-actions... Updated
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaUse parametrized groupId for quarkus-maven-plugin so...
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaStop managing artifacts managed in Quarkus BOM
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaRely on guava managed in Quarkus BOM (unfortunately...
2022-01-27  Peter PalagaImport quarkus-bom before camel-quarkus-bom in tests...
2022-01-27  James Nethertoncamel.main.durationMaxSeconds is not honoured
2022-01-27  James NethertonUpgrade Quarkus Qpid JMS to 0.32.0