2013-05-02  Dave Brosiusexplicitly set java source and target to 1.6 for the... cassandra-1.0
2012-11-15  Dave Brosiusfix 'help describe cluster' in cassandra-cli
2012-11-01  Jonathan EllisFix deadlockin mutation state underconcurrent, CL ...
2012-09-24  Sylvain LebresneUpdate version and news for 1.0.12 cassandra-1.0.12
2012-09-24  Jonathan Ellisfix CHANGES for #4708
2012-09-24  Jonathan EllisSwitch from NBHM to CHM in MessagingService's callback map
2012-09-07  Sylvain LebresneMultiple values for CurrentLocal Node ID
2012-09-07  Brandon WilliamsBump stack to 180k.
2012-09-04  Jonathan Ellisincrease Xss to 160k to accomodate latest 1.6 JVMs
2012-08-28  Jonathan Ellisfix toString of hint destination tokens
2012-08-24  Dave BrosiusAdd missing String.format call to log string contents
2012-08-13  Jonathan Ellisfix setting key length for old-style mapred api
2012-07-31  Jonathan Ellisfix CFRR iterating through resultset consisting entirel...
2012-07-31  Jonathan Ellisformatting
2012-07-27  Sylvain LebresneUpdate versions, news and changes for 1.0.11 release cassandra-1.0.11
2012-07-27  Sylvain LebresneDon't purge columns during upgradesstables
2012-07-26  Jonathan Ellisfix typo in SICST class name
2012-07-26  Jonathan Elliscleanup
2012-07-26  T Jake Lucianiremove poorly mocked test in favor of new test
2012-07-26  T Jake LucianiPush the validation of secondary index values to the...
2012-07-12  Sylvain LebresneFix LCS splitting sstables based on uncompressed length
2012-07-11  Pavel Yaskevichfix 1.0.x node join to mixed version cluster, other...
2012-07-10  Jonathan Ellisfix mixing user-provided timestamps and local deletion...
2012-07-02  Jonathan Ellisallow dropping columns shadowed by not-yet-expired...
2012-06-08  Sylvain LebresneSet gc_grace to 0 on index CF
2012-05-31  Dave BrosiusOversize integer in CQL throws NumberFormatException
2012-05-26  Jonathan Ellisfix NPE from circular dependency on compaction strategy
2012-05-25  Jonathan Ellisrewrite to avoid bFound variable
2012-05-25  Jonathan Ellisswitch to Map<Long, List> to avoid re-hashing the list...
2012-05-25  Jonathan Ellisswitch to ArrayList
2012-05-25  Jonathan Ellisdebug logging
2012-05-25  Jonathan Elliskick off background compaction when min/max thresholds...
2012-05-22  Jonathan Ellisfix long-test xml
2012-05-21  Jonathan Ellissynchronize LCS getEstimatedTasks to avoid CME
2012-05-21  Brandon Williamswarn if deb sysctl vm.max_map_count setting fails for...
2012-05-18  Aaron MortonEnsure unique streaming session id's
2012-05-15  Brandon WilliamsReport thrift status in nodetool info.
2012-05-15  Brandon WilliamsEnable piping to cqlsh with locale.getpreferredencoding()
2012-05-09  Brandon WilliamsDo not allow 'nodetool decommission' to take parameters.
2012-05-04  Sylvain LebresneChange version for 1.0.10 release cassandra-1.0.10
2012-05-04  Sylvain LebresneUpdate descriptor test after #4116
2012-05-03  Jonathan Ellisignore maxtimestamp unless it includes row tombstones...
2012-05-03  Jonathan Ellisfix compaction NPE when out of disk space and assertion...
2012-05-03  Pavel Yaskevichstress tool to return appropriate exit code on failure
2012-05-02  Jonathan Ellisfix maxTimestamp to include row tombstones
2012-05-01  Brandon WilliamsReturn DateType as long in pig.
2012-05-01  Brandon WilliamsChange default ant target to jar.
2012-05-01  Brandon WilliamsPig: support for DateType.
