add test for counter writes with a node down
[cassandra-dtest.git] / repair_tests /
2022-06-01  David CapwellFix flaky python-tests due to connection getting closed
2022-05-10  Marcus ErikssonIgnore error from non-related keyspaces to fix repair_t...
2022-05-04  David CapwellFix flaky python-tests due to connection getting closed
2022-04-14  maedhrozAdd failed stream session message from peer to ignored...
2022-04-06  Brandon WilliamsRemove USE in repair_test
2022-03-08  Jan KarlssonTest that DCs are validated when repairing
2022-01-26  Brandon WilliamsUse function to generate explicit byteman path
2022-01-11  Alex PetrovFix flaky test: repair_tests/
2021-03-08  Marcus Erikssonincremental_repair_test's test_manual_session_fail...
2021-03-08  Yasar Arafath BaighAdd checks to test the RepairMetrics.previewFailures...
2021-02-24  jtgrabowskiAdd tests for parent repair session cleanup
2021-02-10  BerengAdd explicit DC to tests where we have multidc setup
2020-09-28  Marcus Erikssonfix bad rebase, remove remove_perf_disable_shared_mem
2020-09-25  Marcus ErikssonAdd flag to ignore unreplicated keyspaces during repair
2020-09-24  Christopher Lambertupgrade jolokia agent to 1.6.2 and drop remove_perf_dis...
2020-09-24  Christopher Lambertremove redundant param wait_other_notice=True from...
2020-09-23  Christopher Lambertremove redundant params wait_for_binary_proto=True...
2020-09-21  Adam HolmbergAdditional expected error in repair test
2020-08-26  Blake EgglestonCASSANDRA-15899 - fix repair_admin tests
2020-08-21  BerengImprove repair dtests stability by waiting for binary...
2020-06-10  BerengCASSANDRA-15858 Fix repair failing tests
2020-04-24  Zhao YangIgnore EOF error log for
2019-05-10  Blake Egglestonfix dtests for 15108/java11
2019-03-21  Sam TunnicliffeFix assertion for range query in repaired data tracking...
2018-10-10  Stefan PodkowinskiMigrate to pytest 3.6 and fix Python 3 warnings
2018-09-26  Blake Egglestonskip TestRepair.test_dead_coordinator dtest in 4.0
2018-09-21  Blake EgglestonUpdating repair test for CASSANDRA-14763
2018-09-21  Marcus ErikssonAdd intial tests for CASSANDRA-14145
2018-09-01  Ariel WeisbergTransient Replication and Cheap Quorums, update existin...
2018-05-14  Patrick Bannistertest deprecated repair error notifications from 3.x...
2018-05-09  Sam TunnicliffeInfer Cassandra version from build
2018-04-18  Aleksey YeschenkoEliminate background repair and probablistic read_repai...
2018-03-22  Patrick Bannistermore fixes to stop decoding strings
2018-03-14  Blake EgglestonAdd test for CASSANDRA-14294
2018-02-26  Marcus ErikssonDont call decode
2018-01-30  Marcus ErikssonCatch and ignore ToolError in test_dead_coordinator...
2018-01-29  Michael KjellmanMigrate dtests to use pytest and python3
2018-01-26  Ariel WeisbergAllow storage port to be configurable per node
2017-12-04  Jay ZhuangCASSANDRA-14076 Fix dtest code style check
2017-10-04  Jason BrownAdd dtest for repairing wide rows
2017-09-30  Blake EgglestonAdd incremental repair support for --hosts, --force...
2017-08-10  Joel KnightonHandle difference in sstablemetadata output for pending...
2017-06-19  Yuki MorishitaCASSANDRA-9143 change needs dtest change
2017-06-17  Joel KnightonRepair preview tests should only run on 4.0+
2017-05-09  Blake Egglestonadding cluster reconfiguration tests for 9143 (#1468)
2017-05-09  Blake Egglestonadding test for repair preview introduced in CASSANDRA...
