Flaky test_rolling_upgrade
[cassandra-dtest.git] / conf / cassandra-2.0_test-select.cfg
2016-02-17  Sylvain LebresneMerge pull request #789 from pcmanus/10176
2016-02-16  Joel KnightonMerge pull request #808 from jkni/sstableutil-fix
2016-02-11  Jim WitscheyMerge pull request #597 from mambocab/protocol-skip...
2016-02-11  Sylvain LebresneMerge pull request #800 from pcmanus/11050
2016-02-10  Michael ShulerRemove non-functional upgrade_tests excludes for clarity
2016-02-09  Jim WitscheyMerge pull request #787 from mambocab/generate-upgrade...
2016-02-09  Jim Witscheychange config to account for upgrade_tests changes
2016-01-27  Tyler HobbsMerge pull request #768 from thobbs/CASSANDRA-11003
2016-01-22  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #687 from pauloricardomg/9748
2016-01-18  Sylvain LebresneMerge pull request #749 from pcmanus/11016
2016-01-14  Russ HatchMerge pull request #747 from riptano/upgrade_timeout_up
2016-01-14  Russ HatchMerge pull request #744 from riptano/update_cfgs
2016-01-14  Russ Hatchupdage cfg's to remove redundant upgrade excludes
2015-05-28  Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'master' into CASSANDRA-8502
2015-05-06  Alan BoudreaultMerge pull request #253 from riptano/cassandra-9171
2015-05-05  Sam TunnicliffeMerge pull request #233 from beobal/drop_role_caching
2015-05-01  Jim WitscheyMerge pull request #240 from mambocab/tombstone-size...
2015-04-28  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #231 from riptano/countupdatetest
2015-04-28  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #243 from josh-mckenzie/fix_windows_...
2015-04-27  Russ HatchMerge branch 'master' into experimental_doctests
2015-04-27  Michael ShulerClear out all excluded tests from test-select configs
2015-04-07  Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'master' into CASSANDRA-8993-test
2015-03-27  Shawn KumarMerge pull request #211 from riptano/dtcsmax
2015-03-26  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #210 from riptano/stress
2015-03-26  Philip ThompsonUpdate conf exclusions
2015-03-05  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #92 from beobal/6904
2015-03-03  Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'CASSANDRA-8490'
2015-01-16  Alan BoudreaultMerge pull request #134 from riptano/cassandra-8430
2015-01-15  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #149 from beobal/7653
2014-12-19  Tyler HobbsMerge remote-tracking branch 'thobbs/CASSANDRA-8087'
2014-12-19  Philip ThompsonMissed 2.0 when removing compaction from CI
2014-11-11  Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'master' into CASSANDRA-7859
2014-10-17  Philip ThompsonMerge branch 'master' into ccm_develop
2014-10-15  Russ HatchMerge pull request #93 from riptano/paging_tests_and_util
2014-10-15  Tyler HobbsMerge branch '8101-continued'
2014-10-14  Philip Thompson7594 was resolved. Removing exclusion
2014-09-20  Russ HatchMerge branch 'master' into paging_tests_and_util
2014-09-15  Philip ThompsonMerge branch 'master' into python-driver
2014-09-05  Michael ShulerDisable thrift_hsha_test.py:ThriftHSHATest.test_closing...
2014-06-13  Ryan McGuireMerge pull request #56 from riptano/repairedsstabletest
2014-05-27  Shawn KumarMerge pull request #50 from riptano/index_collect_test
2014-05-22  Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'CASSANDRA-6875'
2014-05-09  Russ HatchMerge pull request #51 from riptano/multidc_upgrade
2014-05-08  Michael ShulerInclude counter_tests in all branches
2014-05-05  Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'master' of github.com:riptano/cassandra...
2014-05-04  Michael ShulerFix upgrade_through_versions_test excludes for annotations
2014-05-01  Michael ShulerExclude upgrade_through_versions_test.py for standalone...
2014-04-18  Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'master' of github.com:riptano/cassandra...
2014-04-15  Russ HatchMerge branch 'master' into upgrade_test_fixup
2014-04-15  Ryan McGuireMerge pull request #40 from beobal/fix_6924_test
2014-04-14  Michael ShulerRemoving more excluded tests, document counter_tests...
2014-04-14  Michael ShulerRemove most excludes on 2.0 branch
2014-04-14  Michael Shuler@require CASSANDRA-7013 for sstableloader_compression_*
2014-04-10  Russ HatchMerge branch 'master' into upgrade_test_fixup
2014-04-08  Ryan McGuireMerge remote-tracking branch 'mishail/master'
2014-04-08  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:riptano/cassandra...
2014-04-08  Michael ShulerAdd @require('7011') to system_auth_ks_is_alterable_test
2014-04-03  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'logging-fixes'
2014-03-31  Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'master' of github.com:riptano/cassandra...
2014-03-28  Michael ShulerExclude thrift_hsha_test in all branches due to hang
2014-03-27  Michael ShulerExclude simple_repair_order_preserving_test in 2.0...
2014-02-12  Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'master' of github.com:riptano/cassandra...
2014-02-10  Russ HatchMerge branch 'master' into user_types
2014-02-07  Michael ShulerWorkaround for test-select exclude bug
2014-02-06  Michael ShulerInclude 2.0 tests compression_chunk_length_test and...
2014-02-05  Michael ShulerExclude consistently failing 2.0 dtests (except upgrade...
2014-02-03  Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'master' of github.com:riptano/cassandra...
2014-01-30  Russ HatchMerge branch 'master' into user_types
2014-01-30  Michael ShulerInclude all cassandra-2.0 dtests
2014-01-15  Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'master' of github.com:riptano/cassandra...
2014-01-15  Russ Hatchremove pdb import
2014-01-14  Michael ShulerAdd conf/cassandra-2.0_test-select.cfg for nose-test...