2016-04-06  mrgMoved ObjEntity Class Tab contents to separate FXML...
2016-04-04  mrgMade vertical resizing better for Class tab.
2016-04-04  mrgMade vertical resizing better for Attributes tab.
2016-04-02  mrgSwitched to Cayenne 4.0 M3. Fixes #1.
2016-04-02  mrgAdded MainWindowSupport interface.
2016-03-30  mrgRefactored MainWindowViewController to new package.
2016-03-30  mrgAdded simplistic dirty/change status.
2016-03-30  mrgAccidentally deleted an rather important line...
2016-03-30  mrgMade loading main window similar to components.
2016-03-30  mrgRenamed MainScene to MainWindowViewController
2016-03-30  mrgInitial commit of Cayenne Modeler Prototype.