2012-04-27  Eric Evanseliminate clientutil dependency on commons-lang
2012-04-26  Sylvain LebresneFix bug with super columns where row cache is not updated
2012-04-24  Pavel Yaskevichfix stress tool that hangs forever on timeout or error
2012-04-18  Jonathan EllisRevert "allow running stress from build classes" and...
2012-04-18  Vijay Parthasarathymake stress executable
2012-04-17  Jonathan Ellisavoid streaming empty files with bulk loader if sstable...
2012-04-17  Sylvain LebresneAvoids possible deadlock during bootstrap due to not...
2012-04-16  Vijay Parthasarathyallow running stress from build classes
2012-04-13  Jonathan Ellischange node-down message from info to debug
2012-04-13  Jonathan Ellissupport PropertyFileSnitch in bulk loader
2012-04-11  Jonathan Ellisadd auto_snapshot option allowing disabling snapshot...
2012-04-10  Vijay ParthasarathyAdd stress tool to binaries
2012-04-06  Jonathan Ellisallow short snitch names & update snitch comments
2012-04-06  Pavel Yaskevich(CLI) properly handle quotes in create/update keyspace...
2012-04-05  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-0.8' into cassandra-1.0
2012-04-05  Brandon WilliamsBackport CASSANDRA-3600 to 0.8
2012-04-03  Jonathan Ellisguess correct version of Python for Arch Linux
2012-04-03  Stephen ConnollyUpdate POM generation after migration to git
2012-04-03  Sylvain LebresneFix exception during cleanup for Leveled compaction cassandra-1.0.9
2012-04-02  Jonathan Ellisclarify backwards-compatibility policy (CASSANDRA-3951)
2012-04-02  Jonathan Ellismerge from 0.8
2012-04-02  Jonathan Ellisupdate blog link for sun -> oracle transition
2012-04-02  Jonathan Ellisupdate CHANGES
2012-04-02  Sylvain LebresneUpdate versions and news for 1.0.9
2012-03-30  Vijay ParthasarathyCASSANDRA-4099-reopened
2012-03-30  Jonathan Ellisremove unnecessary asserts in native code interfaces
2012-03-30  Sylvain LebresneFix intermittent NPE in get_slice
2012-03-30  Sylvain LebresneFix total bytes count for parallel compaction
2012-03-30  Sylvain LebresneAllow custom types in CLI's assume command
2012-03-29  Vijay Parthasarathymake ITC to handle versioning using BCA
2012-03-29  Sylvain Lebresnefix NPE on invalid CQL DELETE command
2012-03-28  Brandon WilliamsValidate keys from CQL mutations.
2012-03-27  Pavel Yaskevich(CLI) Fix typo in yaml doc file
2012-03-27  Brandon Williamscqlsh: check for cql driver colname type support, overh...
2012-03-27  Brandon Williamscqlsh: fix col. width in presence of wide unicode glyphs
2012-03-27  Brandon WilliamsShut down thrift on decommission.
2012-03-27  Jonathan Ellisimprove #3985 changelog entry
2012-03-26  Jonathan Ellisupdate AbstractSerializationsTester to generate 1.0...
2012-03-26  Jonathan EllisTest fixes for 1.0 message serialization format
2012-03-26  Jonathan Elliscleanup
2012-03-23  Jonathan Ellisonly deserialize keys we need in the sample
2012-03-22  Pavel Yaskevichensure that directory is selected for compaction
2012-03-22  Sylvain LebresneCFS.setMaxCompactionThreshold doesn't allow 0 unless...
2012-03-20  Brandon WilliamsExpose secondary indexes to cfhistograms.
2012-03-14  Jonathan Ellisadd environment variables to the simpleauth README
2012-03-12  Vijay ParthasarathyEC2 snitch incorrectly reports regions
2012-03-08  Brandon WilliamsMake BoundedStatsDeque threadsafe.
2012-03-08  Brandon WilliamsMake BoundedStatsDeque threadsafe.
2012-03-07  Sylvain LebresneFix race leading to super column assertion failure
2012-03-07  Sylvain LebresneDon't promote sstables for cleanup, scrub and updateSST...
2012-03-07  Sylvain LebresneRevert "don't change manifest level for cleanup, scrub...
2012-03-07  Sylvain LebresneRemove dead (and buggy: removes only half the files...