2017-04-07  Stefania AlborghettiMerge pull request #1456 from stef1927/13364
2017-04-04  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1462 from pauloricardomg/fix_antico...
2017-04-04  Paulo MottaRestrict data dir for no_anticompaction_of_already_repa...
2017-04-04  Yuki Morishitaset max_version since deprecated repair methods are...
2017-03-21  Stefan PodkowinskiAdd repair test for CASSANDRA-13153
2017-02-13  Blake Egglestonadditional 9143 test fix (#1442)
2017-02-08  Blake EgglestonAdding and updating tests to work with CASSANDRA-9143...
2017-01-27  Benjamin LererMerge pull request #1427 from blerer/CASSANDRA-12443
2017-01-26  Philip ThompsonUse Execution Profiles
2016-12-23  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1392 from kgreav/12510
2016-12-15  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1408 from pauloricardomg/12905
2016-12-13  Sylvain LebresneMerge pull request #1407 from pcmanus/thrift_removal_tests
2016-12-13  Sylvain LebresneFix flake errors
2016-12-12  Sylvain LebresneModify tests to not run anything thrift related on 4.0
2016-12-05  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1383 from pauloricardomg/12903
2016-11-30  Philip ThompsonRemove all uses of known failure annotation
2016-11-23  Sean McCarthyadd expected error message
2016-11-17  Paulo MottaAdd tests to fail participants during repair (CASSANDRA...
2016-11-15  Philip ThompsonAdd 12904 annotation
2016-10-25  Philip ThompsonOnly run sstablemetadata against nodes with sstables
2016-10-17  Philip ThompsonMark 4 node test as RI
2016-09-29  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1331 from pauloricardomg/11670
2016-09-28  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1352 from riptano/annotations-9.28
2016-09-28  Sean McCarthyadd known_failure annotations
2016-09-27  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #1347 from riptano/speed-up-cql...
2016-09-27  Philip ThompsonMove create_ks and create_cf to top level functions
2016-09-23  Stefania AlborghettiMerge pull request #1333 from stef1927/12642
2016-09-22  Tyler HobbsMerge pull request #1339 from mambocab/CASSANDRA-12532_...
2016-09-22  Jim Witscheyversion-gate capturing new log portion
2016-09-22  Chris Lohfinkupdate log statement regex
2016-09-21  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1335 from riptano/annotations-9.21
2016-09-21  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1320 from riptano/no-output-files
2016-09-19  Sean McCarthyremove use of output files
2016-09-16  Philip ThompsonExpect LooseVersion from ccm version() calls (#1318)
2016-09-14  Philip ThompsonMark 5 node repair tests as resource intensive (#1315)
2016-09-14  Russ Hatchremove unnecessary init methods (#1294)
2016-09-13  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1290 from riptano/thrift-interface
2016-09-13  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1311 from riptano/12638-fix
2016-09-13  Philip ThompsonVersion gate tests that dont run on 3.9 (#1312)
2016-09-13  Philip ThompsonFix typo in test comment
2016-09-13  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1310 from riptano/annotations-9.13
2016-09-13  Sean McCarthyadd known_failure annotations
2016-09-01  Jim WitscheyMerge pull request #1293 from mambocab/requirements...
2016-08-31  Philip ThompsonRemove 12006 annotation
2016-08-31  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1288 from riptano/annotations-8.31
2016-08-31  Sean McCarthyadd known failure annotations
2016-08-30  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1270 from riptano/12524-fix
2016-08-30  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1258 from pauloricardomg/12279
2016-08-29  Paulo MottaAdd test for CASSANDRA-12279
2016-08-29  αλεx πMerge pull request #1281 from ifesdjeen/11706-trunk
2016-08-26  Russ Hatchtools reorg and paging dedupe (#1261)
2016-08-25  Joel KnightonMerge pull request #1272 from beobal/12523
2016-08-25  Philip ThompsonAdd jira ticket to docstring
2016-08-25  brianwawokCASSANDRA-11866 test repair works with -st -et and...