Apply website changes after 3.16.0 release (#7272)
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2022-03-28  Gregor ZurowskiMerge branch 'release/3.16.0' into camel-3.16.x
2022-03-22  Gregor Zurowski[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-03-22  Gregor Zurowski[maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-3.16.0 camel-3.16.0
2022-02-04  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.16.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-12-20  Freeman FangMerge branch 'main' of into...
2021-12-16  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.15.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-11-12  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.14.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-10-04  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.12.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-06-28  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.12.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-05-20  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.11.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-03-28  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.10.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-03-15  Boualem DJELAILIEnhance some code lines (#5209)
2021-02-12  Andrea CosentinoNext is 3.9.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-12-16  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-10-19  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate to version 3.7.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-09-07  Andrea CosentinoNext is 3.6.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-08-18  Guillaume Nodet[CAMEL-14578] Reformat
2020-06-18  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-05-15  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-04-06  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #3710 from PascalSchumacher/ErrorHan...
2020-04-06  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-04-02  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #3704 from AemieJ/docs/improve
2020-03-26  Claus IbsenCAMEL-14796: Remove big depedecy tree for mvn in camel...
2020-03-10  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #3621 from kawakamimanabu/typo_jclouds
2020-03-05  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #3612 from kawakamimanabu/typo_jcache
2020-03-03  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #3611 from djoleB/CAMEL-14650
2020-03-03  Guillaume Nodet[CAMEL-14628] Make sure the project can build after...
2020-03-02  Guillaume NodetFull regen
2020-02-27  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-02-04  Guillaume Nodet[CAMEL-14468] Move generated code into src/generated
2020-02-04  Guillaume Nodet[CAMEL-14469] Switch to maven plugins and remove apt...
2019-11-29  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate poms to version 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT
2019-11-29  Omar Al-SafiMerge pull request #3366 from omarsmak/CAMEL-14223
2019-11-28  Gregor ZurowskiMerge branch 'release/3.0.0'
2019-11-24  Gregor Zurowski[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2019-11-24  Gregor Zurowski[maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-3.0.0 camel-3.0.0
2019-08-31  Andrea CosentinoMerge pull request #3132 from PrzemyslawSwiderski/CAMEL...
2019-08-25  Claus IbsenCAMEL-13870: Fixed compiler issue for dummy-component
2019-08-25  Claus IbsenCAMEL-13870: Fixed compiler issue for dummy-component
2019-03-19  Zoran RegvartCAMEL-13336: update license headers
2019-03-12  Guillaume NodetFormat / indent all poms the same way
2019-02-13  Claus IbsenCAMEL-13189: Move camel-catalog to catalog to have...