Apply website changes after 3.16.0 release (#7272)
[camel.git] / test-infra /
2022-03-28  Gregor ZurowskiMerge branch 'release/3.16.0' into camel-3.16.x
2022-03-22  Gregor Zurowski[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-03-22  Gregor Zurowski[maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-3.16.0 camel-3.16.0
2022-03-16  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack to the latest released version 0...
2022-03-15  James NethertonCAMEL-17797: Test with FHIR version R4
2022-03-14  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Infinispan test-infra module to 13.0.8.Final-1
2022-03-10  Claus IbsenUpgrade fhir hapi 4.2.0
2022-03-10  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Nats docker image 2.7.4 in test-infra
2022-03-10  Claus IbsenUpgrade hapi container image
2022-03-08  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeCAMEL-17761: do respect user-provided Cassandra containers
2022-03-04  Andrea CosentinoUse latest NATS docker image 2.7.3 7111/head
2022-03-04  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Azurite to version 3.16.0
2022-02-25  Andrea CosentinoUse latest ArangoDB docker image 3.8.6 in test-infra
2022-02-23  Andrea CosentinoTest-Infra: Use latest Nats image 2.7.2
2022-02-09  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeCAMEL-17662: make the test-infra documentation more...
2022-02-08  Andrea CosentinoUse latest localstack image 0.14.0
2022-02-04  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.16.0-SNAPSHOT
2022-02-04  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Infinispan docker image 13.0.6.Final-1
2022-01-27  Claus IbsenUpgrade consul
2022-01-26  Claus Ibsenupgrade testcontainers to use kafka container 7.0.1
2022-01-20  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Docker Solr Image 8.11.1
2022-01-20  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack to version 0.13.3
2022-01-10  Otavio Rodolfo Piske(chores) camel-infinispan: updates to version 13.0...
2022-01-06  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeCAMEL-17442: adjusted scope for the camel-test-infra...
2021-12-20  Freeman FangMerge branch 'main' of into...
2021-12-20  Andrea CosentinoUse Azurite 3.15.0 image for test-infra module
2021-12-16  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.15.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-12-14  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Pulsar version in test-infra, 2.9.0
2021-12-06  Otavio Rodolfo Piskecamel-test-infra-kafka: added support for CP 7 which...
2021-11-30  Andrea CosentinoUse Solr 8.11.0 image in test-infra
2021-11-17  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Azurite to version 3.14.3
2021-11-15  Claus IbsenCAMEL-17196: Upgrade to elasticsearch 7.10.2
2021-11-12  Andrea CosentinoUse latest infinispan image 13.0.2.Final-1
2021-11-12  Gregor ZurowskiUpdate version to 3.14.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-11-09  Freeman FangMerge branch 'main' of into...
2021-11-09  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Solr version for test-infra, the 8.10.1
2021-11-09  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Nats version for test-infra, the 2.6.4
2021-11-08  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack to version 0.12.20
2021-11-04  Freeman FangMerge branch 'main' of into...
2021-11-04  Andrea CosentinoInfinispan Test-Infra: Use latest infinispan server...
2021-10-25  Freeman FangMerge branch 'main' of into...
2021-10-20  Andrea CosentinoCAMEL-17109 - Azure-sdk-bom causes conflicting dependen...
2021-10-19  Andrea CosentinoUse latest localstack image
2021-10-18  Federico MarianiRestore RemoteProducerIT test
2021-10-15  Federico MarianiCAMEL-17081: Upgrade Infinispan to 13.0.0
2021-10-11  Andrea CosentinoArangoDB Test Infra: Use 3.8.1 instead of latest
2021-10-04  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.12.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-10-02  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade NATS to version 2.6.1 in test infra
2021-09-28  Andrea CosentinoUse Localstack 0.12.18 in the test-infra module
2021-09-13  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Azurite image 3.14.2
2021-09-13  Andrea CosentinoUse 2.5.0 Nats image for testing
2021-09-09  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeCAMEL-16926: added details about running test-infra...
