Refactoring and added comments.
[cayenne-modeler.git] / pom.xml
2021-12-19  Michael GentryVersion updates to make project run again.
2017-12-26  mrgChanges needed due to updating to the Cayenne 4.0 Beta.
2017-04-11  mrgUpdated to latest Cayenne Milestone (M5)
2017-01-16  mrgUpdated JUnit vsersion.
2017-01-16  mrgUpdated to Milestone 4.
2016-09-29  mrgRemoved JFXtras Labs dependency.
2016-09-26  mrgRemoved H2 and Commons Codec, added more recent Commons...
2016-09-13  mrgSwitched System.out.println() to Log4J.
2016-04-27  mrgJust starting to add some data synchronization.
2016-04-06  mrgMoved ObjEntity Class Tab contents to separate FXML...
2016-04-02  mrgSwitched to Cayenne 4.0 M3. Fixes #1.
2016-03-30  mrgInitial commit of Cayenne Modeler Prototype.