add test for counter writes with a node down
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2020-06-21  Joseph LynchUpdate dtests for optional server TLS changes
2018-01-29  Michael KjellmanMigrate dtests to use pytest and python3
2017-12-04  Jay ZhuangCASSANDRA-14076 Fix dtest code style check
2017-12-01  Jason BrownFix error in pre-4.0 internode ssl tests due to CASSAND...
2017-11-03  Jason BrownNode to Node encryption transitional mode
2017-08-22  Jason Brownupdate dtests to support netty-based internode messagin...
2017-05-30  Jason Brownadd test to confirm that hostname validation is working
2017-04-07  Stefania AlborghettiMerge pull request #1456 from stef1927/13364
2017-04-06  Jason Brownadded tests for mutual auth (require_client_auth) on...
2016-12-23  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1392 from kgreav/12510
2016-12-05  Paulo Ricardo Mott... Merge pull request #1383 from pauloricardomg/12903
2016-11-30  Philip ThompsonRemove all uses of known failure annotation
2016-09-13  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1290 from riptano/thrift-interface
2016-09-12  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1291 from riptano/timed-log-grep
2016-09-02  smccarthy788Merge pull request #1303 from riptano/annotations-9.2
2016-09-01  Russ Hatchmove sslkeytool into tools/ and tweak name (#1295)
2016-08-29  αλεx πMerge pull request #1281 from ifesdjeen/11706-trunk
2016-08-26  Russ Hatchtools reorg and paging dedupe (#1261)
2016-04-06  Jim WitscheyMerge pull request #914 from mambocab/CASSANDRA-11465
2016-04-05  Michael ShulerAdd known_failure for CASSANDRA-11506
2016-04-01  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #833 from yukim/11275
2016-03-30  Philip ThompsonMerge pull request #899 from jkni/9692-trunk-fix
2016-03-29  Russ HatchMerge pull request #895 from riptano/fix_11395
2016-03-29  Marcus ErikssonMerge pull request #854 from krummas/marcuse/monitor_cl...
2016-03-28  Philip ThompsonRestrict 9220 test to 3.6+
2016-03-28  Philip ThompsonAdd annotations for 11445
2016-03-28  Jim WitscheyMerge pull request #891 from mambocab/CASSANDRA-11417
2016-03-28  Robert StuppMerge pull request #237 from spodkowinski/feat/sslnodet...
2016-02-15  Stefan PodkowinskiAdd ssl node-to-node encryption test