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2022-07-18  Croway[CAMEL-18269] Update 3.19.0-SNAPSHOT version
2022-05-19  Claus IbsenSet version to 3.18.0-SNAPSHOT
2022-04-21  Tom CunninghamRemove clustered-route-controller quickstart, remove...
2022-03-23  Claus IbsenPrepare for next version
2022-03-23  Claus IbsenCamel 3.16.0 release camel-spring-boot-examples-3.16.0
2022-02-24  Claus IbsenCAMEL-17638: EIP model options with old fashioned namin...
2022-02-05  Claus IbsenPrepare for next version
2021-12-17  Claus IbsenPrepare for next release
2021-12-02  Claus IbsenPrepare for next version
2021-10-04  Claus IbsenSet to next version
2021-06-29  Claus IbsenSet to next version
2021-05-21  Babak VahdatUpgrade to 3.11.0-SNAPSHOT and fix the failing test...
2021-03-30  Claus IbsenUpgrade for next version
2021-03-06  mettersCAMEL-16011 Remove prefix spring-boot from all modules...