3 days ago  Ariel WeisbergCircleCI docker image should bake in more dependencies master
12 days ago  Michael ShulerUpdate git.a.o URLs to gitbox
12 days ago  Michael ShulerUpdate URLs for migration
2018-10-17  Stefan PodkowinskiUse new docker image for dtests
2018-10-09  Stefan PodkowinskiAdd docker image for running dtests
2018-10-03  kurtUpdated jenkins slave list and contact details
2018-09-18  Stefan PodkowinskiMake docker image for dtests configurable
2018-07-03  Michael ShulerTag docker build containers for easier ID
2018-07-03  Michael ShulerSet ||true on git commands that may fail expectedly
2018-07-02  Michael ShulerUpdate mail output to include links
2018-06-20  Michael ShulerFind files modified less than 10 days ago for bintray...
2018-06-08  Stefan PodkowinskiREADME: on updating rpm/deb repositories
2018-06-08  Stefan PodkowinskiUpdate centos docker file to avoid py ssl warnings
2018-05-28  Stefan PodkowinskiSet LC_CTYPE to UTF-8 for dtests
2018-02-28  Marcus Erikssonpick the right nosetests.xml
2018-02-27  Marcus Erikssoncan't use --depth with apache git repo
2018-02-26  Marcus ErikssonMove apache dtests to running in docker
2018-02-21  Marcus Erikssoncreate a separate jenkins job for running dtests in...
2018-01-29  Ariel WeisbergSwitch to using pytest version of dtests for CASSANDRA...
2018-01-29  Ariel WeisbergFor CASSANDRA-14134, trying doubling dtest timeout...
2018-01-26  Ariel WeisbergFor CASSANDRA-14134, make it possible to use a special...
2018-01-09  Michael ShulerFix forgotten deletion of testResults() line
2018-01-09  Michael ShulerUpdate deprecated junit and test stability syntax
2017-12-19  Jeff JirsaFix novnode script
2017-11-17  Michael ShulerAdd dtest repo/branch parameters to dev jobs
2017-08-30  Michael ShulerSet CCM_CONFIG_DIR within Jenkins WORKSPACE
2017-08-24  Michael ShulerSet build retention to 50
2017-07-13  Michael ShulerSwitch to ASF r/o git mirror for cassandra-dtest
2017-06-28  Stefan PodkowinskiAdd package signing instructions
2017-06-19  Michael ShulerRemove specific OS distribution annotation from RPM...
2017-06-19  Michael ShulerFix tag parsing for tentative release tags
2017-05-17  Michael ShulerAllow concurrent builds on devbranch jobs
2017-05-16  Stefan PodkowinskiUnify version handling for docker based package building
2017-05-16  Stefan PodkowinskiParameterize settings in cassandra_job_dsl_seed.groovy
2017-05-02  Frank VissingAllow using git tag reference as build argument
2017-04-10  Michael ShulerFix comment on ant target trigger
2017-04-10  Michael ShulerDrop variation ant test targets to @weekly
2017-04-10  Michael ShulerRemove ccm cluster before attempting creation
2017-03-28  Michael ShulerRevert "Skip cassandra6,7 slaves until name resolution...
2017-03-23  Michael ShulerSkip cassandra6,7 slaves until name resolution is fixed
2017-03-23  Michael ShulerEnable dtest-large target jobs
2017-03-22  Michael ShulerMove cassandra6,7 slaves to ONLINE list
2017-03-21  Michael ShulerAdd note to allow sudo NOPASSWD or provide pass
2017-03-21  Michael ShulerFix jenkins user's ssh key addition
2017-03-20  Michael ShulerSwitch all jobs to use latest JDK 1.8 version
2017-03-08  Michael ShulerEnable cqlsh jobs after venv/pip path fix verified
2017-03-08  Michael ShulerUse custom workspace on cqlsh child jobs for shorter...
2017-03-07  Michael ShulerDisable cqlsh jobs temporarily - venv long path issue..
2017-03-07  Michael ShulerDrop label restriction on matrix lightweight executor
2017-03-07  Michael ShulerRestrict slave label on cqlsh matrix job children
2017-03-07  Michael ShulerMove JDK to matrix axis
2017-03-07  Michael ShulerAdd dev branch parameterized cqlsh-tests job
2017-03-07  Michael ShulerAdd cqlsh-tests template and main branch jobs
2017-03-06  Michael ShulerUse cut to build release series instead of counting...
2017-03-06  Michael ShulerReorder virtualenv steps
2017-03-03  Michael ShulerAdd cassandra-cqlsh-tests build script
2017-03-03  Michael ShulerFix ant target in dev branch job
2017-03-03  Michael ShulerAdd Parameterized Dev Branch Jobs to DSL
2017-02-24  Michael ShulerUpdate readme
2017-02-22  Michael ShulerAdd Jenkins slave list for ASF INFRA reference
2017-02-22  Michael ShulerFix build command order
2017-02-22  Michael ShulerAdd trailing slash to COPY target dir
2017-02-22  Stefan PodkowinskiUpdate Dockerfiles for building RPMs and Debian packages
2017-02-16  Michael ShulerAdd cassandra-release scripts to repo
2017-02-16  Michael ShulerAdd WIP docker run scripts for deb/rpm build
2017-01-18  Michael ShulerDrop cassandra-3.X jobs from DSL
2016-12-15  Michael ShulerFix triggerInterval variable scope
2016-12-15  Michael ShulerPass DSL a varable string for interval
2016-12-15  Michael ShulerRun default dtest daily and variations weekly
2016-12-13  Michael ShulerAdd dtest variation jobs to DSL
2016-12-13  Michael ShulerAdd dtest variations to build script
2016-12-09  Michael ShulerDrop throttle on artifacts jobs
2016-12-08  Michael ShulerAdd job process orphan post-build task to test and...
2016-12-06  Michael ShulerSet python2 for dtest venv
2016-11-30  Michael ShulerFix dtest output location to archive
2016-11-30  Michael ShulerAdd dtest jobs to DSL
2016-11-30  Michael ShulerAdd dtest build script
2016-11-29  Michael ShulerSkip test-cdc on cassandra-2.2 and cassandra-3.0
2016-11-29  Michael ShulerAdd cassandra-3.11 branch jobs
2016-11-18  Michael ShulerEnable generated jobs
2016-11-18  Michael ShulerAdd category throttle and drop empty archives
2016-11-18  Michael ShulerRemove console timestamps option (not installed)
2016-11-18  Michael ShulerWhatever, DSL.. renamed with underscores..
2016-11-18  Michael ShulerDisable generated jobs
2016-11-18  Michael ShulerAdd initial DSL builder
2016-11-18  Michael ShulerAdd eclipse-warnings to artifacts build
2016-11-14  Michael ShulerAdd artifacts and unittest build scripts
2016-11-11  Michael ShulerInitial commit