2020-09-21  Yifan CaiAllow optional query retry
2020-09-03  Yifan CaiDistinguish partition error source cluster
2020-07-27  Yifan CaiSupport auto discover user tables for comparison
2020-05-20  Yifan CaiSupport running diff on multiple keyspaces
2020-05-18  mckAdd .asf.yml fixing where MLs notifications are sent to.
2020-04-14  Yifan CaiEnrich error message on request exceptions (#7)
2020-03-24  Yifan CaiSupport registering preJob and postJob hooks (#6)
2020-01-14  Doug RohrerAllow diff tool to run in-jvm multiple times, and resol...
2020-01-13  Marcus Erikssonpublish a separate uberjar with the spark job and guava...
2019-10-03  Michael ShulerAdd Apache License 2.0 to repository
2019-09-04  Marcus Erikssonadd parent pom and doc how to do a release (#2)
2019-08-27  Marcus Erikssonadd github actions pull request verification (#1)
2019-08-22  Marcus Erikssoninitial commit