Add blog entry and release note for Camel 3.18.1
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2022-05-23  oscerdRegen for commit 0f8aabd6fc98cdbec7829e569a0c860551c01e2a
2022-04-25  Zoran Regvartchore: updated privacy policy
2022-04-01  oscerdRegen for commit 116250e51f581c7435fcec96a05a2b1ab3a0cf2f
2022-03-01  Zoran Regvartchore(ui): assets change regeneration
2022-02-28  Zoran Regvartfix: prevent scroll adjustment on type
2022-02-25  Zoran Regvartfix: search all components in component search
2022-02-09  Zoran Regvartchore: replace ASF 20 years logo with ASF EST logo
2021-12-27  David JencksUse unpacked UI in Antora build, and commit it to git