2021-07-13  Saranya KrishnakumarFix checkstyle error in
2020-07-28  Jon HaddadSupport for multiple Cassandra versions 14/head
2020-04-30  Dinesh A. JoshiNinja-Fix: CHANGES.txt for CASSANDRASC-22
2020-04-30  Dinesh A. JoshiRESTEasy integration with dynamically generated Swagger...
2020-04-23  Jon HaddadSet up asciidoc based documentation.
2020-04-23  Jon HaddadNinja fix to changelog
2020-04-23  Jon HaddadGradle can now generate Deb packages, RPMs and Docker...
2020-03-26  Jon HaddadSecurity patch for snake yaml
2020-03-17  Jon HaddadLinked to JIRA for issues
2020-03-09  Jon HaddadNinja fix changelog
2020-03-09  Jon HaddadImproving CircleCI build reliability
2020-03-03  Jon HaddadUpgraded gradle and replaced FindBugs with SpotBugs.
2020-03-02  Jon HaddadImproving local HealthServiceIntegrationTest reliablility
2020-03-02  Jon HaddadUpdated readme to point to Slack instead of IRC
2019-08-23  Andrew TolbertRead config from sidecar.config System Property instead...
2019-03-05  Chris Lohfinkupdate CHANGES.txt with missing jiras
2019-03-05  Chris LohfinkAdd integration tests task
2019-02-25  Chris Lohfinkninja: missed updating change log
2019-02-22  Dinesh JoshiAdd support for SSL and bindable address to sidecar
2019-02-22  Chris LohfinkAutogenerate API docs for sidecar
2019-02-19  Dinesh JoshiC* Management process