2022-05-04  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk
2022-05-04  Marcus ErikssonUse TimeUUID serializer for BATCH_REMOVE_REQ
2022-05-04  Ekaterina DimitrovaMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk
2022-05-04  Ekaterina DimitrovaFix CircleCI MIDRES configuration
2022-05-03  Mick Semb WeverMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk
2022-05-03  Mick Semb WeverUpdate trunk to version 4.2
2022-05-01  Mick Semb WeverMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk
2022-05-01  Mick Semb WeverMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into cassandra-4.1
2022-05-01  Mick Semb Weverninja-fix: CHANGES.txt for new 4.0.4 release candidate
2022-05-01  Mick Semb WeverCreate release branch cassandra-4.1, increment trunk...
2022-04-30  Paulo MottaAdd auto_snapshot_ttl configuration
2022-04-29  Paulo MottaList snapshots of dropped tables
2022-04-29  Jacek LewandowskiAdd information info whether sstables are dropped or...
2022-04-29  Branimir LambovAdd memtable API (CEP-11)
2022-04-29  Jacek LewandowskiSave sstable id as string in activity table
2022-04-29  Stefan Miklosovicimplement startup check to prevent Cassandra to potenti...
2022-04-29  Marcus ErikssonFail starting when the same parameter exists more than...
2022-04-29  Savni NagarkarMigrate threshold for minimum keyspace replication...
2022-04-28  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-04-28  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0
2022-04-28  Brandon WilliamsUpgrade jackson-databind to
2022-04-28  Stefan MiklosovicRevert "Add a system property to set hostId if not...
2022-04-28  Marcus ErikssonBump timeouts in CasCriticalSectionTest
2022-04-27  Jon MeredithMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-04-27  Jon MeredithMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0
2022-04-27  Jon MeredithMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2022-04-27  Jon MeredithSchema mutations may not be completed on drain
2022-04-27  Josh McKenzieAdd guardrail to disallow TRUNCATE and DROP TABLE commands
2022-04-27  Bhouse99add plugin support for CQLSH
2022-04-26  Savni NagarkarAdd guardrail to disallow querying with ALLOW FILTERING
2022-04-26  Marcus ErikssonTrack top partitions by size and tombstone count
2022-04-23  Andrés de la... Make GuardrailDiskUsageTest deterministic
2022-04-23  David CapwellEnhance SnakeYAML properties to be reusable outside...
2022-04-22  David Capwellnodetool compact should support using a key string...
2022-04-22  Benjamin LererMerge branch cassandra-4.0 into trunk
2022-04-22  Benedict Elliott... Optimise BTree build, update and transform operations
2022-04-22  Andrés de la... Merge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-04-22  Andrés de la... Split ReadRepairQueryTypesTest to avoid JUnit timeouts
2022-04-22  Andrés de la... Add guardrail for data disk usage
2022-04-22  Tibor Répásiadd datapaths subcommand to nodetool
2022-04-22  Benjamin LererAllow to aggregate by time intervals
2022-04-21  David CapwellMigrate track_warnings to more standard naming conventi...
2022-04-21  ROCHETEAU AntoineCONTAINS and CONTAINS KEY support for Lightweight Trans...
2022-04-20  Brad SchoeningAdd teardown to test_cqlsh_completion
2022-04-20  Ekaterina DimitrovaTransfer config parameters to the new types; Fix corner...
2022-04-17  Ekaterina DimitrovaMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-04-17  Ekaterina DimitrovaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0
2022-04-17  Ekaterina DimitrovaMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2022-04-17  Ekaterina DimitrovaFix data corruption in AbstractCompositeType due to...
2022-04-13  Stefan MiklosovicShutdown ScheduledExecutors as part of node drainage
2022-04-13  Josh McKenzieProvide JMX endpoint to allow transient logging of...
2022-04-13  Josh McKenzieAdd guardrail for GROUP BY queries
2022-04-13  Brad Schoeningmake pylib PEP and pylint compliant
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps Debian dependency
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps-ng RPM dependency
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps Debian dependency
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps-ng RPM dependency
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps Debian dependency
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps-ng RPM dependency
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps Debian dependency
2022-04-13  Brandon WilliamsAdd procps-ng RPM dependency
2022-04-12  Bernardo Botella... Fix flaky test LocalReadSizeWarningTest#failThresholdSi...
2022-04-12  David CapwellMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-04-12  David CapwellMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0
2022-04-12  David CapwellMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
2022-04-12  David CapwellAdd support for vnodes in jvm-dtest
2022-04-12  Savni NagarkarRemove guardrails global enable flag
2022-04-08  Jon MeredithMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-04-08  Jon MeredithClean up schema migration coordinator and tests
2022-04-08  David CapwellClients using JMX are unable to handle non-standard...
2022-04-08  Marcus ErikssonRemove stress server functionality
2022-04-07  Caleb RackliffeReduce histogram snapshot long[] allocation overhead...
2022-04-07  Josh McKenzieAdd guardrail to disallow creation of secondary indexes
2022-04-07  Josh McKenzieAdd guardrail to disallow creation of uncompressed...
2022-04-07  Josh McKenzieAdd guardrail to disallow creation of new COMPACT STORA...
2022-04-06  David Capwellrepair vtables should expose a completed field due...
2022-04-06  Brad Schoeningremove outdated code from cqlsh
2022-04-06  Brad Schoeningremove support for deprecated version specific TLS...
2022-04-06  BerengNinja fix changes.txt
2022-04-05  Brad Schoeningresolve several pylint issues in and pylib
2022-04-04  Jogesh AnandAdd support for IF EXISTS and IF NOT EXISTS in ALTER...
2022-04-04  BerengAdding docs for pre hashed passwords
2022-04-01  Jon MeredithStreaming sessions longer than 3 minutes fail with...
2022-04-01  David CapwellAdd ability to track state in repair
2022-04-01  Brad Schoeningremove unused 'parse' module
2022-03-31  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-03-31  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0
2022-03-31  Brandon WilliamsUpgrade slf4j to 1.7.25
2022-03-31  Ruslan FomkinCASSANDRA-17443 Enable testUnwriteableFlushRecovery...
2022-03-30  Josh McKenzieFix AlterTest.testCreateAlterNetworkTopologyWithDefaults
2022-03-30  Brad Schoeningchange six functions in cqlshlib to native Python 3...
2022-03-29  David CapwellNinja: CASSANDRA-17478 added UpdateSystemAuthAfterDCExp...
2022-03-29  Caleb Rackliffereduce hot-path object allocations required to record...
2022-03-29  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into trunk
2022-03-29  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0
2022-03-29  Brandon WilliamsUpgrade jackson to 2.13.2
2022-03-29  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11