2018-02-14  kurtFix ReadCommandTest cassandra-3.11.2
2018-02-14  Samuel RobertsRemove trailing period from latency reports at keyspace...
2018-02-13  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-02-13  Dinesh JoshiFix unit test failures in ViewComplexTest cassandra-3.0.16
2018-02-12  Dikang GuUse new token allocation for non bootstrap case as...
2018-02-12  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-02-12  Amichai RothmanAdd MinGW uname check to start scripts
2018-02-11  Paulo Mottaninja: fix bad #14092 merge from cassandra-3.0 to cassa...
2018-02-10  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-02-10  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0
2018-02-10  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2 cassandra-2.2.12
2018-02-10  Paulo MottaProtect against overflow of local expiration time cassandra-2.1.20
2018-02-09  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-02-09  Marcus ErikssonUse the correct digest file and reload sstable metadata...
2018-02-08  Dave BrosiusMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-02-08  Dave Brosiusfix test due to change in exception message
2018-02-08  Jon HaddadCount deleted rows scanned during reads for tracing...
2018-02-07  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-02-07  Sumanth PasupuletiHandle error when mutating repairedAt in nodetool verify
2018-02-06  Dave BrosiusMerge branch cassandra-3.0 into cassandra-3.11
2018-02-06  Dave Brosiusfix parameters to exception message
2018-02-02  Sam TunnicliffeRemove dependencies on JVM internals for JMX support
2018-02-01  Andrés de... Add missed DEFAULT, UNSET, MBEAN and MBEANS keywords...
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiRPM: fix permissions for installed jars and config...
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiAdd ant-junit as SRPM build requirement
2018-01-19  Jay ZhuangAdd Unittest for schema migration fix
2018-01-19  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-01-19  Jason Brownninja-fix a minor documentation oversight in bin/cassan...
2018-01-18  Lerh Chuan LowPrint correct snitch info from nodetool describecluster
2018-01-15  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-01-15  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0
2018-01-15  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2018-01-15  Michael KjellmanMore PEP8 compliance for cqlsh
2018-01-13  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-01-13  Paulo MottaClose socket on error during connect on OutboundTcpConn...
2018-01-11  Jay ZhuangEnable CDC unittest
2018-01-10  Paulo MottaAcquire read lock before accessing CompactionStrategyMa...
2018-01-10  Jay ZhuangSplit CommitLogStressTest to avoid timeout
2018-01-10  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2018-01-10  Johannes GrasslerSet encoding for javadoc generation
2017-12-26  Paulo MottaAvoid invalidating disk boundaries unnecessarily
2017-12-26  Paulo MottaAvoid exposing compaction strategy index externally
2017-12-22  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-22  Marcus ErikssonLog file names of sstables streamed in to a node
2017-12-19  Alex PetrovMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-19  Alex PetrovFix index target computation for dense composite tables...
2017-12-14  Benjamin LererMerge branch cassandra-3.0 into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-14  Benjamin LererMerge branch cassandra-2.2 into cassandra-3.0
2017-12-14  Benjamin LererFix the inspectJvmOptions startup check
2017-12-14  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-14  Jason BrownImprove commit log chain marker updating
2017-12-13  Robert StuppPrevent continuous schema exchange between 3.0 to 3...
2017-12-12  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-12  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0
2017-12-12  dimitarndimitrovFix race that prevents submitting compaction for a...
2017-12-12  Jeff JirsaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-12  Jeff JirsaExtra range tombstone bound creates double rows in 3.0
2017-12-12  Benjamin LererMerge branch cassandra-3.0 into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-12  Benjamin LererMerge branch cassandra-2.2 into cassandra-3.0
2017-12-12  Benjamin LererRely on the JVM to handle OutOfMemoryErrors
2017-12-12  Marcus ErikssonIncrease error margin in SplitterTest
2017-12-11  Paulo MottaFix imbalanced disks when replacing node with same...
2017-12-11  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-11  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0
2017-12-11  Marcus ErikssonGrab refs during scrub, index summary redistribution...
2017-12-08  Paulo MottaNinja: reinstate @Deprecated getUserDefinedTask removed...
2017-12-08  Paulo MottaReload compaction strategies when disk boundaries are...
2017-12-07  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-07  Zhao YangFix SStable ordering by max timestamp in SinglePartitio...
2017-12-07  Jeff JirsaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-07  kurtAccept role names containing forward-slash
2017-12-07  Jeff JirsaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-07  Jeff JirsaAvoid pointless calls to ThreadLocalRandom during CRC...
2017-12-07  Jeff JirsaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-07  Zhao YangNodetool cleanup on KS with no replicas should remove...
2017-12-06  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-06  Zhao YangFix updating base table rows with TTL not removing...
2017-12-06  Blake EgglestonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-06  Blake EgglestonReduce garbage created by DynamicSnitch
2017-12-05  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-12-05  Jason BrownMore frequent commitlog chained markers
2017-12-03  Jason BrownRemove OpenJDK log warning
2017-11-30  Paulo Mottaninja: fix bad #14079 commit (add removeUnsafe method...
2017-11-30  Paulo MottaPrevent compaction strategies from looping indefinitely
2017-11-24  Marcus ErikssonCache disk boundaries
2017-11-18  Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-11-18  Sylvain LebresneFix serialized size of DataLimits
2017-11-13  Aleksey YeschenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-11-13  Aleksey YeschenkoAdd flag to allow dropping oversized read repair mutations
2017-11-09  Blake EgglestonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-11-09  jaydeepkumar1984Fix SSTableLoader logger message
2017-11-09  Blake EgglestonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-11-09  Sergey LapukhovFix repair race that caused gossip to block
2017-11-08  DOAN DuyHaiAdd asm jar to build.xml for maven builds
2017-11-07  Sam TunnicliffeMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2017-11-07  Sam TunnicliffeRandomPartitioner has separate MessageDigest for token...