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2022-04-28  Zoran Regvartchore: add RFC8615 security content
2022-04-25  Zoran Regvartchore: updated privacy policy
2022-03-21  Zoran Regvartfeat: use `GITHUB_TOKEN` for API authentication
2022-01-27  Pasquale Congiustifix: social link dynamically retrieved
2021-12-14  Zoran Regvartfeat: cache bursting for UI images
2021-12-09  Zoran Regvartchore: add row for empty data on security page
2021-11-30  Claus Ibsen#686: Add icon to Apache Camel group on Linkedin
2021-11-29  Zoran Regvartchore: add releases for Kamelets subproject
2021-11-29  Zoran Regvartfix: GitHub API authantication
2021-11-21  Zoran Regvartfeat: display supported Java version
2021-10-26  David Jencksupdate hugo layouts, data, static latest to next
2021-09-16  Zoran Regvartchore: use absolute links in canonical URLs
2021-09-07  Zoran Regvartchore: add Open Graph metadata
2021-06-30  Zoran Regvartchore: upgrade Hugo and remove GitHub proxy
2021-06-29  Tadayoshi Satofix(layouts): download link in footer
2021-06-10  Andrea TarocchiFixed Camel Kafka Connector links after doc refactor...
2021-05-31  Zoran Regvartchore: redesign the release downloads
2021-05-21  Zoran Regvartfix: last N of kind versions not shown
2021-05-21  Zoran Regvartfix: semantic version sorting
2021-05-19  Tadayoshi Satofeat(blog): add SNS share buttons to blog post
2021-05-17  Zoran Regvartchore: proxy to pass authentication for GitHub API
2021-05-12  Zoran Regvartfix: new issues found by html-validate
2021-05-10  klease CAMEL-16576: Move contributing page to Community section
2021-05-10  kleaseRemove .adoc files in camel for which there are .md...
2021-04-08  Zoran Regvartfix: master to main rename
2021-03-01  Babak Vahdat2 tiny adjustments
2021-01-29  Andrea CosentinoCamel-Kafka-connector release note: Fixed API invocatio...
2021-01-14  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-16038: remove binary downloads
2020-12-18  Zoran Regvartchore: add custom link as an download option
2020-12-18  Zoran Regvartchore(ckc): Maven Central Repository Search link
2020-12-04  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-15913: remove debug output
2020-12-03  Zoran Regvartrefactor: authors with date below the title
2020-12-03  Zoran Regvartchore: add related content to the blog post
2020-12-03  Zoran Regvartchore: rework download and release pages
2020-11-30  Zoran Regvartfix: weird line break around Releases archive link
2020-11-18  Zoran Regvartrefactor: introduce the #top anchor
2020-11-02  Zoran Regvartrefactor: use relative links
2020-11-02  Zoran Regvartfix: html issues
2020-10-26  Aashna JenaCAMEL-15392: documentation and community redesign
2020-09-24  Zoran Regvartfix: broken links
2020-09-24  aashnajenastyle changes on sitemap
2020-09-24  aashnajenaadd sitemap to camel website
2020-09-14  lburgazzoliSwitch from Gitter to Zulip
2020-08-17  Zoran Regvartfix: HTML validation issues
2020-08-17  AemieCAMEL-15392: add badges like button for docs cards
2020-08-17  Aemiefix: toc for hugo within mobile view
2020-08-14  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-15337: Add TOC to static content
2020-08-13  Zoran Regvartfix: broken links and HTML validation (#455)
2020-08-12  Aemie JariwalaCAMEL-15140: Improve Main Menu for Mobile Screens,...
2020-08-10  Aashna JenaCAMEL-15300: Update Front Page Design
2020-08-02  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-15360: fix HTML validation issues (#443)
2020-07-29  AemieCAMEL-15185: automate the toggling action using checkbox
2020-07-29  AemieCAMEL-15185: Update the breakpoint and add link to...
2020-07-29  AemieCAMEL-15185: add toggle functionality for mobile footer
2020-07-29  AemieCAMEL-15185: add footer desktop and mobile design for...
2020-07-29  AemieCAMEL-15185: add footer design for hugo page - desktop...
2020-07-27  Claus IbsenUpdated to say 3.4 instead of 3.4.0 on front page
2020-07-27  Andrea CosentinoRevert "CAMEL-15185: Footer design" (#440)
2020-07-25  Aemie JariwalaCAMEL-15185: Footer design
2020-07-08  Andrea CosentinoSet params.cve in the link for consulting mitre CVE...
2020-07-02  Aemiefix the category section placement for width < 1024
2020-07-02  AemieCAMEL-14958: build the navbar for small screen width
2020-06-27  Zoran Regvartfix: make sure we don't output empty h1 tags
2020-06-19  Claus IbsenUpdate front page to the new 3.4 release
2020-06-09  Andrea CosentinoChange the headline for Camel-K 1.0.0 (#389)
2020-06-08  Zoran Regvartfix: broken link on frontpage
2020-05-19  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-15070: fetch up to 1000 results from Jira
2020-05-16  Claus IbsenFront page should link to new 3.3 whats new blog
2020-05-16  Claus IbsenFront page should link to new 3.3 whats new blog
2020-05-16  Claus IbsenArgh dont create blog with folders with dot in the...
2020-05-16  Claus IbsenUpgrade front page to Camel 3.3
2020-04-29  AemieJchange category-wise blog layout and format the code...
2020-04-17  Zoran Regvartfix: invalid nesting of h3 within ul
2020-04-17  rimshachDisplay Category Tags on blog pages for small screens...
2020-04-16  avguptCAMEL-13888: Add rel tag to external links
2020-04-09  Zoran Regvartchore: link to 3.2 what's new blog post
2020-04-07  Aashna JenaImprove search results layout (#317)
2020-04-07  Zoran Regvartchore: update links to the FAQ
2020-04-06  Claus IbsenUpgrade to Camel 3.2
2020-04-06  Zoran Regvartfix: provide `alt` attribute for clear search icon
2020-04-06  Zoran Regvartchore(build): run minify only in production
2020-04-03  AemieJmake table in security page responsive
2020-04-03  Zoran Regvartchore: add back to top link (#307)
2020-04-03  Prerna SinghCAMEL-14809: Clear icon in the search box in navbar...
2020-04-02  Aemie JariwalaCustom Pagination within Blog Section (#295)
2020-04-01  Zoran Regvartchore: add link to ASF Code of conduct
2020-04-01  Zoran Regvartfix: warning about .File from Hugo
2020-04-01  Zoran Regvartfix: stroke in footer
2020-04-01  Gunchanges on footer (#280)
2020-04-01  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-14675: restore blog authors in summary layout
2020-04-01  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-14675: Cleanup markup and design
2020-04-01  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-14675: Restore multiple authors
2020-04-01  avguptCAMEL-14675: Feature avatars on the blog posts
2020-03-31  Zoran Regvartchore: add Netlify attribution
2020-03-30  Zoran Regvartchore: add Outreachy update blog post (#292)
2020-03-30  rimshachColor consistency in headings of blog page
2020-03-30  AemieJCAMEL-14745: make changes to create a responsive mobil...
2020-03-30  Zoran Regvartchore: add Netlify to acknowledgments
2020-03-26  Aashna JenaCAMEL 14581: Re-organizing sub-menus under "Projects...
2020-03-15  AghaSaad04Removed unused html from header