2021-09-09  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Pulsar docker image to version 2.8.1
2021-09-03  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack to version
2021-09-02  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack to version
2021-08-31  Andrea CosentinoUse Latest Artemis 2.18.0 in test-infra
2021-08-27  Andrea CosentinoUsing Nats 2.4 as docker image for testing
2021-08-24  Freeman FangMerge branch 'main' of into...
2021-08-24  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack to version 0.12.17
2021-08-24  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Azurite to version 3.14.0
2021-08-03  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack to version 0.12.16
2021-07-19  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeConvert ignite component to the test infra (#5844)
2021-07-16  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Infinispan docker image 12.1.7.Final-1 in...
2021-07-15  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Nats docker images 2.3.2 in test-infra
2021-07-13  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Solr docker image 8.9.0 for test-infra
2021-07-13  Andrea CosentinoUse Localstack 0.12.15 in test-infra AWS2 module
2021-07-13  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Infinispan image 12.1.6.Final-1 for test...
2021-07-12  Otavio Rodolfo Piske(chores) camel-test-infra-common: use standard lib...
2021-07-02  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack version to 0.12.14
2021-06-28  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.12.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-06-18  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Pulsar 2.8.0 in test-infra
2021-06-10  Otavio Rodolfo PiskeCAMEL-16698: do log when unable to determine docker...
2021-06-09  Otavio Rodolfo Piskecamel-test-infra-couchbase: fixed incorrect couchbase...
2021-06-08  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade to Localstack 0.12.12
2021-06-06  Paul BlanchaertCAMEL-16542 Camel-Solr: Refactoring the component a...
2021-06-03  Andrea CosentinoUse the latest Infinispan Docker image 12.1.4.Final-1
2021-05-27  Andrea CosentinoUse latest NATS image version 2.2.6
2021-05-20  Andrea CosentinoFixed indentation in test-infra POM
2021-05-20  Andrea CosentinoMoved to 3.11.0-SNAPSHOT also the LDAP Test-Infra
2021-05-20  Federico Mariani[OPENLDAP-CONTAINER] Run IT tests on Docker
2021-05-20  Gregor ZurowskiSet version to 3.11.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-05-18  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Nats docker image to version 2.2.4
2021-05-17  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Infinispan Docker image 12.1.3.Final-1
2021-05-12  Andrea CosentinoUse Latest Pulsar image 2.7.2
2021-05-10  Andrea CosentinoUse Nats 2.2.3 as docker image for Nats test-infra
2021-05-10  Andrea CosentinoUse Localstack 0.12.11 as docker image for test-infra
2021-05-07  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Infinispan image 12.1.2.Final-1 for test...
2021-05-03  Federico MarianiUpdate mosquitto version
2021-05-01  Andrea CosentinoUse latest Nats Docker image 2.2.2
2021-04-30  Andrea CosentinoUse Localstack 0.12.10
2021-04-26  Otavio Rodolfo Piskecamel-test-infra-aws-v2: minor fixes (#5465)
2021-04-23  Otavio Rodolfo Piskecamel-chatscript: chores (#5461)
2021-04-20  Otavio Rodolfo Piskecamel-test-infra-azure-common: update Azurite container...
2021-04-13  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Localstack image to version
2021-04-12  Andrea CosentinoUpgrade Nats docker image to 2.2.1
2021-04-09  Otavio Rodolfo Piskecamel-test-infra-common: fixed incorrect exception...
2021-04-09  Andrea CosentinoCAMEL-16399 - Add DynamoDB and DynamoDB Streams to...
2021-04-09  Andrea CosentinoCAMEL-16399 - Add DynamoDB and DynamoDB Streams to...
2021-04-09  Andrea CosentinoCAMEL-16399 - Add DynamoDB and DynamoDB Streams to...
2021-04-09  Andrea CosentinoCAMEL-16399 - Add DynamoDB and DynamoDB Streams to...