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[camel.git] / KEYS
2021-10-25  Freeman FangMerge branch 'main' of into...
2021-10-19  Claus IbsenAdded my new gpg key as the old was expired.
2020-12-03  Andrea TarocchiAdded Andrea Tarocchi (a.k.a. valdar) PGP key
2020-06-04  Nicola Ferrarochore(pgp): update pgp key for Nicola Ferraro
2019-07-02  Luca BurgazzoliAdd keys (#3010)
2019-06-11  nferraroadd my pgp key
2016-09-23  Andrea CosentinoAdd Andrea Cosentino's keys
2016-09-23  Jonathan Ansteyadd my public key
2016-03-01  Daniel KulpAdd 'components/camel-gridfs/' from commit '9ec105a3e25...
2015-12-17  Claus IbsenAdd my public key
2015-10-16  Gregor ZurowskiFix Gregor's public key format
2015-10-16  Gregor ZurowskiAdd Gregor's public key
2015-05-18  Henryk KonsekAdded myself to the KEYS.
2014-07-01  Lauri KimmelMerge '
2014-04-26  Doug TurnbullMerge branch 'master' of
2013-08-26  Willem JiangUpdated the Key sign info
2013-02-04  Babak VahdatAdded my public key.
2012-01-01  Christian Muelleradded my gpg key
2011-11-01  Christian MuellerAdded public keys of cmueller
2011-10-31  Willem Ning JiangAdded public keys of Willem
2011-08-18  Freeman Yue Fangadd my public key and test my first commit
2011-07-13  J. Daniel KulpAdd my public key
2009-06-17  Hadrian ZbarceaAdded hadrian's new key
2007-12-17  Hadrian ZbarceaAdded pgp key to project
2007-06-12  Hiram R. Chirinoadding some files needed for a release.